Garden Furniture Focus: Anna Round Garden Bistro Tables

Next up in our Garden Furniture Focus series is the popular 80 cm Anna Round Garden Bistro Table, which is available as a 2 and 4 seater set.

We’ve just published a Garden Furniture Focus on our Catherine Oval Garden Tables, so as a nice contrast to that large 6 to 8 seater dining-style set, we thought it would be nice to take an in-depth look at our Anna Round Garden Bistro Tables.

Our current aim is to try and do a couple of these product feature posts each month, and hopefully, we can cover all our popular sets in the coming weeks.

The thinking behind them is that if you’re uncertain which shape or size garden table is right for you, or what will work best on your patio, then hopefully, these articles will answer those questions.

We want them to be a comprehensive overview of each range and, in this case, introduce you to our Anna table, and maybe provide you with some helpful advice on how to make a more informed purchase along the way.

Anna Round Garden Bistro Table

Whilst our Catherine table is a large 6 and 8 seater 208 cm x 103 cm oval outdoor dining table, Anna is a compact 80 cm bistro-style table that’s perfect for those looking for something a little more intimate.

Featuring intricate metalwork in Lazy Susan’s trademark cast aluminium painted finish, Anna is the perfect set for those wanting outdoor dining and drinks on a smaller patio/balcony, or for anybody looking to ‘zone’ a patio into different functions and have multiple pieces for dining and relaxation. 

Anna is available in a choice of our Antique Bronze, Slate Grey or White painted protective finishes.

About our Anna Garden Bistro Table

Our Anna Bistro Garden Table is one of our most popular sets for those wanting a compact table that has enough tabletop space for 4 or fewer people to enjoy a meal outside.

The Lazy Susan shop features hundreds of positive customer testimonials and photographs which will help you to best visualise what Anna could look like in your own garden. 

Our garden furniture collection is centred around our ethos of crafting classically styled pieces from a material that is designed to stand up to the unpredictable UK climate. 

We combine durability and weather resistance into a garden table that is robust but light enough that it can be easily picked up and moved if need be.

Anna is the perfect bistro-style set for those looking for a compact family-sized outdoor table that has a small square metre footprint but still has the tabletop space to share a meal outside.

Anna 2 Seater Garden Bistro Table

The 80 cm diameter of the tabletop means it has a small patio footprint and it can be purchased as a 2 seater set (as pictured above) or a 4 seater set (pictured below) depending on what you need in terms of family size and/or garden/patio free space.

Anna 4 Seater Garden Bistro Table

The tabletop itself features beautiful intricate metalwork with a diamond interstice and expanding latticework (which you can see clearly in the customer photo below). The level of detail on Anna makes for an extremely elegant, perfect for evening drinks or a romantic meal for two.

Anna Garden Bistro Tabletop

Lazy Susan’s recessed leg configuration provides the table with stability but ensures that up to 4 people can comfortably pull their chair up to the table without taking a table leg or clashing knees.

The Anna range is available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White

We are fast approaching the busy summer season and now is the time we see a big spike in demand for our Anna Garden Bistro Tables

Things are warming up, we are getting our gardens ready for summer, and by buying new now (mid to late spring), that set you like is in stock, ready to ship and will be delivered and on your patio for the start of summer.

Anna Garden Bistro Table in Antique Bronze

Our Anna bistro table in Antique Bronze (above) is incredibly popular, and the classic black base with subtle bronze stippling is guaranteed to complement any patio.

Anna Garden Bistro Table in Slate

If you want to take our classic styling and pop a more modern twist on it, then our cool Slate Grey finish (pictured above) combines contemporary sophistication with our trademark classic lattice design.

Anna Garden Bistro Table in White

Alternatively, nothing says Parisienne bistro-like our romantic White finish, which is guaranteed to bring a little boho chic to your outdoor space. 

We tipped white outdoor furniture to be one of the year’s hottest trends in our recent top 20 garden furniture trends for summer 2022 article, and from the customer photo above it is easy to see why.

Antique Bronze Sample Pack

If you’re still undecided which colour is right for you, then please order one of our Free Sample Packs so you can touch and see the colour and quality of finish for yourself.

The Anna Garden Bistro Table Range

Anna 2 Seater Garden Bistro Table in Antique Bronze

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Anna 2 Seater Garden Bistro Table in Slate

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Anna 2 Seater Garden Bistro Table in White

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Anna 4 Seater Garden Bistro Table in Antique Bronze

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Anna 4 Seater Garden Bistro Table in Slate

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Anna 4 Seater Garden Bistro Table in White

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Why purchase our Anna Garden Bistro Table?

Over the years we have published a number of articles on our Lazy Living Blog that look in detail at what types of garden furniture are best, and many of those look at the pros and cons of different materials, styles, shapes, etc. 

We will always say to any customer unsure of which set is right for them, to purchase furniture that fits with how they like to use their gardens. 

If you like to eat outside, maybe fire up the BBQ or Pizza Oven, then you need a garden table such as Anna. If on the other hand, you prefer to sit back and relax, then maybe a garden sofa would be a better choice?

If you’re lucky to have a large patio, then you have the option of ‘zoning’ the space into different functions such as dining, cooking and relaxation, etc.

Why purchase Anna Garden Bistro Table

However, if space is limited, then your best option is to maybe purchase one set that can perform all those things. And trust us, relaxing on our Anna set is easier than trying to eat on one of those low outdoor sofas (as beautiful as many of them are).

Anna is not only practical but it will also make the perfect focal point for your patio, deck or balcony. Anna’s popularity is down to the fact it is compact size but comfortable for up to 4. 

The 80 cm table is not as small as many of our classic bistro sets so there is plenty of space to set up for a meal. However, it has a smaller footprint than many 4 and 6 seaters, so it won’t take up too much room for those with a small garden, patio or balcony.

Why purchase cast aluminium garden furniture?

The Anna range is constructed from Lazy Susan’s high-grade sand-cast aluminium, which has a number of distinct advantages for UK gardens over other popular materials found in our industry. 

Is it designed to not pit, rot or rust and, the durable painted finish protects the metal from the elements, so it will not fade from the sun’s UV rays and is water-resistant.

The advantages of cast aluminium are well documented on our blog but it is extremely low maintenance compared to other materials.

You don’t need to store it inside or cover it in the winter (although I do just to help keep it clean and ready to use) and all it needs is an occasional wash with warm soapy water (and maybe a little car wax to further protect and give it a nice lustre).

How our Anna Cast Aluminium Garden Tables Are Made

The design-ethos of our collection is built around creating a collection this is both timeless and modern. 

Our garden furniture is designed to not go out of style, and its durability means it will look good on your patio for a number of years. 

Traditional sand-casting techniques are combined with a sophisticated protective finish to create a high quality and extremely durable piece of outdoor furniture.

You can find out more about how we make our garden furniture on our how it is made page.

When Lazy Susan started we selected cast aluminium as our core material after much research. It is a great all-rounder for the UK climate and it has several advantages over other popular materials such as wood, iron, steel, resin, rattan, etc:

  1. It will not pit, rot or rust
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Long-life guarantee
  4. Designed to be left outside all year
  5. Protective painted finish
  6. UV & water-resistant
  7. Easy to assemble
  8. Safe to ship
  9. Aesthetically stylish and sophisticated
  10. Ergonomically designed
  11. High-quality look, finish and feel

Our recent what garden furniture is best for the UK climate post looked in detail at the pros and cons and why we feel it is the perfect material for us.

Why purchase a garden bistro table?

Why purchase a garden bistro table?

Our Anna Garden Tables have always been a very popular choice, especially for those looking for outdoor dining with limited space to play with. 

The big advantage of a compact round table such as Anna is that there are no corners, so they have a smaller patio footprint but plenty of tabletop space for 2-4 people to dine in comfort.

Anna is perfect for semi-formal and relaxed style dining with smaller meals like breakfast, brunch or hors d’oeuvres. All guests are facing each other with equal spacing, which enables the conversation to flow and the easy sharing of food, nibbles and/or drinks. 

Why purchase a Garden Bistro Table?

If you’re unsure of which shape table, then a circular garden bistro table is perfect for creating good ‘flow’ in a tight space such as a balcony or small/narrow backyard (as shown above), in other words, it free space for people to walk around and get to their seats with ease.

Upgrade the garden chairs with your Anna set

April Garden Chair in Slate

All of our Anna Garden Bistro Table sets come as standard with our April Garden Chairs (shown above). 

April features an intricate traditional metal-work design with overlapping arcs and a gently curved back with a latticework seat. Weighing in at just 6kg, it’s a super lightweight chair that is easy to pick up and pull in and out but has the rigidity you would expect from a quality metal piece.

There is also the option to upgrade to our Rose, Emma or Kate chairs (as pictured below). 

Anna Garden Bistro Chair Upgrades

When we designed our Garden Chair Collection, the aim was to create a range that combined comfort, stability, weather resistance and classic design. 

Our chairs are classically designed to partner with our full range of garden tables and their ergonomic form is perfect for outdoor comfort.

Save on accessories when you purchase our Anna Garden Bistro Table

As well as the option of upgrading the Garden Chairs, you can also add a range of bundle deals to your basket such as Parasols, Lazy Susans, and Outdoor Cushions.

Save on accessories when you purchase our Anna Garden Bistro Table

You’ll find details of these bulk savings in the gift sections (as shown below).

How to style our Anna Garden Bistro Table

In our experience, new garden furniture purchased on impulse rarely lasts more than a summer or two. We’ve all made that mistake. Doing a little research before we buy will ensure you get a set that fits with the space and how you use it.

Take some time to consider the budget, shop around, look at the pros and cons of different materials, think about how you like to use your garden and carefully measure up before you buy. 

A garden bistro table such as Anna will help not only look good but you will want to use it. It should draw the eye (and you) outside and invite you to sit and use it.

The best way to achieve that is to frame it, emphasise it and style it, and styling is key to creating an outdoor space that you’ll want to spend time in. 

Especially, if you’re working with limited space, you’ll need to work even harder. An Anna table will be the focal point. And whilst all our garden tables look great on their own, they can be made even more inviting with a few simple styling touches and accessories.

Make our Anna table your own just like you would a table inside your home, create a scheme on your patio that pulls the space together. The more it showcases your unique style and is set up with how you like to use it, the more you will do just that. 

Incorporate garden décors such as Planters, Garden Cushions, Rugs, Outdoor Lights and Candles, and bring it to life like you would a room inside your home.

How to style Anna Garden Bistro Table

Frame the garden table with tall planting to add height and structure, or if you have a little more room to play with maybe an outdoor structure such as a pergola (as shown in the wonderful customer photo above) to enclose the space for privacy, shade and relaxation.

Good scale and proportion are the key to creating a space that not only works well in terms of flow but looks good, especially in a small garden. 

We looked at this subject in detail in our what garden furniture is best for a small patio article, but achieving a balance between a garden table that is not so small that it looks lost yet not so big that it doesn’t leave enough room for you to move around is critical.

If you have a small garden, patio or balcony then a few larger items such as a 4 seater Anna set can help to strike that balance and make the space feel bigger than packing it with a number of smaller pieces.

One of the things that have proven incredibly popular with Lazy Susan customers is to purchase our 2 Seater Anna Set with a Garden Bench (as shown in the customer photo below). This works great if you pop the bench against a wall, the table in front and the two chairs off at an angle in front.

Anna Garden Bistro Table with Garden Bench

When working with a small space it’s about maximising its use. The above scenario not only gives you options, but it looks cohesive. Add a few finishing styling touches to pull the space together and make it inviting.

A good garden table should function as an extension of your home, be a joy to sit at, and form a place you want to spend time when the weather is good.

How to assemble our Anna Garden Bistro Table

How to assemble our Anna Garden Bistro Table

All our Anna Round Garden Bistro sets are shipped as Ready To Assemble (RTA) in secure packaging. 

It is easy to build but sent to you with the legs off for ease of transport, however, when constructed it has the strength you want from quality garden furniture. 

How to assemble our Anna Garden Bistro TableHow to assemble our Anna Garden Bistro Table

We provide clear instructions (above), parts and tools, and all fixings are provided for you in a separate card ‘pop-out’ packet. 

The video below shows how easy it is to assemble our Betty Garden Bistro Table. I’m afraid we don’t have one for Anna but the same process applies.

The following video shows the assembly process for our standard April garden chairs:

When you see the crossed through spanner symbol, this simply means that at this stage of the process, you should only finger-tighten the bolts. 

Once all bolts are in place, you can then fully tighten with the spanner provided. This is to ensure that table or chair legs are fitted level and in the correct position.

Our easy to build garden chairs article has some great tips, however, if you do have any questions about assembly, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.

Anna Technical Specifications & Dimensions

Anna Garden Bistro Table Dimensions & Floor Plan

The diagram above shows the recommended floor space we suggest for our Anna Garden Bistro Tables, while the dimensions of the table itself, as found in our shop, are shown in the illustration below. 

The main question you need to ask before you buy our Mia set, is do you have the space?

Our Anna is an 80 cm diameter bistro table. For you to comfortably sit up to 4 Garden Chairs you need another 75 cm of space around the table.

We would also recommend a further 50 - 70 cm of ‘working space’ so that you have room to pull chairs out and safely move around when people are seated. All this is shown in the diagram above.

Anna Technical Speci

However, please note, that this is just a guide, you might think you can work with less, especially if you are using Anna as a 2 seater only. The table could be tucked in a corner or against a wall in this situation, for example.

Every patio is different, so measure carefully and apply the above to the ‘free’ outdoor space you have available and see if the set will fit and function. 

Make sure you take into account any other patio items such as large planters, a BBQ, fire pit, pizza oven, walls, steps, other pieces of outdoor furniture such as a sofa, different shapes of the patio, etc. 

If need be, draw it to scale on a piece of graph paper to help you visualise and plan the layout.

Our Anna tables have a diameter of 80 cm. Add on the 75 cm for garden chairs and 75 cm for ‘Working Space’ and you need 4.15 m² of free space on your patio.

Of course, you can reduce that if you can use the table with less working space, however, the average size of a patio in the UK is around 20 - 25m², so you can see why Mia is a popular choice for those with smaller patios and balconies, etc.

Anna Shipping & Delivery

If you order Anna then we would expect it to be dispatched within 3 working days via our partners XDP or DPD. 

Once dispatched the courier will contact you directly with tracking details but please allow a further 3-5 days for delivery.

We ask that you provide a mobile number when placing your order so that they can contact you if need be.

Please note that if you order Anna in addition to another set, then please use the delivery times for the largest item you have ordered.

If at any stage of the process you have any questions regarding your delivery, please contact our Customer Service Team or contact the courier direct. 

Full contact details for all our shipping providers can be found on our Track Order page.

What our customers are saying about our Anna Garden Bistro Tables

With hundreds of positive customer reviews, Anna is one of our best selling bistro sets. Here are just a few examples of what people have been saying about our garden furniture:

We have just had our old pond renovated and wanted a comfortable seat so that we could sit and watch the wildlife. We did a good search of the Internet and Lazy Susan's rose garden seat came top of the list. Not only that, it was so reasonably priced, in comparison to some that we saw, we also bought a cushion to fit and a small table on which to place our cups of tea while we wait for the wildlife to emerge.

Mary B.

Had my eye on this garden set for years! When our holiday was cancelled, I managed to persuade my husband to spend some of the holiday money on this. The entire time my husband was putting it together I could hear him saying 'this is a lovely bit of kit' That says it all. We are truly delighted with our purchase. Thank you.

Sally Z.

A great company to deal with: friendly, knowledgeable and quick. The goods were very well packed to exclude any possible damage during transportation. The instructions and the assembly are clear and easy, the quality and the sturdiness are impeccable. We are overall very delighted, even with the price, can only recommend.

Wolfgang K.

As always, I am absolutely delighted with the item I purchased from you. Over several years, I have bought six chairs and three tables, and they all still look as fresh as the day I first assembled them. I fully expect the bench I bought the other day will perform just as well. Thank you for a really fine product, which is quick and easy to assemble, and looks stunning.

Alan W.

I love my garden table. Sturdy yet light to move around the garden. And the metal finish means it will always look smart.

Alison W.

Stunning furniture. Easy to assemble and looks fabulous on our new patio. Looks great with or without the cushions and equally comfortable. Excellent customer service and arrived earlier than expected. Highly recommend.

Diane E.

Lazy Susan is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. It is attractive in design and practical in use. It does not need to be treated or covered. It is also not so heavy that It cannot be moved easily. It gives me great pleasure and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it.

Mary S.

The communication between company and customer was quick and uncomplicated. The design was exactly what we wanted and the items were easy to assemble. The seating is an absolute eye-catcher in our property

Pia R.

You can see all our 2700+ product reviews on our Trustpilot page.

Customer photos of our Anna Garden Bistro Tables

Customer photos of our Anna Garden Bistro Tables

As well as our customer review we have hundreds of Customer Photos of our Anna Round Garden Tables that will help you visualise what this beautiful set could look like when in situ on your patio.

We have included some of our favourites throughout this article, but you can view more in our shop. 

Help us Do Some Good when you purchase Anna

Help us Do Some Good when you purchase Anna

For every Anna customer photo we receive, we donate to our charity partners. 

To find out how you can get involved and to read more about the charities we support, please have a look at our Charity page

If you have any further questions about Anna?

The Lazy Susan Customer Service Team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to know more about our Anna Bistro Tables, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01243 717197, or drop an email to [email protected]

At Lazy Susan we endeavour to answer all emails within 2 hours during normal office hours. 

We’re also happy to send out samples of colours for cushion covers and the metal finish of our Anna tables. 

Samples will be sent out by post, and they can be ordered via our Free Sample Swatches page.

Shop our full Anna Garden Bistro Table range today.

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