Should my patio furniture match?

If you’re planning the design and look of your outdoor space right now, it’s natural that you want to get things just right. But should your patio furniture match?

It’s an important question to ask because the last thing you want to do is purchase garden furniture before realising nothing quite fits.

Keep in mind that patio furniture doesn’t have to match. But if you put together a common theme that creates a cohesive look, your outdoor space will look much better. 

That said, there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your patio furniture. 

Join Lazy Susan as we explore this design topic more in-depth. 

Keep the frames consistent

Keep the frames consistent 

While it isn’t essential that your patio furniture matches on all fronts, it does help a lot if there is at least consistency in terms of the frames themselves.

For example, if you have wooden chairs and an aluminium table together, they may look out of place. 

There are various types of frames you can go for that may complement each other better. This includes wooden, rattan, and iron, as well as the high-grade aluminium outdoor furniture that’s made by us at Lazy Susan.

Aluminium is a popular type of garden furniture that is rust-resistant, UV-resistant, durable, and strong — but still light enough to easily move around — and looks good in any garden. 

Be careful with your proportions

Be careful with your proportions 

It’s true that buying tables and chairs that are different sizes will create a bit of discord on your patio. It often doesn’t look right. 

This is because mismatched furniture pieces of varying sizes can make your patio feel cluttered or haphazard. If you do buy chairs separately, choose pieces that are similarly sized and tie them together, otherwise, it will only make the space seem disorganized. 

If you opt for various sizes, consider ordering the pieces in similar colours and styles to achieve a balanced aesthetic for your patio. 

How much furniture is “too much”?

How much furniture is “too much”?

It’s one thing having lots of space on your patio… and it’s another thing filling it up with your dad’s favourite chair, as well as colourful plastic kid’s chairs — and everything else. 

Remember — too much of a good thing can create an overwhelming atmosphere and draw attention away from your overall vision for the patio. So think carefully about how many pieces you need and opt for quality rather than quantity.

Consider using contrasting colours

Consider using contrasting colours

Another option to consider is whether to match or contrast the colours of your patio furniture. 

Matching your patio furniture will give a unified and sophisticated look; while contrast may add more charm to your patio overall. 

On the other hand, if you go with a neutral style and material for all of your furniture pieces, you could experiment with adding contrasting colours through throw pillows and cushions. 

Ultimately the choice is down to what fits in with your personal style and taste.

Get a feel for arranging your furniture

Get a feel for arranging your furniture 

Whether your patio furniture matches or not, what can really make or break things is poorly arranged furniture.

You should ensure that all pieces are correctly placed according to their sizes. For example, chairs and armchairs with small frames should be placed around smaller objects, such as side tables, while larger sofas or loungers will require more space.

At the same time, it’s nice to have your chairs fairly close together in order to encourage conversation — but not too close so that people feel they have no space. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, there’s really no wrong answer when it comes to how to style your patio furniture. Do whatever makes you happy and allows you to express your personal style. If you want the pieces to match, go for it — just make sure that everything works together to create a space you love spending time in.

On the other hand, if mixing and matching your furniture is more your thing, that works too! No matter what option you choose, always remember that outdoor decor should be an extension of who you are as a person and make sure every piece has a purpose. So choose wisely and have fun with it — after all, it’s your patio oasis!

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