The latest luxury outdoor furniture styles for summer 2024

If you want to bring a little style and sophistication to your patio, then these are our top luxury outdoor furniture trends for summer 2024…

Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort, elegance, and style. It goes beyond mere necessity and is associated with a high level of quality and a sense of indulgence.

We think that statement applies perfectly to our patios and the luxury outdoor furniture we should be putting on them.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of luxury, and we like to see furniture designs that are thoughtfully considered and that encourage us to get outside and make the most of our outdoor spaces.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Good outdoor furniture should transcend the latest fads for designs that are timeless and can live at the heart of your garden without the need for extensive maintenance.

Luxury will often come with a higher price tag but it will deliver a combination of style, durability, and comfort that distinguishes it from the more budget-friendly fads, which are designed to burn bright for a summer or two and then quickly fade away.

The best outdoor furniture sets are an investment in both style and longevity, and that is what have tried to do with our own collection, which we looked at in detail in our recent Buyer's Guide.

What is luxury designer garden furniture?

Luxury Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to defining what we think makes a piece or set of luxury patio furniture, the following immediately springs to our minds:

  1. High Quality
    Luxury outdoor furniture should be crafted from premium materials that are resistant to the elements. Popular high-end materials on sale in the UK include teak, wrought iron, cast aluminium, stainless steel, and all-weather wicker.

  2. Durability
    Luxury outdoor furniture must be built to withstand the various weather conditions we see in our gardens, from sun exposure and heavy rain to snow and high winds, in materials that are durable and have the ability to resist wear and tear with minimal maintenance.

  3. Comfort
    If we want to spend quality time outdoors then comfort is a priority when it comes to luxury outdoor furniture. Furniture should be supplied with plush outdoor cushions, ergonomic designs, and thoughtful seating arrangements that encourage relaxation, conversation and maximum enjoyment.

  4. Exclusivity
    Luxury outdoor furniture should feel exclusive with distinctive designs that are sophisticated and timeless. Attention to detail, proportion, and form are critical.

The latest luxury garden furniture trends for your outdoor space

If you want to bring a little luxury and a whole lot of sophistication to your patio, then these are our top luxury outdoor furniture pieces and styles for summer 2024:

1. Customisation

Splash Outdoor Sofa

There are a number of luxury outdoor furniture brands offering customisation in the UK. This allows you to tailor furniture to your specific preferences. This could include choosing from a variety of finishes, fabrics, or configurations.

A great example of this is Gaze Burvill who understands the importance of ‘a good fit’ and can adjust dimensions and detailing according to the client's requests. Pictured above is their stunning curved Splash Outdoor Sofa.

2. Unique

Snug Lifestyle Suite

Luxury outdoor furniture will often incorporate unique and innovative features, such as built-in lighting, and integrated storage, or it will simply showcase unique designs, innovative materials or high-quality outdoor fabrics.

Maze Living’s Snug Lifestyle Suite (pictured above) is a great example of tanking a unique design solution to create a functional piece of modern outdoor furniture. You'd be easily forgiven for questioning if it is a sofa or a daybed but the Snug merges both to create a single luxury bed or can be separated to give you 4 separate chairs with footstool.

3. Handcrafted

Outdoor Dining Table and Bench with Steel Square Frame Legs

Craftsmanship is the hallmark of luxury outdoor furniture. Pieces are often handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every aspect of the furniture's design and construction.

Bespoke Carpentry has a range of bespoke handmade furniture that is of exceptionally high quality. Their Outdoor Dining Table and Bench with Steel Square Frame Legs (pictured above) will certainly bring a touch of country chic to your patio. Handcrafted in their Dorset workshop, it can be tailored to your exact requirements.

4. Limited Edition


Some luxury outdoor furniture is produced in limited quantities, adding an element of exclusivity, and creating a uniqueness and desirability that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

The Knight all-weather corner sofa from Kingsley Smythe (showcased in the video above) is the set for you if you’re looking for something new and different that will stand out from the rest. With its limited edition yellow cushions and teak accents, it will put you at the forefront of the latest outdoor design trends.

5. Weather-Resistant

Frances 6-seater Set from Lazy Susan

The finishes applied to luxury outdoor furniture must be designed to be weather-resistant, preventing deterioration and maintaining the finish of the furniture over time with minimal maintenance.

We are going to take this one as our high-grade sand cast aluminium combines style with durability. Our timeless Frances 6-seater Set in white (pictured above) delivers the perfect combination of comfort and function in a high-quality material that is perfectly suited to the UK climate.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Versatility

Moderno Outdoor Soft Set

Luxury outdoor furniture can often be designed so that it blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor decor, fostering a cohesive transition between the two living spaces.

A great example of this popular trend is the stunning Moderno Outdoor Soft Set from Alexander Francis. With its beautiful combination of slate greys and rustic timber, it pairs luxurious Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics with Burmese teak, to create a modern and industrial design.

7. Sustainable

Swedish Redwood Adirondack Chair

There's an increasing emphasis on sustainability in our industry and we looked at this in detail in last month’s Can garden furniture be recycled? article. At the luxury end of the outdoor furniture market, many brands are incorporating eco-friendly materials such as recycled teak, reclaimed timbers, and sustainable aluminium.

The Swedish Redwood Adirondack Chair from Sustainable Furniture epitomises this combination of sustainable luxury. Constructed from Swedish Redwood, the timeless Adirondack design provides maximum comfort as the angles fit perfectly to the shape of our bodies.

8. Mix of Materials

Cabruna Grey Rope Aluminium Garden Set

Combining different materials, such as metal with teak or rope with aluminium is super on-trend for summer 2024. It creates a visually appealing look that combines comfort with all-weather functionality.

The Cabruna Grey Rope Aluminium Garden Set from Daals is a great example of this. Much like our own aluminium range, it is durable and easy to clean, pairing aluminium with woven polyester and padded upholstery for all-day comfort.

9. Modular Designs

5-piece Mayfair Modular N Sofa Set

Modular and sectional furniture allows for greater flexibility in your patio arrangements. It's a luxurious choice for those who like to mix things up and create various seating configurations to suit different occasions.

Bridgman’s 5-piece Mayfair Modular N Sofa Set ticks all the luxury boxes for us. Crafted from a robust aluminium frame and synthetic rattan with over 2,000 hours of sun resistance, it is finished with some cosy grey cushions for comfort and hours of luxurious lounging.

10. Organic Shapes

London Rose Bistro Set from Lazy Susan

Furniture with curved and organic shapes is making a big comeback. Rounded edges and fluid lines create a softer, more inviting atmosphere, and have that luxurious feel that we want.

Our London Rose Bistro Set exemplifies what we are talking about perfectly. The timeless form is bordered with beautiful English roses to bring a quintessentially British feel to any patio. Whether you're enjoying an early morning coffee or an intimate evening meal, this is the perfect maintenance-free 2-seater set.

11. Fire Features

Buckingham Lounge Set with Fire Pit Table

Fire pits and fire tables are becoming popular additions to luxury outdoor spaces. They not only provide warmth but also bring a cosy and stylish element to any outdoor lounge area when the sun sets.

The Buckingham Lounge Set with Fire Pit Table from Moss & Moor will extend your garden get-together long into a summer’s eve. Featuring a beautiful grey finish, it has a modern look to it that will bring some laidback luxury to any outdoor space.

12. Smart Furniture

Galaxy 3m Square Cantilever Parasol with LED Lights

Integration of technology into outdoor furniture is a growing trend. There’s not much on the market yet but at this year's trade shows we have seen features like built-in speakers, LED lighting, and USB charging ports.

One piece that is ahead of the curve is the stylish Galaxy 3m Square Cantilever Parasol with LED Lights from Whitestores. The star of the show is the LED lights, with each umbrella rib of the parasol decorated with LED lights. What is more luxurious than getting to spend longer in your garden as you will have a well-lit outdoor space?

13. Lounge Beds

Vineyard Daybed from Vondom on Viva Lagoon

Large, comfortable lounge beds and daybeds have been gaining popularity in the UK for the last few summers. They bring a luxurious and resort-like feel to outdoor spaces and provide shade in shelter.

The Vineyard Daybed from Vondom on Viva Lagoon, with its woven rope canopy, is the epitome of luxury. As much garden art as it is a functional piece of furniture, it was designed by Ramon Esteve to provide a place of refuge & calm in any outdoor space.

14. Bold Patterns

Belmar Striped Indoor/Outdoor Bistro Chairs

Incorporating bold patterns, whether in the form of cushions, rugs, or the furniture itself, will always add a touch of personality and visual interest to any outdoor setting.

The good folks at Anthropologie have been the go-to for this look for a number of years now and the Belmar Striped Indoor/Outdoor Bistro Chairs are the perfect example. Crafted with a durable rattan frame and horizontal striped casing, they will bring a contemporary twist to a warm-weather classic.

15. Minimalist

Hee Lounge Chairs

A minimalist design philosophy, with clean lines and simplicity, will make a big mark on the luxury outdoor furniture market in 2024.

The Hee Lounge Chairs from Hay will provide you with a contemporary and sophisticated look. With its wide, welcoming seat and low height, it is definitely the most laid-back model in their range Hee series. Stackable and weather-proof, it is another luxurious piece that is just as at home inside as it is outside.

Remember that trends will evolve, and new styles will be released in time for summer, so it is always a good idea to explore current brochures from luxury outdoor furniture brands and keep an eye on home and design publications and websites for inspiration.

If you have any photos of your luxury outdoor furniture from Lazy Susan, we’d love to see a few snaps for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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