Lazy Susan's garden gift guide for Christmas 2023

If you're struggling to find a gift for that special green-thumbed someone, then the Lazy Susan team have picked our top 10 garden gift ideas for Christmas 2023...

Shopping for Christmas gifts for that special green-thumbed someone in your life can be tricky, especially if you’re not an avid horticulturalist.

We have done a number of these types of articles in the past as they provide a range of gift ideas for different interests, from those who like to roll their sleeves up to those who prefer to sit back and just enjoy their gardens.

The Lazy Susan team have donned our thinking caps to select some of our fave garden-related gifts for Christmas 2023, so hopefully we can inspire you to think outside the box and consider options you may not have thought of.

If you're unsure about what to get someone, then this guide can save you a bit of time. Instead of aimlessly searching through websites, you can use it to identify potential gifts.

We’ve selected a host of ideas at different price points, making it easier to find something that fits your budget, and we've also included links to online stores, making it easy to purchase items directly.

Choosing the perfect garden gift this Christmas is a wonderful way to delight the green-thumbed outdoor living enthusiast in your life.

Here are our top 10 garden gift ideas for this holiday season:

1. Quality Gardening Tools

Quality Gardening Tools

For the serious gardener, you can’t mess about when it comes to gardening tools, and here at Lazy Susan, we’re big fans of the Burgon & Ball range. They are the only gardening tools to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, so you know you are purchasing quality, and their hand tools in particular, such as the FloraBrite® Pink Hand Trowel, would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

2. Personalised Gardening Gloves

Personalised Gardening Gloves

Personalised gardening gloves with the recipient's name or a special message are a great gift for that special person. If it is new fancy fingerwear for getting messy in the mud and caked in the compost, then these Personalised Botanical Monogram Gardening Gloves from Sparks & Daughters would make a great gift this Christmas.

3. Seed Kits

Seed Kits

Sometimes it can be hard to find a gift for the gardener with everything but a seed kit is always going to be a winner. Whether they like to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, you can pick something they love or encourage them to take their gardening in a new direction. We love the Gluttonous Gardeners' inventive and beautifully packaged kits and their Christmas Cook’s Garden Box is definitely on our wish list.

4. Gardening Books

Gardening Books

You will always inspire that special green-thumbed someone with a good gardening book or a subscription to a gardening magazine. This year has seen some fab new books published but if we had to pick just one, then it would be Garden Style by Heidi Howcroft and Marianne Majerus. It is packed full of stunning photography and is perfect for anyone looking to re-invent their garden in 2024.

5. Smart Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation System

Smart irrigation systems might at first seem an odd choice of gift but for those who don’t currently have one, it will transform their garden. It will allow them to monitor and control their watering schedule remotely through an app. At the same time, some of the better systems will use local weather data to optimise watering based on current conditions. The Gardena range is a great place to start. Their smartWater Control Set is perfect for automatic on-demand garden irrigation, it will get them set up, and they have a comprehensive range to design and develop the perfect bespoke system.

6. Indoor Smart Planters

Indoor Smart Planters

Smart Planters are the must-have gift to give this Christmas. There are some great products on the market but the better ones will come with features such as automated watering, soil and moisture sensors, and connectivity to a mobile app. We love the Veritable Smart Garden range of indoor gardens as their patented Lingots® allow you to easily grow more than 70 varieties of plants. 

7. Gardening Journal

Gardening Journal

A gardening journal is a great way of keeping track of gardening activities, planting schedules, and plant care reminders, so they make a wonderful seasonal gift. There are some wonderful handmade options available on places such as Etsy and Not On The High Street. We love this Garden Journal by Deep Blue Gift Shop, which is a fabric-covered hardback that is designed to last. It is the perfect gardening reference book for that green-thumbed someone to record their plans, ideas and growing secrets, and it has over 300 pages of tips and templates alongside blank sections for them to make their notes.

8. Electric Pruning Shears

Electric Pruning Shears

Pruning is one of those tasks that as gardeners we know we have to do but we never enjoy it. A pair of electric pruning shears make the task of trimming and pruning so much easier, and dare we say it, even enjoyable. For that reason they had to make our Christmas gift list this year and, if you want to say it with shears, then the Stihl GTA 26 Cordless Pruner Bundle gets our vote. They make pruning a breeze and are great for cutting up garden waste so you can fit it in your brown bin.

9. Gardening Workshop

Gardening Workshop

Whether it's a plant care seminar, garden design workshop, or a masterclass on a specific gardening skill, a gardening workshop or experience is a great Christmas present for that special someone. Have a look at your local area and see what is on offer but a great example of the types of things you can do is the many courses and workshops run by the Royal Horticultural Society at places like Rosemoor and Wisley.

10. Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Last on our list. Of course, it had to be! Garden furniture can make for a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gift, especially if you know that the recipient enjoys spending time outdoors. Here are a few of our top tips for giving garden furniture as a Christmas gift:

  1. Know their style

    Consider the recipient's style and the existing style of their outdoor space.
  2. Consider their space
Consider the size and layout of the recipient's garden, patio, or balcony.
  3. Choose versatile pieces

    Think about what type of piece such as a garden bench or bistro set would make a valuable addition to their garden.
  4. Think about materials
Consider the climate in the recipient's garden and what materials will fit best with how they like to use the space.
  5. Choose low-maintenance

    Opt for garden furniture that is easy to clean and maintain.
  6. Coordinate with others
If you're planning to give garden furniture as a group gift, coordinate with others to ensure that what you buy ticks all of the above.

Whether you want to transform your own outdoor space or gift something special to someone you love, at Lazy Susan we have the right outdoor furniture for you.
To receive in time for Christmas all large sets must be ordered by the 6th of December. All smaller sets, benches and coffee tables by the 13th of December.

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If you have any photos of the new garden furniture you got for Christmas, then we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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