Can I use a garden parasol without a table?

Seems a bit of an odd question to be asking at this time of year, can I use a garden parasol without a table? However, we believe in being prepared. Purchase now, it’ll be delivered, and ready for summer 2021.

Seems a bit of an odd question to be asking at this time of year, can I use a garden parasol without a table? 

However, Lazy Susan believe in being prepared. Was it the Scouts motto? I was never a Scout but it rings true. Purchase now, it’ll be delivered, and you’ll be ready for summer 2021. 

Many people wait until the sun is shining and think I’ll order new Garden Furniture. At Lazy Susan we are quick to despatch but with weather here in the UK, one sunny day can be followed by a week of rain. So buy in the off season and you’ll be good to go. Beat the rush so to speak.

One big difference I noticed last summer was how much more time my family and I spent in our garden. With much of 2020 seeing us in some form of lock down, we spent much more time at home, so our patio was our sanctuary. 

My family and I pretty much lived outside when the weather permitted. From home working and home schooling to eating and relaxing. Our Lazy Susan Garden Table had more use in 2020 than our actual dining table.

Garden Parasol 
However, the one thing that was missing, that we hadn’t overlooked, just delayed purchasing, was a Garden Parasol. After the first week or so of using the table without a parasol we quickly rectified the situation. 

In some ways the parasol is as important as the garden table and chairs. They all go hand in hand. Of course you can use one without the other, but if you want to truly enjoy your outdoor space, put them altogether.

Back to the question we’ve asked in the title of this post, of course you can use a Lazy Susan garden parasol without a table. It will free stand when paired with our base. But what is the point in shade without somewhere to sit and vice versa? 

So I suppose the question we should have really asked is why should you buy a parasol when you purchase Lazy Susan Garden Furniture?

The advantages of a garden parasol

Garden Parasol 
Of course, no surprise, we’ll kick this one off with shade. However, there are a few other not so obvious advantages that you may not have thought of…

Keep out the sun

I suppose you could argue we don’t get a lot of sun in the UK, and you might have a point. However, joking aside, even in this country in summer the sun’s rays are still harmful. Shade is important, especially if you have young children or pets, and a parasol is the perfect solution. 

If you have an outdoor dining set, then you’re going to want to use it. You can’t beat a meal or BBQ on the patio when the weather permits. A parasol will keep the sun out of your eyes, especially early evening when it drops low, you can tilt and angle. 

It will also keep direct sun off food and drinks. And maybe just as important… If there is a summer shower, a Lazy Susan parasol is constructed from a shower resistant acrylic fabric. No need to dash inside.

They look good

The second advantage to purchasing a parasol to pair with one of our garden tables is they look good. The customer photographs I’ve included in this article illustrate that better than I could. 

Garden Parasol 
For me, they just finish the overall look. They compliment our dining sets, add a splash colour and help to enclose the space when seated. 

On a warm evening when the sun goes down I like to suspend some candle lanterns from the ribs and it looks great.


This is one many people overlook. The immediate response when you ask what a parasol is for, is to provide shade and protection from the sun. And whilst that is true, they also offer a degree of privacy when dining al fresco. 

If your garden is overlooked, when you’re enjoying a meal or a few drinks, you might not want the neighbours to see what you’re having for tea?

When the weather takes a turn for the worse

We’ve already touched on this point but by pairing our garden tables with a parasol will extend the amount of time you can use it. 

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, which let’s face it a sudden summer downpour is not uncommon in the UK, you are afforded shelter. 

Our parasols are made from a fast-drying waterproof acrylic, no need to rush all that food inside. Safely pair with a fire pit, chiminea or gas patio heater and you can extend the summer from mid spring into autumn.

The Lazy Susan Garden Parasol Collection for summer 2021

Our collection of Lazy Susan Garden Parasols are designed to keep harmful rays off your shoulders and face, and are available in a range of different sized from 2.5 to 3.5 metres in diameter to pair with our different sizes of garden tables. 

Garden Parasol Crank 
All sizes feature a crank handle (pictured above) for ease of opening/closing, and can be tilted (tilting mechanism pictured below) so you can angle towards the sun. 

Garden Parasol Tilting Mechanism 
The parasols themselves are constructed from quick-drying waterproof acrylic fabric, so if you do encounter a few showers at your next garden gathering, which is inevitable during a British summer, they’ll provide a dry place to shelter from the rain. 

Garden Parasol Fibreglass Spokes
The inner ribs are made from fibreglass (pictured above) which gives it the flexibility, and strength to withstand strong winds.

2.5m Garden Parasols

Our 2.5m (diameter) parasols are the perfect garden furniture accessory for your Lazy Susan garden table set. The stylish colour options and durable design adds to its utility, and the added feature of the crank handle makes the parasol very easy to operate. 

The fabric of the parasol itself is fast-drying waterproof acrylic. Our 2.5m parasols can also be tilted which means you can make it unique to your own garden space and angle it for better shading. They are lightweight at a mere 5kg so taking the parasol out of and placing it back into its base couldn't be any easier.

We recommend you pair the 2.5m parasol with our 4 seater sets. Please note you can also pair our smallest parasol with our 2 seater bistro sets, however, they can’t be placed through the centre of the table. Of course they can be positioned to one side or even used without a table alongside say a garden table or sun lounger if you so desire.

  • Parasol 2.5m - Stone £199.95 SHOP NOW
  • Parasol 2.5m - Green £199.95 SHOP NOW 
  • Parasol 2.5m - Blue £199.95 SHOP NOW 
  • Parasol 2.5m - Terracotta £199.95 SHOP NOW 

2.7m Garden Parasols

Our 2.7m (diameter) parasol features all the same design specifications and materials as our 2.5m. The 2.7m parasol is still lightweight at a mere 6kg so taking the parasol out of and placing it back into its base couldn't be any easier. We recommend you pair the 2.7m parasol with our 6 and 8 seater sets.

  • Parasol 2.7m - Stone £199.95
  • Parasol 2.7m - Green £199.95 SHOP NOW 
  • Parasol 2.7m - Blue £199.95 SHOP NOW 
  • Parasol 2.7m - Terracotta £199.95

3.5m Garden Parasols

Our largest parasol is our 3.5m (diameter), which is the perfect garden furniture accessory for our larger garden table sets. Again same stylish colours and durable design features as our 2.5m and 2.7m parasols. No compromises. It still tilts and cranks and is constructed from our fast-drying waterproof acrylic fabric. It again weighs in at just over a mere 6kg so again, taking the parasol in and out of the base couldn't be any easier. We recommend pairing the larger 3.5m parasols with our 10+ seater sets. 

  • Parasol 3.5m - Stone £199.95
  • Parasol 3.5m - Green £199.95 SHOP NOW
  • Parasol 3.5m - Blue £199.95 SHOP NOW
  • Parasol 3.5m - Terracotta £199.95

Garden Parasol Bases

Our Cast Iron Parasol Base is considerable in weight, and will help to withstand windy conditions and make sure your Parasol does not fly away.

Garden Parasol Base 
It comes available in Antique Bronze, Slate and White to pair with our core furniture collection.

  • Parasol Base - Antique Bronze £54.95 SHOP NOW 
  • Parasol Base - White £54.95 SHOP NOW 
  • Parasol Base - Slate £54.95 SHOP NOW

Garden Parasol Care & Maintenance 

We do not recommend you leave your parasol up outside whatever the conditions. If you are not using your parasol, we strongly suggest you remove the parasol from the table or base and place in storage. 

Garden Parasol Closed 
During the summer we suggest you use a parasol night cover to ensure your canopy and frame stay clean. This will also protect against fading. 

During the winter months we would strongly advise that you store your parasol in a dry and safe environment, preferably a shed or a garage.

For more about cleaning a parasol, please read our recent How do you clean outdoor furniture fabric? article.

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