Lazy Susan’s favourite Garden Gifts for Christmas 2021

If you’re looking for a little festive inspiration for a garden enthusiast, then Lazy Susan have you covered with our favourite Garden Gifts for Christmas 2021.

If you’re looking for a special Christmas present for that green-fingered someone, then the team at Lazy Susan can hopefully provide a little inspiration with our favourite Garden Gifts for Christmas 2021.

And it doesn’t matter if they’re an avid gardener, a newbie or somebody who just loves spending quality time in their garden, we’ve tried to pick something for every person and every budget.

Our favourite Garden Gifts for Christmas 2021

Avoid the stress of a last-minute panic buying with Lazy Susan’s unique gifts that’ll wow your garden-loving loved ones. 

Now, garden furniture might not be the first thing many of us think of when we think of Christmas gifts, but when did you last receive it? 

And at Lazy Susan, we’ve got more than just garden furniture… 

Discover our range of Christmas Gifts that are guaranteed to complement your loved ones outdoor space.

From beautiful Garden Benches and Bistro Sets to our recently launched Outdoor Cooking range. If they love their garden, they’ll love Lazy Susan.

Please note, that with any of the garden gifts from Lazy Susan, make sure you order before the 13th December for Christmas delivery!

Cozze Pizza Oven

Cozze Pizza Oven

Our new Outdoor Pizza Oven from Cozze is the perfect gift for those who love to cook outdoors. 

Quick, easy and fun to use, it is simply the best way to cook authentic pizza in the garden or on a patio, terrace or balcony.

The oven runs on standard low-pressure propane gas cartridges and bottles and comes supplied with a cordierite baking stone. 

It features a wide access opening and is easy to operate with ample room for large pizzas up to 13 inches.

The oven itself will hit perfect temperature after about 20 minutes, so they can quickly bake delicious pizzas for large parties, friends and family.

Perfect for those who love to cook in the garden | Available from Lazy Susan for £199.00.

BBQ Utensil Set

BBQ Utensil Set

When it comes to BBQ utensils, then for the team at Lazy Susan, there’s only one name, and that’s Tramontina. 

BBQ is basically a national sport in Brazil, and nobody does it like the Churrasco region! 

The craftsmen at Tramontina continue this legacy with their range of premium BBQ equipment. 

Crafted with wonderful details from the finest woods and steels, their utensils will help you to capture the iconic taste and texture of Churrasco BBQ.

You can even add a personalised message to the blade to make this a truly special garden gift.

Perfect for those who take their BBQ seriously | Available from Farrer & Tanner for £45.

Garden Cranes

Garden Cranes

If that special someone already owns garden furniture from Lazy Susan, then our Pair of Cranes might be just the accessory they’re looking for this Christmas.

They will create an instant feature in their garden and look great close to a pond or water feature. 

Available in a choice of Antique Bronze (pictured above), white of slate, they will perfectly match the finish of their garden furniture.

And unlike the common Crane who tends to migrate to warmer climates in the winter, our cast-aluminium Cranes will be able to withstand all weather conditions as it weighs in at a sturdy 8kg.

Perfect for those who looking for accessories that coordinate with their Lazy Susan Garden Furniture | Available from Lazy Susan for £119.95.

Garden Art

If you’re looking to give that special someone a piece of art for their garden, then our advice would be to start with Etsy.

Etsy is a marketplace that is focused on handmade or vintage items, so you know you’re going to get something truly unique.

The big trend at the moment is for rust, and we love these stunning Rusty Modern Open Sphere from Ferney Heyes Garden.

They’re available in various sizes and the one pictured above and below is their 47 cm high x 49 cm wide sphere. 

Garden Art

Perfect for those who appreciate modern garden art | The 47 x 49 cm sphere is available on Etsy for £145.

Garden Bench

Garden Bench

A Garden Bench might not be the most obvious of garden gifts, however, trust us when we say that if that special someone loves their garden, then they’ll love our Garden Benches.

They make the perfect feature seat and are great for those who love to sit back in a secluded part of the garden with a cup of tea and a good book.

Constructed from our high-grade maintenance-free cast aluminium, our benches are guaranteed to add charm to their outdoor space.

Perfect for those who love to relax in their garden | Available from Lazy Susan with prices starting from £199.95.

Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

If we were ranking these gifts in order, then this would probably take the top spot as a number of the team have purchased these for our loved ones. 

Well, the Cozze Pizza Oven would probably take the top spot, but as we work for Lazy Susan, they’re a little harder for us to give. However, the ingenious Véritable® Indoor Gardens would definitely be our number 2!

If you know somebody that would love to grow their own aromatic herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables all year round without any effort, then this is the gift. 

They don't even need to have a green thumb, the Véritable® takes care of everything. Their smart gardens automatically adjust the LED's light intensity depending on the ambient light, to distribute the perfect amount to the plants.

Perfect for those who love to grow their own | Available from Véritable® UK with prices starting at around £139 for the Classic but our advice would be to go for the £189 Smart Garden (pictured above).

Bistro Set

Bistro Set

A Bistro Set from Lazy Susan is much like a Garden Bench, an unexpected gift. And much like a Bench, there’s just something unique and romantic about giving to somebody as a Christmas gift.

Perfect for those who love drinks for two on the patio | Available from Lazy Susan with prices ranging from £74.95 to £389.95.

Patio Heater

Patio Heater

Getting a patio heater that is eco-friendly is a real challenge. Gas and electricity both have a big carbon footprint. 

This modern-looking Planika bio-ethanol freestanding fireplace and patio heater just might be the versatile and eco-friendly device you’re happy to give as a gift? 

Unlike gas, electric or even wood-burning heaters, this patio heater runs on bio-ethanol, a fuel produced from food waste. 

This gives it some seriously impressive eco-credentials and the non-toxic fuel burns clean, with no scent or smoke.

You can use it inside and outside the home and its compact size make it perfect for popping in a garden or coffee table.

Perfect for those who like a little ambience in their garden | Find out more info and where to buy at

Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

If they take their gardening seriously, then the best gift to give them is some Burgon & Ball Gardening Gloves.

At Lazy Susan we are big fans of all their range, but at the moment we’re loving the modern country house style of their Sophie Conran collaboration (pictured above).

These high-performance gardening gloves are perfect for keeping by the back door to slip on when you pop out for a spot of gardening. 

They fit, well, like a glove, and thanks to the lovely soft lining, they’re super comfortable to wear. 

If you want to buy a gardener a gift they’ll truly appreciate, then pop them in your barrow!

Perfect for those with a serious green thumb | Available from the Burgon & Ball website for £17.99.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Just like gardening gloves, if you need a gift for a gardener, then they’ll always appreciate some fine gardening tools. 

And they don’t come much finer than PKS.

Their Copper Gardening Tools are handmade in Hungary by artisan coppersmiths, and whilst beautiful to look at, they also pack a serious punch in the function department.

Gardening Tools

Take the slim copper hand trowel (pictured above). It is a narrower shape meaning it is handy for container gardening and bulb planting, weeding or planting in the flower border or veg bed.

The copper ensures it stays free from rust and will age with a graceful bronze patina, these are some beautiful gardening tools that just make for the perfect Christmas present. 

Perfect for those who appreciate a good trowel | The full range can be found and the slim trowel can be purchased in the UK from The Future Kept for £38

Gardening Tech

Gardening Tech

If you want to get somebody something a little different then there is some wonderful gardening tech on the market, from smart watering systems and planters to robotic self-mowing lawnmowers.

However, one of the most unusual and interesting has to be Polk Audio’s Atrium Garden Speaker System.

Research claims that plants thrive when music is playing, so Polk Audio has come up with a solution. They’ve created a high-end speaker system that can be planted in your garden.

Now we can’t speak on the science but some music in the garden sounds It can withstand harsh weather, extreme temperatures and the harshest conditions, all while delivering high-fidelity audio for the great outdoors.

Perfect for those who love a bit of gardening tech and music while they toil | Available from Polk Audio with prices starting at £299.

Planting Gifts

Planting Gifts

There are some great gifts for those who love their plants. If you’re looking for something a little different, then the Sculpd Succulent Pottery Kit is great for those who love a bit of crafting too.

Planting Gifts

If you want to get them a beautiful house plant, then it has to be Bloom & Wild. The Pachira Money Tree (pictured above) is a big favourite here at Lazy Susan HQ

Planting Gifts

For the green-thumbed, then they’ll love one of the seed kits from The Gluttonous Gardener. They have a great range such as Grow Your Own Gin Botanicals or Grow Your Own Wedding Anniversary, that you can tailor to your loved one.

Perfect for those who love to grow their own | Available from Sculpd, Bloom & Wild and the Gluttonous Gardener. All the above are under £50 and perfect for organising delivery direct to those you want to gift them to.

Garden Design Course

If you know someone who’s keen to design their own garden, become a garden designer or start their own successful garden design business, then a Foundation in Garden Design with the British Academy of Garden Design could be the perfect gift? 

Completing the course will enable them to design and plan their own garden by developing the basic skills needed. 

Created for those with a passion to learn the fundamentals of good garden design, the course covers the basic techniques to give you a good overall knowledge to tackle your own projects. 

Perfect for those who want to learn some new garden skills | Available from the British Academy of Garden Design for £395.00.

Gardening Accessories

Gardening Accessories

Inspired by her love of gardening, Sophie Allport has created a wonderful gardening range of gardening accessories that definitely get the Lazy Susan seal of approval.

We love Sophie's gardening gloves, apron belt (pictured above), knee pads and ankle wellies. Featuring her signature bees design in a tan gold and navy, they not only look great but will provide all the protection you need for hard days toil.

Perfect for those who like to garden in style | Available from Sophie Allport with prices ranging from around £10 to £50.

So that's just a few of the Christmas Gifts we are buying our garden-loving loved ones this year. 

You can shop our range of gifts in the Lazy Susan Shop, but just remember to get that order in before the 13th December for Christmas delivery!

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