How to paint your old rattan wicker furniture

This video from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance demonstrates how to paint rattan wicker furniture. Beware of unsightly blobs and paint spray! Do it right the first time...

Painting wicker furniture is one of those jobs that you look at it and think how can I get a good finish on such a tricky-looking surface?

The Lazy Susan team have had a little search on the old interwebs and compiled some of our favourite how-to videos.

First up, we have this video from Deco Bliss that demonstrates how to paint rattan wicker furniture. They show you how to get a great finish and how to avoid unsightly blobs and over-spray. It is not an easy job to tackle but Aspect carefully explains how you can get it right the first time!

Next up we have the team at Better Homes & Gardens, who demonstrate how easy it is to revive dull, dated wicker furniture in a flash with their easy spray-paint tutorial.

Painting wicker furniture is a great way to update your old conservatory or patio furniture and other wicker pieces.

It's a quick DIY project you can easily complete in the afternoon and our next video from Lovely Etc. shows you how to properly prep your wicker for painting, including dealing with any old, peeling paint.

If you're a little unsure about using spray paint, then this is the video for you, as they show you how you can paint that tired wicker furniture with a rattle can. Plus, there's a helpful breakdown in the description of the products they used and links to purchase them.

If you love wicker with that vintage whitewash look, then the video below from Hangin With The Hughes is a great place to start.

Alternatively, if you wanted to go down the chalk paint route, which is available in a wide range of fab colours, then the next video from Faff Designs has some great tips and product recommendations.

Last up, if your wicker needs more than a lick of paint, we have this great video from the Wicker Guru that goes into detail about how to best restore and repair.

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