The latest gardening tools and gadgets for 2022

At Lazy Susan we love a bit of tech and we love our gardens, so it should come as no surprise that we love some good gardening tools and gadgets too!

From smart sprinklers to portable outdoor projectors, good garden tools and gadgets should either make a green-fingered task simpler or enhance your outdoor space to make spending time in it more enjoyable.

I suppose that’s because there are generally two types of garden lover too…

There are those that see their garden as a place to spend a little quality horticultural time, so cutting the lawn or watering the plants is more relaxation than a chore. 

And then there are others (like myself) who just want to kick back, admire the view and enjoy a bite to eat or a few drinks on our patios when the sun is shining.

No matter which camp you fall into, the Lazy Susan team have some garden tools and gadgets that will appeal to both or make a great gift for that special green-fingered someone.

1. Irrigatia Weather Responsive Automatic Watering System

Irrigatia Weather Responsive Automatic Watering System

There are a lot of automatic irrigation systems on the market but in our experience, they are often too expensive or over complicated. The Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System is the perfect solution to those problems. 

Super simple to install, it waters directly from your rain barrel, and because it is solar-powered, the more sun, the more it waters. This means that it will automatically adjust watering depending on the conditions and provide your borders, pots or baskets with the correct irrigation to help them thrive. 

It uses up to 90% less water than a hose and unlike conventional timer-based systems, which water little and often, it keeps the soil moist without waste.

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2. Greenworks 40V Garden Cart

Greenworks 40V Garden Cart

This is one of those gadgets you didn’t think you needed until you got one.

The three-wheeled self-propelled garden cart from Greenworks is perfect for transportation during heavy work in and around your garden. 

It has a max load of 100 kg and easy dumping with a spring-assisted lift handle, making any heavy lifting much easier. It features variable speeds, reverse function and will happily trundle along at a regular walking pace. 

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3. Burgon & Ball National Trust Secateurs

Burgon & Ball National Trust Secateurs

OK while this may not be the latest in fan-dangly modern technology, sometimes, especially when it comes to gardening tools, you just can’t beat a classic done exceptionally well. 

The Burgon & Ball National Trust Secateurs definitely fall into that category and they’d make for a great Christmas or birthday for any gardening friends or family.

Crafted from drop-forged stainless steel, the blade extends the full length of the handle to give maximum cutting strength and is finished with brass rivets and an FSC® hardwood handle to give these secateurs a real touch of classic refinement.

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4. Gardena Leaf Collector

Gardena Leaf Collector

For a number of years, many of us at Lazy Susan were using a garden vac/leaf blower for this job but it caused more problems than it solved.

If you want to safely remove fallen leaves from your lawn, then the Gardena Leaf Collector is the perfect solution.

If your garden is surrounded by trees like mine, then picking up large quantities of leaves in the autumn is not much fun but the Gardena Leaf Collector does most of the work for you and is the type of gardening tool and gadget we’re happy to endorse.

You simply push the leaf collector along your lawn, path or drive and the specially designed bristles rotate and sweep the leaves into the collection bag.

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5. Bird Buddy Smart Feeder

Bird Buddy Smart Feeder

Here at Lazy Susan, we love a smart bird box, many of us have them, and there’s one hanging on our HQ patio. We’ve shared one before on the blog but apologies I forget which one.

However, our current favourite that has us all talking is the Bird Buddy Smart Feeder. It not only notifies you of visitors, but it also captures their photos, organises them and sends them to their app on your phone.

It’s a new product but they’re taking orders for Christmas 22 and you can find out more in the Kickstarter video below:

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6. BenQ GS50 Outdoor Projector

BenQ GS50 Outdoor Projector

Much like the smart bird boxes, there’s a massive range of outdoor projectors to choose from. However, our two main criteria are high definition and compact, so our vote goes to the BenQ GS50.

The GS50 is not cheap, but it is compact and portable and, designed to be both splash and drop-proof.

Plus, it is smart (it will turn off the light if a child gets too close to the lens), delivers in terms of high-def image quality and it looks fab!

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7. Air-Pots


Air-Pots aren’t new tech, in fact, they were developed over 25 years, however, they’re new to the Lazy Susan team and we are all converts.

What are Air-Pots you ask, well they’re basically a plant pot that actively enhances growth.

Constructed from 100% recycled plastic these handy containers are reusable and built to be reused. The clever design of the Air-Pot encourages healthy roots, and as we all know, healthy roots mean healthy plants.

Watch the video below to find out how the system works and how it can help you to grow better plants too.

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8. Stihl iMow 422P Robotic Mower

Stihl iMow 422P Robotic Mower

Robot lawnmowers are kind of the dream really. The ultimate in modern gardening tools and gadgets.

Unfortunately, they are not cheap. But as with all new tech, the prices are starting to fall after the early adopter stage and the functionality is improving dramatically.

The Stihl iMow 422P Robotic Mower is a case in point. Still a little on the costly side, especially if you’re comparing it to a basic lawnmower, but that is oranges and lemons. 

If you've been paying landscapers to keep your lawn looking like a bowling green, then there are certainly significant savings to be made by switching to a robot. And if it’s a job you hate, then you can’t put a price on getting it done for you!

The Stihl iMow 422P robotic mower is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized lawns.

It is fully automated and once you install iMOW®, it will mow, charge and adapt its schedule all by itself. And thanks to an efficient mulching blade the lawn will look lush and green without ever having to dispose of the grass clippings. 

If you don’t believe us, watch the excellent review from The Garden Gurus below:

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9. Bosmere Easy Fill Bag Loader

Bosmere Easy Fill Bag Loader

This is one of those tasks, no matter if you’re a garden lover, that nobody likes, especially when the bag collapses and your rubbish goes everywhere but in it.

It works by turning your garden bin liners into rigid containers so that they can stand upright and open on their own for easy filling.

They’re perfect for protecting the bag from ripping when you put sharp cuttings in such as thorny branches, etc

Made from high-quality polypropylene, the Bosmere features a smooth wipe-clean surface, and even though it's such a simple idea, you’ll thank us for this one later!

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10. Hozelock Thermal Weeder

Hozelock Thermal Weeder

Weeds are the scourge of every garden but the dilemma for those of us that don’t want to use chemicals to get rid of them is a biggie. 

The solution is the green Thermal Weeder from Hozelock. Providing a unique way of controlling weeds on driveways, paths and patios without the need to use any chemicals. 

It works by giving the weed a thermal shock and killing it in seconds. With its protective cone, you have precise weed control and it will ensure surrounding plants aren’t harmed. The video below shows some zapping in action:

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If there are any gardening tools and gadgets that you think the Lazy Living audience needs in their lives, please drop them in the comments below.

If you’ve got any photos of our outdoor furniture in situ (maybe paired with some gardening tools and gadgets?) then we’d love to see them for our Do Some Good charity campaign.  

You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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