Protect your garden furniture with tarpaulin

One thing that you can guarantee in the UK is the weather; only the kind of weather that we tend to get is generally not great.

One thing that you can guarantee in the UK is the weather; only the kind of weather that we tend to get is generally not great. From torrential rain, to the imminent snowfall, it seems a long time since we've had a decent summer. Saying that, it feels pretty mild today, although I did hear the GMTV weather presenter state that it will get much colder later in the week and we can expect some snow. So with that in mind,  I thought I would tell you about the virtues of tarpaulin or a tarp as it is generally referred to over the pond. If you have something outside, such as garden furniture or a brick style BBQ grill, then tarpaulin is the perfect solution for preventing cold weather damage.

As we all know, garden furniture is not cheap, the average UK household can have several items of patio furniture alone, and many of us have no choice but to leave it outside all year round. If you take the Lazy Susan cast aluminium collection, yes the material is designed to stay outside all year, and it is constructed to stand up to anything that mother nature can throw at it. However, that's not to say we would advise you to leave it exposed to the elements from autumn to spring... Far from it in fact.  Storing it indoors or covering it with a tarpaulin will not only provide protection to garden furniture that needs that little extra cover, but it will help to keep those that don't necessarily need the protection, such as cast aluminium, clean and ready for use as soon as the weather permits it. During autumn/winter, all that snow, wind and rain can leave your garden furniture covered in a layer of muck, a tarp will keep all that at bay.

Yes, I know you can purchase garden furniture covers, but finding one that actually fits perfectly (i.e. covers every inch with some spare to tuck under/secure down) can be a little more tricky than you'd think. Plus, tarpaulin is generally much more robust than what is currently on the market and if you shop around can get much better value for money. In our experience it will also last significantly longer than the DIY store garden furniture covers too. Tarpaulin is easy to find, just do a search on Google and you will be presented with a wide choice of different retailers, from the Tool companies such as Screwfix to high street retailers such as Argos and Halfords.

A good quality poly tarpaulin is perfect for all your outdoor cover needs. It is generally sold in grades of quality from a contractor grade specification down to a basic or standard, with the higher spec offering superior strength and durability. So whether you want a sheet to gather garden rubbish, cover your garden furniture or simply to protect your decking, then tarpaulin is the solution for you. Even your basic tarpaulin is strong and durable, providing a fantastic, flexible weatherproof material. It is also tear resistant and can be purchased UV treated in order to keep out the elements. Reinforced rope corners make tarpaulin a strong, reliable choice and look for the sheets that feature metal ringlets as this is ideal for securing the tarpaulin sheet and more importantly your garden furniture.

  • Garden
    Use your tarpaulin to protect garden furniture or equipment from the weather or to collect and transport garden waste. Particularly useful for thorny material which easily punctures plastic bags. Ideal as a children's playsheet, easy to wipe clean.
  • Car/Van
    Use your Budget Tarpaulin to protect your upholstery from damp and dirty pets or as a car boot or upholstery protector when carrying dirty or dusty loads. They can also be used to protect your garage or drive when changing oil or working on your engine.
  • Home Decorating & DIY
    Protection for your carpets and furniture from splashes of paint or paste when painting, decorating or wallpapering. As a dust sheet when sanding, sawing, drilling or carrying out structural work.

If you do leave garden furniture exposed to the elements, it could easily crack, rot or corrode. Even if your  garden furniture is stored safely in your garage or shed, there's a few simple steps you should take to ensure they're protected and fit for use next summer:

  • Cover your furniture
    Goes without saying, we've been banging on about it all post. However, even if its stored inside, cover it. This way you'll keep the dust of and reduce the chances of it getting scratched as you pull the snow shovel out.
  • Find a cover that fits
    Rather than trying to cover all your garden furniture with one large tarpaulin, buy several smaller covers to fit individual items. This way the cover is more likely to actually cover each item, it will be easier to secure and is more likely to stay on the furniture if left outside.
  • Secure your covers
    Always check that your furniture covers have eyelets or some way securely fastening the cover so that the wind does not blow it off. During the time the covers are on, pop out every now and again to make sure everything is still secure, especially if the wind has been strong or after and heavy rain/snow.
  • Keep your furniture sheltered
    Even with a tarpaulin cover on, it is a good idea to move your garden furniture to a sheltered area of the garden or patio if you can. If not, look to secure it with some heavy weights.
  • Move it to a solid surface
    Do NOT leave your furniture on the lawn. Always move it on to your deck or patio if possible, even in the summer, to keep any moisture away from the legs.
  • Don't forget to care and maintain your garden furniture
    Even if you store your garden furniture indoors you should follow the necessary care and maintenance steps. Cover chips on metal furniture immediately, apply oil or wax to protect, and most importantly, keep it clean.

By following these simple steps, trust Lazy Susan, it will significantly extend the life of your garden furniture, and save you a little money too.

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