Does rattan furniture last?

The Lazy Susan team are taking a closer look at how to make your rattan furniture last and what you should do to keep it in tip top condition...

At Lazy Susan, we get asked a lot of questions about different types of outdoor furniture.

Rattan furniture is one of the most popular garden furniture in the UK and the big question is: Does rattan furniture last?

Rattan furniture can actually last for well over ten years. But in order to get that length of time out of it (and your money’s worth), you’ll need to take proper care of it and you’ll also need to make sure you purchase the right kind of material.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make your rattan furniture last, as well as what might prevent it from having longevity. 

What’s the difference between synthetic and natural rattan?

There are two types of rattan furniture:

  1. Synthetic
  2. Natural 

As you might expect, synthetic is typically more affordable, due to the fact that it can be made using fairly inexpensive materials, such as PVC.

However, the price you pay for synthetic rattan is that it’s less durable than natural rattan (made from a plant that is found in hot tropical regions) and therefore will not last as long.

At the same time, although natural rattan is strong — it cannot be left outside in all weather conditions.

However, there are ways you can make both types of rattan furniture last long. Let’s take a look at them.

How to make your rattan furniture last

How to make your rattan furniture last

We’ve seen that natural and synthetic rattan furniture does last. But for how long and in what condition depends on numerous factors.

It all starts with…

The quality of the weave 

Before you start to enjoy your synthetic or natural rattan outdoor furniture, it’s important that you check the quality of the weave.

For example, if you can clearly see that the weave has been poorly woven, it will become loose over time. This will not only dampen its overall aesthetics in your garden, but it will also decrease its lifespan. 

Buy a furniture cover

We all know how unpredictable the British weather is, as well as how unreliable our summers are. This is why it’s a smart idea to buy a protective cover for your rattan furniture so that you can cover it up whenever it’s not in use.

Rain is especially harmful to rattan furniture because a build-up of water will cause damp and rot. 

That said, a protective cover can cause its own issues if you don’t purchase one with breathable fabric. Without breathable fabric, moisture gets trapped and mould appears.

If possible, extra effort should be made to take the natural rattan furniture inside if it’s not being used as a cover may not be enough to protect it from the elements.

Clean your rattan furniture 

While natural and synthetic rattan furniture might not require quite as much care as some other types of outdoor furniture, it still needs a certain amount of maintenance if you’re to extend its lifespan.

The easiest way to clean your furniture is to make a bowl of soapy water. Then, using a cloth, you just need to gently scrub your tables and chairs. You don’t need to do this every week but certainly cleaning your furniture every few months will keep debris from building up.

Another good idea is to take your vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush outside and give your rattan set a good cleaning. This is an extremely easy way of removing any dirt that has formed.

Also, I recommend checking your rattan furniture anytime you’ve eaten food outside. If you can scrub off any food and drink stains ASAP, you will increase its longevity. 

Don’t forget the sun!

We may not get as much sunshine as we’d like in Britain but one of the things that a lot of homeowners don’t stop to consider is that natural rattan furniture — unlike the aluminium furniture sold at Lazy Susan — isn’t UV-resistant.

In other words, the sun’s rays are very harmful and can damage your tables and chairs in the long run. 

The easiest way to minimize exposure is to either sit your furniture in the shade for a bit, take it indoors when it’s not in use or cover it with a protective sheet (see above) when it’s not in use. 

On the other hand, synthetic rattan furniture is UV-resistant and can be kept outside for longer periods of time unprotected.

Final Thoughts
Final thoughts...

Rattan furniture can last a long time if you invest in high-quality material from the start and take the time to look after it. This may mean taking it indoors when it’s not in use, cleaning it often and protecting it with a cover during bad weather.

If furniture that lasts a long time outdoors is important to you, there are lots of other options to explore, including aluminium furniture of the kind sold at Lazy Susan.

Aluminium furniture is durable and rust-resistant and it requires hardly any maintenance. It’s also lightweight enough to move around your garden but strong enough to resist gusts of wind. 

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