How to restore weathered metal garden furniture

Maybe you have some rusted, pitted or worn metal garden furniture you want to preserve and repaint? We know aluminium and we know how to restore cast aluminium garden furniture! So instead of chucking it in the bin or just painting over the problem, why not bring it back to life?

Maybe you have some rusted, pitted or worn Metal Garden Furniture you want to preserve and repaint? 

We know aluminium and we know how to restore Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture... So instead of chucking it in the skip, something we always advise against, or just painting over the problem, why not bring it back to life?

Of course, we would always recommend you buy new and recycle the old (ahem, for obvious reasons), but we can also appreciate that in these times of ‘make do and mend’, a little TLC can save you some money and bring metal garden furniture back to life. 

Cast Aluminium Metal Garden Furniture

If you've got some weathered painted aluminium furniture, then you can simply tackle it just like any other painted metal surface. 

Clean it with a little washing-up liquid and plenty of warm water, rinse it down, and then you can give it a little extra protection from the elements with a little car wax.

If on the other hand your aluminium garden furniture is unfinished, whilst it won't rust like iron, it can oxidize in the UK's damp climate. 

Especially if you live near the coast like me. And even though this is still a type of corrosion, it's much easier to deal with than rust.

You can rectify it by using a dab of an aluminium polishing paste such as Simichrome. It contains a very fine abrasive that will remove oxidation and protect against any future tarnishing.

Start by taking a soft bristle brush, removing any loose surface material. 

The pitting is almost chalky, so much of it comes off without too much effort. 

Then with rubber gloves on, scrub around the framework with the polishing paste

Be careful not to get it on any straps or fabric (cushions should be completely removed if possible) as it could stain them. 

Rinse off with water, and then simply leave it to dry in the sun.

Lazy Susan Cast Aluminium Furniture

Lazy Susan Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

It's worth pointing out at this juncture that all Lazy Susan Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture is painted. And that painted coating protects it from the elements, so no pitting to worry about.

However, watch the feet of all chairs and tables. In fact, this goes for any metal outdoor furniture items, to be honest…

If you place painted metal garden furniture on a stone patio, when moved you can chip the paint and moisture could get in and compromise that protective finish. 

So please keep your eyes open, and give them a check every now and then. If you see a paint chip or scratch, touch it up immediately...

You can purchase our touch-up kits in the Lazy Susan Shop.

Cast Iron Metal Garden Furniture

Cast iron metal garden furniture is beautiful. But it rusts if you're not careful. 

There is no getting away from it, rust is aggressive and can take hold quickly. 

Look after it, and it will continue to look beautiful for many years to come... Simple!

Wash it regularly with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. 

Dirt and dust on the surface of iron can trap moisture against the paintwork, causing it to deteriorate. To keep your iron furniture in good condition, always keep it clean.

Also, be on the lookout for any paint damage as this is where rust can take hold. Prevention is much better than cure... 

Start by sanding the damaged paint off. Take it right down to the bare metal, then apply a metal primer, leave that to fully dry, and then apply rust-resistant metal paint.

As with the aluminium, apply a little car wax, as this helps the moisture easily bead and run off the surface. 

This can be tricky with some of the more intricate ironwork, but places like Halfords offer an extensive range of spray-on waxes from the likes of Turtle Wax that get into those hard-to-reach spots.

If you do need to re-paint wrought-iron garden furniture, then start by taking a wire brush and cleaning all surfaces of the wrought iron to remove all rust, dirt and flakey paint.

When done, hose them down to remove the dust you'll have created from the wire brushing.

Run your hand over all the surfaces to make sure they are smooth. Let them fully dry before you start painting.

The best way to achieve a nice even finish is to use spray paint on each of the furniture pieces. 

Hammerite sells a great range of paints specifically for metal furniture, and they’d be my starting point. 

Just make sure you work in a well-ventilated area and that you wear a mask!

Spray the sections of furniture in a slow sweeping motion from left to right. Straight and even strokes. And keep it moving at a steady speed or you'll create runs in the paint.

Let the furniture dry, doing one side at a time. You may need to apply a few coats and touch up any areas that you've missed. But always leave it to dry between each coat.

If the thought of spray painting is a little scary or you simply don't have the time or space to do it, then of course you can paint with a brush. You won't get as smooth a finish, brush marks are hard to avoid, and watch for the drips!

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