The best garden dining sets to buy in 2023

If you want to eat outside, entertain, and make great memories, then we have some of the best garden dining sets to buy in 2023...

The British summer is here, which means it’s time to start planning your garden for whenever you want to eat outside, entertain, and make great memories.

There are lots of different types of garden dining sets you can buy, with some more affordable than others, some chicer than others — and can stand up to the good old British weather better than others. 

In this article, Lazy Susan takes a look at the various types of garden dining sets you can choose from this year. 

Aluminium Garden Dining Sets

June Aluminium Garden Dining Sets

Aluminium garden dining sets, such as the type of high-grade cast aluminium garden furniture made and sold by us here at Lazy Susan, are one of the most lightweight and maintenance-free types of furniture you can buy. 

It’s easy to move around your garden but strong enough to stand up to bursts of wind, it won’t rot or rust — and also won’t change colour when it’s been left in the sun too long. 

And while you can’t fold aluminium furniture like our June (above) away for easy storage, it can at least be left outside in any type of weather. 

Rattan Garden Dining Sets

There are two types of rattan garden furniture you can buy — natural rattan and synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan is the more popular choice in the UK. It’s affordable, it’s easy to shift around your garden and it’s not too difficult to look after. It also looks great, even if it’s not quite the real thing! 

Natural rattan, on the other hand, is more of a premium garden dining set that comes with a higher price tag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing addition to any garden. But it will require more maintenance and general care. In inclement weather conditions, you may need to take it indoors. 

And because it’s so delicate, it’s very susceptible to wear and tear, as well as damage. 

Wooden Garden Dining Sets

When it comes to garden dining sets, there’s a lot to be said about wooden furniture. In many ways, it’s the perfect outdoor furniture. It’s aesthetically pleasing and has that classic look that wouldn’t be out of place in any garden. 

But while I recommend wooden garden furniture to anyone, this type of furniture does come with its own cost. You’ll need to spend a lot of time taking care of it and it might take you a while to decide which type of wooden furniture to go for.

This is because there are not just two different types — hardwood and softwood — there are also different types of these types! Your options include cedar, teak, redwood, and much more. 

Wicker Garden Dining Sets

Another common site in British gardens is the wicker garden dining set. This isn’t surprising, since wicker furniture complements pretty much any outdoor space, thanks to its attractiveness.

It’s also lightweight, which means your guests can grab a seat and easily move it wherever they like. 

Wicker garden furniture, however, isn’t waterproof, which means you will need to take it inside when you’re not using it because it doesn’t fare well in the rain. So while it’s a great option and will look amazing in your garden, you need to consider how practical it is for what you’re looking for. 

Unless you purchase a garden dining set that’s made from synthetic wicker, which is weatherproof.

Types of Garden Chairs 

To make the most of your garden dining set, it’s a good idea to think about the types of garden chairs you want. 

1. Benches 

Garden Benches 

Benches are informal and ideal if you want to entertain a large number of people who can easily mix and mingle. 

2. Sofa Sets

A sofa set might be a little on the expensive side but they’re ideal if comfort is your number one priority.

That said, sofa sets will suit bigger gardens much better than smaller ones. 

3. Hanging Chairs

Patio Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are growing in popularity once again in Britain. They’re one of my personal favourites and they’ll come in handy for when you and your guests want to relax after eating. 

Final Thoughts 

Outdoor dining is always better when you’ve got the right garden dining set. We’ve listed a few of the different types of outdoor garden furniture you can go with, including aluminium furniture that’s easy to maintain and can complement your al fresco experience. 

Whatever you decide to do, hopefully, Lazy Susan has inspired you with some ideas so that you can start planning your summer while eating some amazing food.  

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