Our top metal garden furniture trends for summer 2023

This month we are focusing on what we do and know best and taking a closer look at our top metal garden furniture trends for summer 2023…

We often discuss the latest patio trends on this blog but generally, we focus on the wider garden furniture industry for this type of article so we will cover metal, resin, rattan, and wooden garden furniture, etc. 

This month we want to focus on what we do and know best here at Lazy Susan and look closer at just our top metal garden furniture trends for summer 2023.

Much like there are pros and cons with different types of materials, there are (albeit often more subtle) differences between different types of Metal Garden Furniture.

The “big 3” in the UK in terms of sales are cast aluminium, stainless steel and cast or wrought iron. 

When we talk about cast it is the process of pouring the molten metal into a sand cast mould to form the parts needed, whilst wrought is where the alloy (most commonly iron) is heated up and worked into shape.

Here at Lazy Susan, our collection is constructed from high-grade sand cast aluminium with a strong focus on classical styling and patio dining. And for us, it was the logical choice of material and process as we found it best suited to the UK climate and our design team could create more intricate designs. 

Plus, it will not rust like steel and iron, it is more durable, just as sturdy as wrought iron, fully weatherproof, a lower conductor of heat, and more affordable but also significantly lighter than other metals so it can be moved around the garden and stored if need be. 

Our top 10 metal garden furniture trends for Summer 2023

The traditional sand casting process allows us to achieve the same intricate and timeless furniture designs you see with wrought iron pieces but at a fraction of the cost.

However, the big advantage when it comes to the garden is the fact it requires significantly less cleaning and maintenance than other metals — no painting or protecting to keep it weather resistant. Our durable painted finish does that job for you. 

To clean a little car shampoo in a bucket of warm water and a sponge is all you need. Rinse off with the garden hose on a light setting. Maybe a little car wax to help rainwater bead, runoff and give it a nice lustre. Job done.

However, all of that said, it is not our place to tell you what style of garden furniture you like or what will work best with the look of your garden and how you like to spend time in it.

Our top 10 metal garden furniture trends for Summer 2023

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional and enjoy a meal or coffee on your patio when the sun is shining then we would encourage you to take a look at our Metal Garden Furniture collection. 

If you’re looking for something else, maybe you’ll find it in our top metal garden furniture trends for Summer 2023?

Because as well as pieces from our own collection, we're happy to share furniture from others. There are no affiliate links here, we just love our industry. Competition is healthy and a thriving industry benefits us all.

1. Metal Bistro Tables

Metal Bistro Tables

However, we will start with one of our own, and the café chic of our 2-seater bistro sets is sure to make temperatures rise on our patios and balconies this summer. 

If outdoor space is limited or you want to create “zones” with a smaller dining-style set paired with other patio furniture pieces, then a bistro table is the perfect intimate solution. 

And we’ve even got a promo running for a limited time where you can get a free bistro set when you purchase selected dining sets (see details below).

Our Tulip Bistro Set in Slate Grey (above) is the perfect set for those looking for a little Parisienne café-styling.

2. Metal Sectional Garden Sofas

Metal Sectional Garden Sofas

Garden sofas have come a long way in the last few years. For the more discerning homeowner, some cheap diy/home store rattan set won’t cut the mustard. We want indoor comfort and style but fit for outdoor purposes.

We think this style is best done with a simple modern look. Keep things sleek and minimal but make sure the cushions supplied deliver plenty of comfort so can you can really kick back. You want the set to look like it would be just as at home in your living room but constructed from materials designed for outdoor use.

The Calabasas Large Outdoor Fabric Aluminium Frame Corner Sofa Set with Coffee Table from daals.co.uk (above) ticks all those boxes and more. Available in a choice of taupe and dark and light grey fabrics it features a contemporary aluminium frame and sumptuously padded cushions.

3. Metal Garden Benches & Side Table

Metal Garden Benches & Side Table

This is a trend we have seen bubbling away for the last year or so and is backed up by sales of these items being purchased together and the Customer Photos we receive for our Do Some Good campaign.

The setup itself gives you a great spot to sit with a book or a cup of coffee in the summer without the need to move the pieces inside when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The customer photograph of our Jasmine Garden Bench paired with our Willow Side Table (shown above in Slate but also available in White and Antique Bronze) shows how you can achieve this simple but effective set-up for Summer 2023.

4. Metal Garden Swing Chairs

Metal Garden Swing Chairs

Like many of the trends in our industry, this one started on social media buzz during the pandemic. However, just like sectional garden sofas, patio swing chairs have gone from strength to strength in terms of both design and quality of materials.

The stylish curved steel metalwork of the 3 Seater Lounger Swing Chair from Charles Bentley (pictured above) shows how you can combine summer comfort with laidback sophistication.

5. White Metal Garden Furniture

White Metal Garden Furniture

For the team here at Lazy Susan, 2023 is the year of white metal garden furniture. We may have said that last year but these are classically styled pieces that never go out of style.

There’s just something special about our white furniture. It brings a little romantic charm to your outdoor space and is perfect for those looking to achieve a relaxed boho look.

Our stylish Ivy Metal Bistro in White (pictured above) shows why this finish is so popular and the sophistication it will bring to your patio this summer.

6. Metal Sun Loungers

Metal Sun Loungers

We don’t get a lot of sun in the UK but when we do the best way to kick back and enjoy it is with a classic lounger. Taking styling cues from classic Chaise-Longues, our Stella Metal Loungers pair perfectly with our garden tables and chairs.

Featuring our trademark lattice-style metalwork with scrolled armrests they will bring an instant touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Relaxing in the summer sun will never be more comfortable or stylish with this top metal garden furniture trend!

7. Metal Day Beds

Metal Day Beds

Why not take the lounger a step further with one of the must-have pieces for Summer 2023? OK, you need a good chunk of garden space but a Day Bed is the ultimate in relaxation and sophisticated style.

The Salcombe Double Lounger from Chiltern Oak (above) is a great example of this trend in a durable powder-coated aluminium. And while many would say we don’t have the weather, some, such as the contemporary Allure Cabana from Maze Living (below) come with a canopy roof, so even a passing summer shower can’t spoil your fun.

Metal Day Beds

8. Metal Reclining Chairs

Metal Reclining Chairs

Bringing a little indoor functionality to outdoor seating is one many have tried but few successfully pull off. You think outdoor recliner and you might think deckchair. But this trend is not some seaside throwback.  

These metal reclining Belgravia Lounge Chairs from Moda (above) will deliver sophisticated lines and high-class quality to your outdoor living experience. Constructed from rust-proof, powder-coated aluminium much like our own collection the chairs feature 5 reclining positions.

9. Metal Garden Armchairs

Metal Garden Armchairs

Looking to keep things a little more simple then a garden armchair is the all-rounder that we see topping the sales charts in 2023.

The Palissade Low Armchair in Olive Green from Hay on Made In Design (above) is an excellent example of how this style has been given a cool modern twist. 

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and constructed from electro-galvanized powder-coated steel, the collection also includes tables, stools and benches and is available in light grey, anthracite and olive

10. Metal BBQ Table

Metal BBQ Table

The last item to make our list of the top metal garden furniture trends for Summer 2023 is Metal BBQ tables. If you like to fire up the grill when the sun is shining, then this is the must-have patio accessory.

Hands up who ends up with utensils, plates, etc balanced precariously on the side of your grill or on the ground? Well, a Metal BBQ Table is the answer to your problems.

Some of our favourites are the tables that fit with a specific style/brand of grill such as the ultra-stylish Stainless Steel & Teak Side Table from Firefly Barbecue (pictured above). Designed to go with the Monolith Kamado, it transforms their ceramic grill into a mobile outdoor kitchen with work surfaces and shelves for barbecue accessories.

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