Garden Furniture Focus: Garden Sun Loungers

Our latest Garden Furniture Focus covers everything you would ever want to know about our range of Garden Sun Loungers but were afraid to ask!

All of our Garden Furniture Focus articles to date have focussed on our popular garden table sets. This month we’ve already looked at our Frances Round Garden Dining Tables, so to keep things interesting and mix it up a little, we thought it would be nice to take a detailed look at our Garden Sun Loungers.

Garden Furniture Focus: Garden Sun Loungers

Summer is only a few weeks away, and what better way to spend time enjoying your garden when the sun is shining than on one of our super comfortable, low maintenance Garden Sun Loungers?

A brief history of the Sun Lounger

The Sun Lounger, like many furniture pieces, has a rich, long and much-debated history. And that history is intrinsically linked to the rise of the British seaside and the rise in popularity of sunbathing.

However, like much in our industry, the concept is also heavily influenced by indoor pieces such as the Chaise Longue, which literally translates from French to "long chair”.

Wikipedia states that its origins are:

The modern Chaise Longue was first popularised during the 16th century in France. They were created by French furniture craftsmen for the rich to rest without the need to retire to the bedroom. It was during the Rococo period that the Chaise Longue became the symbol of social status and only the rarest and most expensive materials were used in their construction. Today, the Chaise Longue is seen as a luxury item for the modern home. They are often used to complement a home's décor such as living or reading rooms, or as a stylish boudoir chair for bedroom seating.

Unfortunately, no such comprehensive origin is provided for the Sun Lounger (or is it sunlounger one word?), Wikipedia simply defines it as:

The Sun Lounger is a chair-like device, typically placed in a patio, garden, or swimming pool deck, or used as beach-side outdoor furniture. They are often constructed from wood, formed plastic, or metal and outdoor fabrics. They have designed adjustable backs for people to lie down, or sit up on, (recline) while relaxing. Somewhat like a deckchair and bed-like in nature, the rear surface can be up to allow the user to sit up and read, or it can be reclined to a flat surface to allow sleeping in the horizontal position (supine and prone position).

The inclusion of the Deckchair is interesting as I suppose the Sun Lounger is somewhat like a deckchair and bed-like in nature. Certainly, their rise in popularity will have occurred in tandem, however, that is most definitely another article for another day.

The Victorians are probably most synonymous with the development and rise in popularity of the Sun Lounger. They do love to “be beside the seaside” after all and much of what we know and love in terms of outdoor living was defined or developed during the era.

As Jacqueline Banerjee, Contributing Editor to Victorian Web puts it:

The Victorians loved to be beside the seaside. In a sense, they created it, as a great escape from the factories and cities which they had helped to build and in which many of them toiled for fifty-one weeks of the year. They took their new train lines as close to the sea as they could and made the trips down to and along the bays by horse buses. They set up their bathing machines on the shore to preserve their modesty, built piers out to sea to get a bit closer to it and have more space for their entertainment, and developed a whole new industry - the seaside tourist industry, on the back of which hitherto little-known fishing villages, ports and lighthouse promontories flourished and burgeoned to become towns and even cities.

What we do know for sure here at Lazy Susan is that the Sun Lounger is just as popular as ever, and our Garden Sun Lounger range continues to sell well in both the UK and our trade and export markets.

About our Garden Sun Loungers

Our comprehensive range of Garden Sun Loungers is carefully crafted from high-grade sand-cast aluminium, and our metal designs are perfect for kicking your feet up and relaxing in the sun.

The protective painted finish is waterproof and UV resistant, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Toulon in September or Torbay in December, they’ll function poolside on the sunny French Riviera or a slightly less sunny (but equally wonderful) English Riviera patio. 

Rose Garden Sun Lounger

Lazy Susan’s Garden Lounger collection features classic styles such as our Rose (illustration pictured above) and Stella (illustration below), models that combine a timeless design aesthetic with rear wheels at the back for easy manoeuvrability. 

Stella Garden Sun Lounger

Or there’s our versatile Michelle Loungers (illustration below) with quick-drying integrated mesh fabric that comes in a range of subtle garden-friendly colourways. Perfect poolside or for those looking for a stylish way to relax on a contemporary patio

Michelle Garden Sun Lounger

Our classically styled Stella and Rose loungers are designed to perfectly coordinate with the Lazy Susan Garden Table collection, so you can pair them up on your patio or across your garden to create ‘zones’ for dining and relaxing. 

Our range of Garden Sun Loungers

Rose Garden Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze

Rose Garden Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze

From £339.95 | Shop Now 

Rose Garden Sun Lounger in Slate

Rose Garden Sun Lounger in Slate

From £339.95 | Shop Now

Rose Garden Sun Lounger in White

Rose Garden Sun Lounger in White

From £339.95 | Shop Now 

Stella Garden Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze

Stella Garden Sun Lounger in Antique Bronze

From £339.95 | Shop Now

Stella Garden Sun Lounger in Slate

Stella Garden Sun Lounger in Slate

From £339.95 | Shop Now 

Stella Garden Sun Lounger in White

Stella Garden Sun Lounger in White

From £339.95 | Shop Now 

Michelle Lounger Garden Sun Lounger in Grey & Green

Michelle Garden Sun Lounger in Grey & Green

£159.95 | Shop Now 

Michelle Lounger Garden Sun Lounger in White & Terracotta

Michelle Garden Sun Lounger in White & Terracotta

£159.95 | Shop Now

Michelle Garden Sun Lounger in Black & Champagne

Michelle Garden Sun Lounger in Black & Champagne

£159.95 | Shop Now

Why purchase a Garden Sun Lounger from Lazy Susan? 

Why purchase a Garden Sun Lounger?

Our stylish Sun Loungers pair classic designs with modern sophistication.

Rose features our trademark rose detail with lattice metalwork and sophisticated scrolled arm-rests, while our Stella Loungers feature classical classic metal latticework with the same elegant scrolled arm-rests.

Our Michelle lounger combines the comfort of outdoor fabric with contemporary minimalism. The sharper lines of the aluminium frame and the luxury of the mesh weave bed make it the perfect place to relax poolside or in that sunny spot in your garden.

All our Garden Sun Loungers are weather resistant and you can further enhance the comfort of both Stella and Rose by purchasing them with our tailored cushions at a discounted price

According to a recent article by County Living

A sun lounger in the garden is one piece of outdoor furniture anyone can enjoy, where you can read a magazine, relax with your latest hobby or enjoy an afternoon nap while listening to the buzzing bees. Sun loungers have come a long way over the last few years and there are lots of stylish versions on the market.

Our Garden Sun Loungers Tech Spec & Dimensions

Our Rose and Stella Sun Loungers are both constructed from the same high-grade aluminium and you can find out more about the manufacturing process on our how it is made page.

Our Rose Sun Loungers weigh 26kg so they’re light enough to pick up and the wheels enable ease of movement around your patio/garden. The dimensions are shown in the illustration below:

Rose Dimensions

The Stella Sun Loungers also weigh 26kg and are the same size as shown in the illustration below:

Stella Dimensions

Our Michelle Sun Loungers, on the other hand, are slightly wider and longer but the minimal design means they only weigh 12kg so even without the wheel they’re simple to pick up and move. 

The frame is again constructed from our trademark cast aluminium but this is paired with a padded mesh fabric. Michelle’s dimensions are shown in the illustration below:

Michelle Dimensions

All our Sun Loungers feature adjustable backrests so you can lie flat or select a more upright seating position as desired.

Big savings on gifts & accessories when you buy our Garden Sun Loungers 

Garden Sun Lounger with Cushions

As mentioned above we have some fantastic bundle deals on all our Sun Loungers. Just take a look at the Gifts section (shown below) and you’ll see that you can save 30% on your Sun Lounger Cushions when purchased with a Stella or Rose bed.

Garden Sun Lounger Cushions

Alternatively, you could add one of our gifts (shown below) such as our Willow or Rose Side Tables (with up to 30% off RRP), perfect for drinks as you sit back and relax on your lounger.

Garden Sun Lounger Bundle Deals Gifts

How to assemble our Garden Sun Loungers

Our Garden Sun Loungers are supplied RTA (Ready To Assemble) so some self-assembly is required. This is simply so that it’s safe and cost-effective to ship.

Rose Assembly Instructions 

Rose Assembly InstructionsRose Assembly Instructions

Stella Assembly Instructions

Stella Assembly InstructionsStella Assembly Instructions

Michelle Assembly Instructions

Michell Assembly InstructionsMichelle Assembly Instructions

All our Sun Loungers are securely packaged for shipping but when constructed they have the strength and good looks you’d expect from quality garden furniture. 

We provide clear instructions, parts and tools for the building, and all fixings are provided for you in a separate card ‘pop-out’ packet. 

When you see the crossed through spanner symbol in our assembly instructions, this means that at this stage of the process, you should only finger-tighten the bolts. 

Once all bolts are in place, then you can fully tighten with the spanner provided to ensure that all legs, etc are fitted evenly and in the correct position.

If you do have any questions about assembly, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team

Delivery of our Garden Sun Loungers

We generally expect all our Garden Sun Loungers to be dispatched within 3 working days via either XDP or DPD Local. 

Once dispatched they will contact you with tracking details, so please provide a mobile number when placing your order. 

Please then allow a further 3-5 days for delivery.

However, if you order your Lounger(s) in addition to a table and chairs set then please use the delivery times for the largest item you’ve ordered.

Again, at any time, if you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team.

What our customers are saying about our Garden Sun Loungers

Here are just a few examples of what people have been saying about our garden furniture:

Customer ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCustomer Reviews

Customer photographs of our Garden Sun Loungers

Customer photographs of our Garden Sun Loungers

As well as our Customer Reviews we have some fabulous Customer Photos (as shown above) of our Garden Sun Loungers that can help you visualise what they could look like in situ in your garden.

Help us Do Some Good when you purchase our Garden Sun Loungers

Do Some Good

For every customer photograph of our Garden Sun Loungers we receive, we also donate to one of our charity partners. 

You can find out how to get involved and read more about the charities we've donated to and why on our Charity page.

Trade Garden Sun Loungers

Trade Garden Sun Loungers

Our beautiful, maintenance-free Garden Sun Loungers can be found at many wonderful hotels and holiday lets.

If you’re interested in placing a bulk B2B, please register for a trade account with us.

Contact the Lazy Susan Customer Service Team

The Lazy Susan team are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so if you would like to know more about our Garden Sun Loungers, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01243 71 71 97, or drop an email to [email protected]

If you’re still unsure which Lounger is right for you, then we can also send out a sample swatch of our metal finishes and cushion colours. You can order them FOC on our Free Sample Pack pages.

Shop our full Garden Sun Loungers collection today!

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