Should I cover wooden garden furniture?

We often recommend popping covers on our furniture to keep it clean, dry and ready to use but somebody recently asked us if I should cover my wooden garden furniture too...

If you own a wooden garden furniture set, it's likely something that you've bought with the intention of it holding up well over time. But with exposure to the elements, you’ll find that they will start to age and become damaged over time. 

What’s the best way to avoid this? Is covering your garden furniture when not in use the best option? Is it worth the time and effort?

Let’s find out. 

Check The Type Of Wood Used

Check The Type Of Wood Used

Firstly, you’ll need to consider the wood your garden furniture is made from. There are lots of types of wood on the market, and they each react to the elements differently.

For example, if you have softwood garden furniture, such as pine, then it will take damage over time. If not well cared for, it can start to discolour, allow fungi and moss to grow, or even start rotting due to moisture penetrating the wood. This type of wood will need more care overall. 

Then you have hardwood garden furniture. These will be sets made out of courbaril, teak, roble, and so on. These are much hardier but will eventually weather into a silver-gray colour. 

When Should You Cover Your Wooden Garden Furniture?

When Should You Cover Your Wooden Garden Furniture?

UK weather can be unpredictable — so it's important to know when you should and shouldn’t cover your outdoor wooden furniture. It’ll depend on the severity of the weather, and it's generally advisable to keep it covered during poor weather conditions — especially if it’s expected to snow.  

If possible, storing the furniture in an indoor area during harsh winter months is also recommended, as this will protect its lifespan and help preserve its original condition. 

If the furniture is left uncovered through periods of light showers or summer months, it may suffer UV damage. This is why you may benefit from using a product that has UV filters.

How to choose the right material to cover your furniture with 

If you decide to cover your outdoor wooden furniture, you have many options to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few:

  1. Waterproof:
    Look for waterproof and weather-resistant material that can withstand the UK weather. 
  2. Size:
    Make sure you find the perfect fit for your furniture so the wind doesn't blow it off or damage its shape.
  3. Colour:
    Consider the colour of the cover — while white may not show dirt as easily as darker colours, it can also turn yellow or brownish in the sun
  4. Quality:
    Buy high-quality covers that come with warranties and guarantees.

After doing some research, there’s no doubt that you can find the best cover for your furniture that’ll stand the test of time.

How to Maintain Your Wooden Garden Furniture Without Using a Cover

How to Maintain Your Wooden Garden Furniture Without Using a Cover

To make sure that our outdoor wooden furniture remains in the best condition for years to come without using a cover, you’ll need to regularly maintain it.

The most significant factor is to keep it clean — regular wiping down will help remove grime, dirt, and mildew. Likewise, outdoor wood protection with teak oil or wood preservative should also be applied every few months.

Other Garden Furniture Options

If you haven’t decided on a garden furniture set yet, then you’ll want to look around at non-wood options too. This is especially important if you want furniture that is low maintenance and can stand up to the British weather. Cast aluminium furniture, for example, can be left outdoors all year long, won’t need covering, and is almost no maintenance at all.

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