When to buy garden furniture?

In a world of Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, End of Season Sales and Voucher Codes, we often get asked when to buy garden furniture?

In a world of Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, End of Season Sales and Voucher Codes etc, one thing we get asked on a regular basis is when to buy garden furniture?

We’re an online retailer, we have to compete with not only other online garden furniture suppliers but also the high street. And when you factor in high street, you’re including the large DIY/Home multinationals in there.

We can’t compete with the likes of B&Q and Ikea when it comes to buying power. At this time of year, as we head towards winter, they’ll be selling off much of their stock that’s left over from the summer.

They need to free up floor space in their stores as they transition towards Christmas trees and the like.

If you want to grab a bargain, then now is the time to buy new garden furniture, especially if you don’t mind many of the pieces being ex display or discontinued.

Is autumn/winter the right time to buy new garden furniture?

I love a bargain. Who doesn't love a bargain? And that bargain is even better if it's something you've had you eye on when the item was full price.

Take clothes for example, sometimes I feel that when it comes to sale time, they pull out all the stock they can't shift, and put the good stuff away. Do we sometimes buy in the sales just because we perceive it's a great deal but said piece of clothing isn't the exact item we wanted?

I know I've done this many times. However, if you can get the exact item you've had your eye on for a while, with a significant discount, then what's not to like. That is the real win win.

The current Clearance section in the Lazy Susan shop is a little different.

The prices are still significantly discounted. In fact we are currently offering garden sets at some of our lowest prices ever.

However, historically we would have primarily discounted items that were discontinued, maybe sets that didn't sell as well as we anticipated, those with a slight defect, etc. And of course we still do.

The items currently on sale in our Promotions section are a little different in that they are strong sellers for us.

Our modern garden furniture collection for example has proven to be incredibly popular since we launched it a few years ago.

We simply have too much stock in our warehouse, over estimated the numbers, and we need to clear a little space.

Note added 20th Nov 2020: Please note our Modern Collection has now been discontinued but we still have some great savings to be found in our clearance shop.

Why shop for garden furniture in the off-season?

The savvy shoppers out there know that buying an item such as garden furniture in the off-season is a shrewd move. The weather is awful, we aren't selling anywhere near as much garden furniture as we do when the sun is shining.

Hopefully those low prices will help generate a little business, but there is also benefits to the consumer too.

Of course we want to sell garden furniture. That goes without saying. But by shopping for a summer item in winter, you can take advantage of those big discounts that we don't tend to (or need to) offer during the peak summer months.

We are also more likely to have the items in stock, and the warehouse aren’t facing the summer rush so things ship quickly.

With all this rain, temperatures dropping and the nights drawing in, garden furniture is the last thing on the minds of many.

And of course those big discounts are the primary reason to buy now, however, shopping during the off-season also has a few other advantages for those savvy shoppers.

For a start, you'll have that nice new garden furniture on your patio and ready to use at the first sign of summer.

By shopping in the off-season, you get that new garden furniture set built and on your patio ready to go for the first rays of summer 2021.

Purchase Lazy Susan furniture now and you definitely don't need to worry about it going out of style too.

Our pieces are deliberately classically styled, we want them to sit on your patio for many years to come.

We don't go for fad styles or materials. Of which there is many in our industry. We see them come and go while our core offer has remained in vogue.

Was it Yves Saint Laurent who said "Fashions fade, style is eternal"? Whoever it was, that has always been the vision for our collection.

Cast aluminium is the perfect choice for the climate here in the UK. Sturdy but not too heavy that you can't move it, and resistant to sun and rain so that it can be left outside all year round.

Our classically styled pieces will continue to be in style for many many summers to come, of that I am sure.

At one time we talked about keeping up with the Jones's but we tend to find that that's not the case with the modern homeowner. We want something different now.

We want things that express our own personal tastes, that fit with the rest of the decor and styling of our homes.

By shopping with Lazy Susan in the off-season there's less chance of your neighbour buying the same set.

Most people will shop the sales on their doorstep. Impulse buy new garden furniture sets when they see a great deal in the local garden centre or DIY superstore.

By shopping online with us, the savvy of you are reducing that chance. Unless of course you tell them about us, which we would be very grateful if you did.

So, in answer to that original question of when to buy garden furniture, I would say, by all means shop around in the off season. If you can get a bargain, then why not.

But don’t just purchase something because it is a bargain!

You want to do your research.

Make sure you get a piece that works and will last for many a summer to come with little to no maintenance!

Lazy Susan Clearance Shop

At Lazy Susan, one thing we know for sure is that the right pieces will dramatically enhance your outdoor space.

No garden/patio is complete without it in our opinion.

So, within our collection of clearance garden furniture, you’ll find many of the coveted pieces from our full price range at discounted prices.

This section allows you to make a considerable saving…

Don’t miss out on the likes of our popular Hannah, Florence, Violet and Lucy designs, these are all available in four, six, eight and ten seater styles.

So whether you need a cosy set for dining at your next family barbecue or an al fresco dinner party, we have something to suit every social occasion.

Choose from antique bronze, white, slate, and grey. These sale pieces are all you need to relax and get cosy outdoors.

Stock is limited and many sets are down to the last few remaining. So visit our Clearance Shop today.

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