Lazy Susan’s top outdoor furniture lighting tips

The Lazy Susan team have compiled our favourite outdoor furniture lighting tips so that you can pair them with our garden tables and comfortably stay on your patio long after the sun sets.

During the summer we want to make the most of our outdoor furniture. Use it as much as we can and as often as we can. And one of the best ways to do this is to extend its use into the evening when the sun goes down.

The big problem here is that even in the peak summer months, the temperature will often still dip in the UK and, once the sun drops, there’s usually not enough light to continue using our furniture.

Fortunately, there’s a whole host of solutions to keep your patio area warm from gas heaters and fire pits to wrapping up in a nice outdoor blanket but they're for another article. 

Lighting on the other hand can be a little more tricky to get right though...

You want something that illuminates the space enough to keep it safe to use but subtle enough that it doesn’t ruin the relaxing ambience (as captured perfectly in the customer photo of our Olivia 8-seater set above).

As a general rule, we often find that less is more when it comes to garden lighting but keep it flexible.

You want the lighting to be subtle for relaxation but have the option to go brighter if you need task light to say cook a BBQ. 

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips

To help you get that balance spot on, the Lazy Susan team have compiled our top outdoor furniture lighting tips and used some of the fab customer photographs we’ve been sent for our Do Some Good charity campaign to illustrate.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite lighting techniques that you can pair with our outdoor furniture to make sure your garden party or al fresco evening drinks can continue long after the sun goes down.

Candles on your outdoor table

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Candles on our Alice Table

Let’s start with the most simple and easy form of outdoor lighting but definitely one of the most effective when it comes to creating ambience...

Candles make the perfect centrepiece on our tables and they provide just the right type and amount of illumination (as shown with our Alice 4-seater table above).  

OK, maybe not the best for illuminating the whole patio space for tasks but they definitely create the perfect mood for a glass of wine or two on a summer's eve.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Lantern on our Amy 4-seater table 

Pair them with a stylish lantern and they’ll provide greater illumination, plus they look great on our outdoor tables (as shown above on our Amy 4-seater table).

Open flame next to your outdoor furniture

Much like a candle, an open fire is a great way to bring in a little light and ambience, with the added advantage of keeping you and your guests warm too.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Our Mia table with Chimenea

There’s a host of solutions from fire bowls to chimenea-style fireplaces, which pair great with our garden tables (as shown above with our Mia table). 

Some companies are now producing outdoor tables with built-in fire pits, and whilst some of them look great, we are yet to be convinced they are worth the price tag, and having them separate we feel offers better flexibility. 

Uplighting to accent your outdoor furniture

Uplighting is a great way of adding contrast and highlighting key features in your garden. The other big advantage of uplighting is you get a good level of illumination and ambience without eye-level glare.

In the evening, well-placed uplights can be used to add interest and accent landscaping or architectural features such as garden structures, trees, plants, or even outdoor furniture.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Recessed uplighting with our Anna table

Placing recessed uplights/ground lights in your patio or decking (as shown with our Anna table above) is a great way to add drama and visual interest at night whilst remaining subtle and unobtrusive during the day.

They are discrete and offer a more subtle ambience than spotlights and floodlights but they cost more as the unit needs a higher IP rating and fitting is a little more complicated.

Downlighting for ambience on your patio

Downlighting on the other hand is a little more versatile and can be used in a number of ways, such as zoning, safety, security and also to highlight. 

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Gazebo fitted with downlighting over our June 6-seater table

Downlights are great for illuminating feature walls, flower beds and patios, and where uplighting is generally better for highlighting outdoor furniture, downlights are better suited to illuminating for function/task (as shown in the photo of our June 6-seater table above where they are fitted to a stunning gazebo).

If you have a BBQ for example, then a well-placed downlight will provide safe task lighting so you can still use it when the sun sets.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Combination of up and down lighting with our Olivia 8-seater set

Of course, the best outdoor lighting schemes use a combination of up and down light fixtures to create a space that delivers on looks, ambience and functionality (as shown in the photo of our Olivia 8-seater set where they have used a combination fitting make a feature of the stunning brickwork).

Think about how you use the space, what features you want to highlight and design a scheme that gives you that important combination of style, looks, safety and functionality.

Safety lighting around your garden

And whilst we’re on the subject of safety, of course, you want your outdoor space to look good and still be a joy to spend time on when the lights go on, but it is also important that it is safe to use.

If you have a patio positioned away from your property, then it is important that any pathways or steps are illuminated to ensure you can move easily and comfortably around your garden.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Safety lighting with our Ivy bistro

The patio itself can make use of more ambient lighting but the route to it needs to be safe (as shown in the photo above of our Ivy bistro table where a candle is used but the doorway is illuminated with a downlight). 

And that doesn’t mean you need to install floodlights too. Post lighting (as shown below) and ground lights are a fab way to do this and highlight the way to your outdoor furniture. 

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Outdoor Post Lights 

Security lighting to protect your outdoor furniture

Just like safety, security is another factor we need to consider. Outdoor furniture is a big-ticket item and is often seen as an easy target for thieves.

Security lighting is a great deterrent and it will provide a level of illumination so that you can clearly identify persons or objects. Pair it with a security camera for further peace of mind.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Security lights with our Jill Table and Jasmine Bench 

Research by the Home Office has highlighted that security lighting can prevent crime by suggesting to would-be thieves that the property might be occupied and highlighting the presence of an alarm system or CCTV camera.

In the customer photo above of our white Jill 4-seater table with Jasmine bench, the patio is positioned away from the home so the bright spotlight with a PIR sensor is a great way to illuminate the space for security.

Festoon party lights over your outdoor furniture

If you want something that does nothing more than make your outdoor furniture look great and a joy to sit at in the evening, then festoon lights are the hot trend you can’t ignore.

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Festoon Lights

They’re super flexible, easy to install and will help to create a warm and inviting area to socialise when the sun sets. 

You can hang them from trees, gazebos and walls and they look great over patios, decks and outdoor dining areas. They are great for both busy garden parties or a laid-back drink under the stars. 

Our top outdoor furniture lighting tips | Fairy Lights in a Lazy Susan Parasol 

They come in a range of styles (the customer above has fitted fairy-style lights to her Parasol) and can be purchased as a battery, solar or mains powered, so whatever the setting, there is a safe solution.

If you’ve got any photos of your Lazy Susan outdoor furniture in situ and lit up, then we’d also love to see a few snaps for our Do Some Good charity campaign. 

You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to [email protected].

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