How to fix paint chips on aluminium garden furniture

Despite what the weather may look like this weekend, some warmer weather must be coming our way, and hopefully we can get outside to use our garden furniture sometime soon... Winter and spring seem to be merging into one, but here at lazy Susan we've got our fingers crossed that there's a scorching 1976 style summer, just around the corner.

Outdoor living is something that Lazy Susan just can't get enough of. We love spending as much time outdoors as possible - weather permitting! Us Brits have to make the most of the sun when it does come out. So having your garden furniture ready to pull from under the covers or out of the shed at first glimpse is vital.

April and May are the perfect time of year to get your garden furniture back out, and give it a little spring clean. OK it may be a little early to leave your garden furniture out on the patio 24/7, but get it ready now, pop it away again if you wish, but at least it's ready if we do get a decent spot of weather anytime soon.

Lazy Susan's cast aluminium garden furniture is pretty much maintenance free. All you need to do is give it the occasional wash down with warm soapy water as and when you feel it's necessary. Just look after it the same as you would your car. In other words, make sure that bird droppings are cleaned off asap, and if your garden furniture is under a tree, then clean off the sap and debris every few weeks or so.

When washed, leave to air dry, and then you can protect it further with a light coat of car wax/polish if need be. However, if you have any chips or scratches, then make sure you touch them up immediately. Lazy Susan supply a special touch up kit for this very reason.

The main part of the furniture to check is the feet. They can easily be chipped when moving your pieces around a stone patio. But now is the perfect time of year to give them a check and touch them up if needed. Get them sorted before the summer - hopefully - starts.

Painting over a chip or scratches on your cast aluminium garden furniture

If you do happen to find a chip or scratch when you come to give your garden furniture a spring clean, then don't panic, it's easy to fix. We supply a touch up kit that contains a black undercoat and bronze topcoat.

And what's more, we will happily send this to any Lazy Susan customers free of charge. Its part of our dedicated after sales service, just drop us an email [email protected] to request your touch up kit.

Touching up your furniture is easy too, and the brush is contained in the pots of paint. We've produced the video below to show you, step by step, how to do it.

You can view all our instruction and assembly videos on the Lazy Susan YouTube channel. Plus, if you have a YouTube account, then please take the time to leave us any feedback or subscribe to our channel and you'll be automatically notified when we post any new videos.

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