How to restore vintage iron garden furniture

When it comes to vintage garden furniture, for Lazy Susan, it has to be wrought iron garden furniture. Not only is it beautiful and elegant, you just can't beat the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Modern manufacturers and retailers could learn a few things from those who were manufacturing at the turn of the century, and yes that includes Lazy Susan.

Vintage iron garden furniture is a true statement of our artisan heritage. Highly desired for its sturdiness and the intricate beauty of the metalwork, vintage iron garden furniture was heated, shaped, and hammered by the hands of a skilled craftsman.

Unlike the modern mould-made metal furniture, where we see parts that have been bolted together and visible seams. Of course, you can create the look at a fraction of the cost with modern rust-proof cast aluminium, but if it has to be vintage, then it has to be wrought-iron.

However, as with anything of age, it is subject to the ravages of the elements. And with vintage iron garden furniture, I'm afraid the inevitable will happen, from chipped, peeled or faded paint, to the dreaded menace that is rust. And if you're buying vintage, it could already have that 'farm fresh' look.

Of course, the big advantage of new wrought-iron furniture is that its coated, so better designed to stand up to the elements, and is less likely to rust, at least not as quickly anyway.

But don't be put off by vintage. Yes it can take a little effort, but that little bit of rusty gold you've tracked down from your local supplier of architectural salvage or even eBay, can be brought back to life.

It can be sanded, repainted, and given a protective coating that will ensure it performs as well as any modern piece. The end result is not easy, but well worth the effort. What you get is a unique piece of timeless garden furniture that just can't be reproduced by modern manufacturers.

Not to mention the fact that you've got a little bit of history on your patio. So if you've got a rusty piece of iron, and you want to restore it, then these video guides should help...