What is the best garden furniture to leave outside?

The Great British weather (especially at the moment) is not so great so we are exploring what is the best type of garden furniture to leave outside in your garden...

Whether it’s sunny, raining, or blowing a gale, different types of garden furniture react differently to each weather type — and it’s super important to know which types of furniture you can leave outside if you want to increase its lifespan. 

Outdoor aluminium furniture fares better than any other type. But how do the likes of wooden, rattan, and others manage with the ever-changing British weather? 

Join Lazy Susan as we take a look at the best garden furniture to leave outside come rain or shine. 

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture 

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium outdoor furniture is the best garden furniture to leave outside. Not only does it complement any outdoor space, it’s completely maintenance-free.

This is especially true when your furniture is made from high-grade cast aluminium, which we use at Lazy Susan when hand-making our garden tables and chairs. 

What’s more, aluminium outdoor furniture is designed to be weatherproof. It’s UV-resistant, it’s sturdy enough to stand up to wind (but lightweight enough to move around your garden), and it won’t rot or rust when left outside during damper weather. 

So whether you want to leave your furniture outside in the winter, summer, spring, or autumn, aluminium furniture won’t alter. 

Steel Outdoor Furniture 

Steel Outdoor Furniture

Like aluminium, steel outdoor furniture is a type of high-quality metal furniture. Also like aluminium, steel garden furniture is durable enough to stand lashings of rain and sun exposure — but only if you opt for stainless steel or galvanised steel.

This is because both of these types of steel furniture rust and corrode less than regular steel. They’re also protected from the elements by more layers of zinc and/or chromium.

On the flip side, while steel outdoor furniture will stand up to even the strongest gust of wind, it is a lot heavier than aluminium outdoor furniture. Therefore, it can be hard to move around your garden (or take it indoors, should you wish). 

Wooden Outdoor Furniture 

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is a popular choice with UK homeowners who want to create a stylish but homely effect in their gardens. 

There are two types of wooden garden furniture — hardwood and softwood. Some types of wood are also more durable than others. 

Additionally, the hardwood Teak might be a little on the expensive side but, also known as “King’s Wood” on account of its strength, its shape allows it to withstand most weather conditions while resisting pests and insects. Many people like it because of its rustic style. 

Other popular types of outdoor wooden furniture include eucalyptus, which has a shorter lifespan than teak if left outdoors. 

Rattan Outdoor Furniture 

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Another type of outdoor furniture that you’ll see often in UK gardens is rattan. 

Rattan is a type of naturally woven wooden furniture (it’s the name of the plant that’s used to make the wicker weave). It’s sturdy but not the best when left outside. 

What happens is that rainwater exposes the furniture to moisture and ultimately causes moulding. Over time, this can cause wear and tear and significantly shorten the lifespan of your furniture.

If you choose to opt for rattan furniture, I suggest taking it indoors whenever it’s not in use. This should be the case when it’s sunny or raining.

Also, it’s a smart idea to go with synthetic rattan, which, while it’s still susceptible to the elements, is the most durable type of rattan furniture. 

Final Thoughts... 

Various types of stylish garden furniture can be left outside in some weather conditions, such as teak. In contrast, others such as aluminium can be left outside whatever the weather is doing. 

Others, such as resin, shouldn’t be left outside at all. 

Aluminium is indeed the best garden furniture to leave outside. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not contact Lazy Susan today to see how we can fulfil your patio needs? 

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