What is the most hard-wearing garden furniture?

This month the Lazy Susan team have been discussing what is the most hard-wearing garden furniture and we want to share with you the material we think comes out on top for the British patio...

While you can never depend on the good old British weather even during the summer, there’s still no better place to relax and enjoy time alone or with friends and family than in your garden once things warm up!

But owing to said inconsistent British weather (grr!), one of the questions you’re probably facing right now as you prepare your outdoor space is — what’s the most hard-wearing garden furniture?

It’s a good question. You want to invest in furniture that’s durable and can survive whatever British skies can chuck at it, but which is also comfortable and looks great. This is certainly true of the durable metal furniture sold at Lazy Susan — but what other options do you have?

Join Lazy Susan as we take a look at the answer to this question.


What is the most hard-wearing garden furniture - Aluminum?

Lazy Susan specializes in high-grade cast aluminium garden furniture. It’s gorgeously designed, it looks amazing in your garden — and, crucially, it’s also hard-wearing. 

Naturally, there are different types of aluminium furniture, including extruded aluminium , which is your most lightweight option, cast aluminium , which is heavier but which offers more exquisite designs, and wrought aluminium . 

As well as being durable and element-resistant, aluminium furniture is usually available at a very favourable price point. It’s also rust-resistant, which means that you could in theory leave it outdoors during wetter days and weeks without even covering it up. 

And when you decide that it’s time to upgrade your outdoor furniture, aluminium has the added bonus of being recyclable. 


What is the most hard-wearing garden furniture - Wood?

Wood is a popular garden furniture option. It looks good, it’s light enough to easily carry and move around the garden and it has that rustic charm that lots of people look for.  

On the other hand, wood is among the least hard-wearing garden furniture. It can easily rot when the weather is inclement enough and it requires lots of effort just to keep it looking ship shape and Bristol fashion. 

Depending on the type of wooden garden furniture you invest in, you may need to refinish it as soon as every two years or so to prevent it from losing its protective finish or its original colour. 

Moreover, owing to its extremely lightweight nature, wood furniture can easily blow over in the wind, and is therefore susceptible to damage. 


What is the most hard-wearing garden furniture - Rattan?

Rattan is a popular type of outdoor furniture in the UK. It looks great and it’s not too expensive.

What’s more, natural Rattan furniture is UV-resistant, which means that it can take a direct hit from the sun. 

However, Rattan furniture is similar to wood furniture in that it will need a degree of care and maintenance during the winter months if you’re to keep it looking great. 

This is because particles — dirt and dust mainly — can build up and cause deterioration.  

And while it’s true that Rattan furniture can cope with adverse weather conditions like rain, it will develop mould if you leave them out too often.

Therefore, if you invest in Rattan furniture it’s advised that you either cover it up when 

it’s not in use or take it indoors to keep the dampness and mould away. Otherwise, you may inadvertently shorten the lifespan of your Rattan furniture. 

Wrought Iron

What is the most hard-wearing garden furniture - Wrought Iron?

One of the least hard-wearing garden furniture is wrought iron. Heavy and bulky, wrought iron furniture will certainly withstand a few gusts of wind and it will even stand strong in the face of a storm. 

But despite being sturdier than other types of garden furniture, wrought iron comes up short in the face of rain due to the fact that it rusts easily. 

To prevent rust, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance routines. This means treating it with a metal protection product. 

When it does rain, it’s advisable to take your wrought iron furniture indoors if possible. Due to its heaviness, however, it’s often easier to leave it outdoors and cover it with a protective sheet. 

Final Thoughts
Final thoughts...

aluminium garden furniture, such as that sold at Lazy Susan, comes out on top when it comes to the most hard-wearing outdoor furniture. It won’t rot, it won’t rust and it can survive even the bleakest of British winters. 

Not just that, aluminium garden furniture is finished to a high quality, it comes in various exquisite designs and it’s inexpensive. 

And while wood, Rattan, and iron wrought furniture have their pros, including decorative designs and customisable options, they require more maintenance if you’re to get as much longevity out of them as possible.

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