All-weather aluminium garden furniture trends for 2024

The Lazy Susan team has selected our top 5 all-weather aluminium garden furniture trends for 2024 and picked what we think will be the hot looks on our patios this summer...

Towards the back end of 2023, we published our top 20 garden furniture trends for summer 2024 and that was a broad look ahead at the styles and pieces we think will be sizzling on our patios this summer.

At Lazy Susan, our offer is centred around all-weather aluminium garden furniture. That is our core material. All our garden tables, benches, loungers and chairs are constructed from our signature high-grade cast aluminium. 

We think it is the best material for the UK climate, it complements the styles found in our homes and gardens, and it fits with the way we like to use our outdoor spaces. 

As we stated in our why buy cast aluminium garden furniture for Summer 2024 article:

“Cast aluminium is a great all-rounder. A logical choice for the erratic UK climate. It is rust-resistant, weatherproof, durable, lightweight, and versatile. This all adds up to giving you pieces that can sit on your patio come rain or shine, are long-lasting, and are a low-maintenance choice for the more discerning homeowner who values quality time on their patio." 

In this post, we want to focus purely on what we think will be the top 5 best-selling all-weather aluminium garden furniture trends for 2024, ignoring other popular materials, and recommend some of the looks we think will make your patio the place to spend time this summer:

1. Classical Style

Catherine 8-seater Set in Antique Bronze

We often quote the famous Coco Chanel saying in these types of articles; “Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever”. She was talking about clothes but the same is true with furniture.

The focus of our collection is on classically styled pieces that are crafted from a durable material that is fit for purpose. 

In other words, furniture that can withstand all that is thrown at it when left outside; be it the elements such as wind, sun and rain, human such as dropped cutlery or dragging a chair on a stone surface, or the environment such as falling tree sap and bird droppings.

We want to see long-lasting durability, and you need pieces that are not only built to last but won’t go out of style quickly.

To be truly on trend this summer, you need to look for classical designs that prioritise sturdiness and stability, which are low maintenance but resistant to fading to reduce the need for frequent upkeep.

Classical patio furniture designs should also be versatile so they can seamlessly blend with the style of your home and various outdoor themes and landscaping styles.  

Whether you have a traditional garden, a modern deck, or a rustic courtyard, the best classically styled garden furniture will complement the overall aesthetics.

Quality classically styled patio furniture should be seen as an investment due to its durability and timeless appeal. It should withstand the test of time and changing trends, making it a wise choice for those looking for a long-term outdoor furniture solution. 

For us, our best-selling Catherine 8-seater Set in Antique Bronze exemplifies this trend. It was designed to inspire people to enjoy more time together in their gardens.

Constructed from our signature high-grade cast aluminium it is hand-finished to produce a lasting and durable outdoor dining set that combines traditional design cues in furniture that is fit for purpose in today's outdoor spaces. 

2. Minimalist Design

Toní Bankski Aluminium Garden Bench at Dotmaison

Whilst what at first might seem opposite to the previous trend, they share many similarities. Yes, they ‘look’ very different but many of the advantages they bring to our gardens and patios are the same.

The furniture pieces themselves are focused on clean lines, simple shapes, and a minimalist aesthetic that has been popular in furniture design since the early to mid-20th century. It can be traced back to several key movements and designers such as De Stijl, Bauhaus, van der Rohe, etc.

This trend tends to best complement a more contemporary outdoor space, and it is perfect for those seeking to create a sleek and modern look. However, much like the classical, it has a timeless quality that can adapt to various trends and settings.

Minimal to us equals function. Efficient use of space without compromising on style. Just like classical pieces they too are versatile with a neutrality that makes them adaptable and easy to to integrate into different settings and styles of patio.

The best minimalist designs should utilise high-quality and durable materials. Cast aluminium ticks all the boxes, so it is a popular choice along with other modern materials such as steel and resin.

However, cast aluminium has that timeless quality that can withstand changing design trends. Just like if you were purchasing classical furniture, you want pieces that will stand the test of time.

And whilst minimalism is known for its simplicity, that should not be at the expense of comfort and ergonomics. The two should go hand in hand when it comes to patio furniture.

When we talk about this trend in all-weather aluminium, then it is something the design team behind Fatboy Furniture has achieved perfectly with their Toní Bankski Garden Bench.

This sleek and stylish bench is crafted from lightweight powder-coated aluminium, which is both UV-resistant and weatherproof, and it is available to purchase in the UK from Dotmaison.

3. Mixed Materials 

Marti Garden Table from Sklum

Combining aluminium with other materials like resin, wood, or woven materials (such as wicker or rope) is a big all-weather aluminium trend for summer 24 that will add visual interest and texture to your outdoor living area. 

This blend of contrasting materials creates a wonderfully dynamic and sophisticated look that mixes up contrasting textures, colours and finishes to create depth and interest. 

Incorporating patio furniture in mixed materials into our outdoor spaces also gives us greater flexibility/adaptability and can help achieve balance.

The furniture itself will combine the benefits of different materials too. For example, a cast aluminium table with a wooden top brings together the lightweight durability of a metal frame with the natural elegance of a timber surface.

It adds both tactile and visual interest to furniture, and for those looking to incorporate a more eclectic design scheme into their outdoor living, it is the perfect springboard for blending different materials.

The Marti Garden Table from Sklum combines a sturdy aluminium frame with a polypropylene tabletop and their stackable anti-UV polypropylene Ivor garden chairs to deliver a well-executed combination of materials that still ticks the timeless design trends box.

4. Modular Designs

Artelia Design's Soyo Modular Aluminium Sofa Sets

Modular and sectional furniture has been steadily increasing in popularity as the quality of products and materials used has evolved.  

This trend caters to the desire for flexibility and the ability to customise the layout of our patios to adapt to different occasions and preferences.

Space on our patios is often limited so multiple sets for dining, relaxing, entertaining, etc is not always an option.

The adaptability and customisation of modular pieces allow us to easily reconfigure seating arrangements based on preference or a specific layout.

Modular sets also allow us to pick and choose the best modules or add additional pieces over time as our outdoor spaces evolve.

Choose from different sections such as corner seats, ottomans, chairs, tables, etc to design a setup that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

You can also scale up a set if the need arises. Keep additional seating options in the shed and add or remove modules to accommodate a growing number of guests or adapt to changes in your outdoor living requirements.

The team here at Lazy Susan love the stylish Soyo from Artelia Design. It blends the cool modernity of aluminium with the sublime comfort of Olefin weather-resistant upholstery, and you can choose from two set sizes and then set up the modules according to your preference.

5. Innovative Shapes

Septem Aluminium Outdoor Stools & Benches by Axel Chay

All-weather aluminium garden furniture in unique and innovative shapes, whether in the form of chairs, tables, or loungers, is the statement look for summer 2024.

It brings a touch of creativity to outdoor spaces, and the unconventional creates a strong focal point to the overall design of your patio or garden area.

Creating a distinctive and dynamic outdoor living space is not easy but it allows us to express our design flair and bring visually striking elements into our gardens.

The key is to find pieces that best fit the space. You want the unique shape to serve as a statement and use it to define the character of your patio, setting the tone for the overall design.

Unconventionally shaped furniture designs best suit outdoor spaces with irregular layouts or limited patio space, optimising the use of available area, and blurring the line between form and function.

Purchasing furniture with unique and innovative shapes such as the eco-friendly Septem Aluminium Outdoor Stools and Benches by Axel Chay is a great way to infuse creativity, individuality, and personality into your outdoor living space.  

Available in the UK from Made In Design, these pieces not only serve functional purposes but also form a graphic, sculptural piece of furniture that can be displayed like a work of art on your patio.

If you have any photos of your new all-weather aluminium garden furniture from Lazy Susan, we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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