How to keep your metal garden furniture looking like new

Metal garden furniture is not cheap. You don't want to spend all that money and then have to replace it in a couple of years.

Metal garden furniture is not cheap. You don't want to spend all that money and then have to replace it in a couple of years. A little TLC and it will last a couple of decades! We always tell our cast aluminium buyers to:

  • Cover It
  • Protect It
  • Store It
  • Clean It
  • Maintain It

Metal Garden Furniture Care

Covering metal outdoor furniture when not in use or storing indoors will help to protect it from the elements and the sun’s harmful rays. While regular cleaning and waxing of the painted surfaces will significantly extend the life of your cast aluminium or cast iron patio furniture.

Care for the metal framework

Exposed painted surfaces can oxidize over time. Faded paint can be easily refreshed with an automotive cleaner and wax. However, any heavily oxidized surfaces may require a treatment with a restorative product to remove the oxidation.

Avoid the use of rubbing compound which is more abrasive and can leave fine scratches in the aluminium surface. Follow up with a coat of wax. Chips in the paint on wrought iron furniture should be touched up to prevent rust. 

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol, lightly sand and touch-up the paint using an touch up kit from the manufacturer if available or use an automotive touch-up paint that closely matches the colour of the piece.

The use of a rust resistant primer will help keep the rust from spreading any further. If the touched up area is too glossy, it can be dulled down by buffing the area with extra fine (0000) steel wool. 

The fasteners used to assemble the frame should be checked periodically for rust or corrosion too. Replace any that show signs of deterioration if need be and lubricate all moving parts on a regular basis.

All Lazy Susan metal garden furniture sets are designed to resist the weather, however, there's a few things you need to do to keep your set in tip top condition.

We would suggest that all hinges be regularly oiled with a good synthetic oil such as WD40. You need to make sure your garden furniture is clean and free from dirt and grease but please do not use a pressure washer. Wash it down with warm soapy water, rinse with a few buckets of cold, and leave to dry in the sun.

On metal work, where the paint has been chipped or scratched, clean and cover with either a similar colour paint or a clear nail varnish, which will provide protection from the elements. If you have Lazy Susan aluminium garden furniture then you need to simply contact us for one of our special re-touching paints and follow our instructional video Repairing Paint Chips on Aluminium Garden Furniture. This can also be viewed over on our YouTube Channel, along with all our furniture assembly videos.

To prolong the life of the furniture and to maintain its appearance, the furniture should be protected and stored under covers or indoors. And to avoid unnecessary fading of the material and fabrics, keep out your furniture out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods and wipe off any stains, dirt or grease with a mild washing up liquid.

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