The latest vintage garden furniture trends

We're taking a look at some of the hottest vintage garden furniture trends that you can try today. Vertical gardens are especially “in” right now while hanging chairs are definitely back in fashion for Summer 2023...

Gardens are fab. For many, they’re the perfect “happy place”, where we go to sit and relax, read a book, dine outside with friends, and enjoy the British summertime.

But are you tired of having a garden that looks identical to your friends and family? It might be time to explore some vintage garden furniture trends that are very much “in” for 2023

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some vintage ideas.

Let’s jump in. 

Taking indoor furniture outside 

Taking indoor furniture outside

Does it sound a bit out there to turn your outdoor space… into an indoor space?

The photo above is a Regent's Park Dragon Bistro Table from Design Toscano on Pinterest.

More and more Brits are doing just this, with their gardens becoming an extension of their living room and kitchens.

To this end, with a quick online search you’ll find plenty of antique purveyors that find and resell vintage garden furniture that has an indoor feel — but which you can take outside. 

Country cottage-style furniture 

Is there anything that screams “vintage garden furniture” more than country cottage-style furniture?

English cottage gardens are highly popular right now, with Britons seeking to emulate the charming quaintness of a period drama in their garden. 

Gingham cushions are especially vital to this particular look, as is natural wooden furniture, such as teak tables and chairs. 

To really nail this look, I recommend padding your garden out with flowers like lavender, foxgloves, and, of course, roses. 

Lightweight outdoor furniture 

​​Lightweight outdoor furniture

Here at Lazy Susan, our products can pass off as vintage outdoor furniture.

Not only that, but the high-grade cast aluminium furniture we produce won’t rust or rot, and which is UV-resistant. 

It’s also lightweight, which means it’s easy to move around but won’t blow over easily in the wind

Vertical gardens

Vertical garden, I hear you say?! 

Dating back to 3000 BCE in Ancient Greece, a vertical garden is a hot vintage garden furniture trend and it’s especially ideal if you have a fairly compact outdoor space.

The key to a vertical garden is hanging plants and pots vertically on a wall. This allows you to add more colour to your garden even if you don’t have much space otherwise. 

​​Vertical Gardens

You could also use a privacy trellis to create different sections in your garden, screening areas off, such as a kids' play area — and giving you a bit more privacy. 

If you want to know more, then Barbulianno has a great article (from which the image above is taken) that explores all you need to know about Vertical Gardens.

Hanging garden chairs  

Vintage Hanging Garden Chair

The photo above is of a Vintage White Wrought Iron Hanging Chair that was sold on eBay courtesy of Yolanda Faustino.

Remember being a kid when your grandparents had a hanging chair? 

Or even a hammock! 

Thankfully, they’re back in fashion, with one of the best vintage garden furniture trends being hanging porch chairs. 

Hanging chairs are fab for whenever you want to spend some quality time in your garden by yourself, either reading a book, completing a crossword puzzle — or just reflecting on life. 

You can make vintage hanging chairs more stylish and cosy by adding some outdoor cushions

Final Thoughts... 

These are the hottest vintage furniture trends that you can try today. Vertical gardens are especially “in” right now while hanging chairs are definitely back in fashion for 2023.  

Don’t forget to add a few extras, including a bird box, some bunting, and classic gardening tools, too, as this will help you to bring out a real retro vibe. 

And if you’re looking to complement your garden with some high-grade cast aluminium furniture, don’t forget to drop us a line at Lazy Susan to see what we can do for you. 

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