The Lazy Susan guide to the best Garden Games

Summer’s a few months away but it’ll be here before we know it. So we are getting in early with our guide to the best Garden Games.

Last summer we published our History of Garden Games article. Originally, we’d planned that to be a guide to the best garden games, but we stumbled down a fascinating rabbit hole, and it turned into a look at how outdoor games have evolved over the millennia.

It was a subject we were keen to come back to though, but we promise this article is a little less history lesson, more of the fun stuff. 

Summer is a good few months away, but it’ll be upon us before we know it, so we're getting in early with our guide to the best garden games you can play when things warm up.

Lazy Susan’s best garden games for Summer 2022

We’ve tried to pick a good mix. Garden games you can play with friends, games you can play with the kids or grandkids, hopefully, something for everybody.

Our only criteria are that you must be able to play them in the garden and, of course, that they’re bloomin’ good fun to play...

1. Spikeball


We’re new to Spikeball but it promises to be one of the big crazes for summer 2022 and one that some of us at Lazy Susan are keen to try when the weather picks up.

The best way to describe it is a combination of Volleyball and Four Square. You can play it anywhere so it’s great for those with a good size garden or if you want to take it to the local beach or park.

Skatehut’s Pro-Kit (pictured above) is the official tournament set of the Spikeball Roundnet Association, so it is sturdy and designed to be played hard.

There is even an app you can download that allows you to connect with other players and pick up games in your local area.

Available from: Skate Hut
Perfect for: Those who want a garden game that is fun and very active.

2. Wooden Bagatelle Board


We touched on Bagatelle in our history post, and the game itself is based on a board design personally supplied by Jaques of London to Queen Victoria over 100 years ago.

Their Deluxe game board (pictured above) follows that original century-old board design, and it’s now recognised as the design standard all over the world.

Each individual Deluxe Bagatelle board is beautifully constructed from traditional dark Mahogany with a luxurious green baize back and brassed pins.

The Deluxe board comes with 20 chrome steel balls, a copy of Jaques’ original rules and instructions, and It'll fit perfectly on top of your Lazy Susan garden table!

Available from: Jaques of London
Perfect for: Those looking for an exquisitely handcrafted traditional garden game that will provide hours of fun for all the family.

3. Wooden Jura Skittles


You can bring a touch of French sophistication to your garden gaming with these Wooden Jura Skittles.

If you play with the traditional rules, then each skittle has a number on it and players must knock them over with the throwing skittle. The aim is to be the first to reach 63 points.

However, here's the tricky part... If you go beyond the playing area, you’re out. Sounds easy, but trust us, it is much much harder than you think!

Available from: Janod
Perfect for: For those families who want to play a garden game with players of all ages.

4. PutterBall


Now I will be the first to admit I find golf a little boring (sorry golfers). However, my family and I love PutterBall. It is the perfect back garden game, is great if you’re having a party, and all ages can join in the fun.

You don’t even need to be a golfer... As my friend who has a handicap of 7 and got beaten by his teenage son will reluctantly testify.

The PutterBall board is made of 100% high-density durable foam that you can walk on, stand on, and take just about anywhere. The ultra-light design makes it easy to store, and all you need to do is unfold it and you're ready to putt.

Each PutterBall set includes a portable turf board, 2 standard mini-golf putters, 2 standard PutterBall logo performance golf balls and 12 turf hole covers.

Available from: PutterBall and
Perfect for: Those looking for an outdoor golf game that everyone can play.

5. Kubb


Kubb is one of those games that has been around for centuries and played by generations. A classic Viking game, it's also known as Viking chess. The aim of the game is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them.

This beautiful set from John Lewis (pictured above) is made from rubberwood, and it includes 1 King, 6 throwing sticks, 10 Knights, 4 area markers, a cotton bag with handles, rules and instructions.

Available from: John Lewis
Perfect for: Those who want to channel their inner Viking.

6. Giant Jenga


Who doesn’t love Jenga? It is a classic children’s game that ranks alongside the likes of Kerplunk and Connect4. Which funnily enough, are also both available as giant garden games.

However, there is just something super exciting about slowly pulling out those wooden blocks and that build-up of tension.

There is a raft of wooden Jenga-like sets on the market but our advice is to go for the original (pictured above).Many of the other outdoor versions are constructed from softwood that does not provide the durability and safety of the real brand. You pay a bit more but you definitely get what you pay for.

Available from: 
Perfect for: Those who love a classic game of skill. 

7. Carrom


Carrom is a fun game of skill, tactics and accuracy, that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can play it inside but it is another perfect for your Lazy Susan garden table and can be played as a one-person or team game.

This beautiful set from Big Game Hunters (pictures above) features a strong and durable Mango Wood frame, netted pockets and slats on the underside for maintaining a flat level playing surface.

The set includes everything you need to start playing, and it’s suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced player as it meets the standards set by the International Carrom Federation.

Available from: Big Game Hunters
Perfect for: Those who like to test their skill and accuracy. 

8. Pindaloo


Just like Spikeball, the Pindaloo skill toy is looking like it’ll be our new favourite obsession. It takes basic components and combines them with simple actions, to create an addictive, challenging toy with endless tricks and possibilities.

Constructed from 100% recyclable material the Skatehut Set is designed to improve coordination and concentration, relieve stress, and increase the range of motion in your arms and shoulders.

Fun and engaging you can play just to have fun with friends or get competitive and take it up a notch.

Available from: SkateHut
Perfect for: Those looking to put down the screen and have a go at the ultimate new skill-building craze.

9. Curling


Curling is always the topic of discussion at Lazy Susan HQ when the Winter Olympics is on, but the rest of the time we wouldn't have a clue what’s going on. So maybe this garden version will rectify that.

The game board consists of 3 parts that are easy to release. The plastic surface provides a smooth and comfortable glide for pucks/mini Curling stones. It is easy to assemble and comes with magnetic strips that keep it flat, 2 sets of pucks (blue and orange), a wiper and a handy storage bag. 

Available from:
Perfect for: Those families that like to get competitive and channel their inner Eve Muirhead.

10. Paddleboard


Paddleboard is putting a new spin on the racket game with wearable paddles. It is great for the beach or park as there’s no net needed, and it is ideal for the garden as the shuttlecock is less likely to go flying into next doors garden.

The Voli Set (pictured above) includes 2 Wearable Paddles and 1 Flyer, however, you could purchase additional sets if you wanted to up it to a 4 or even 6 player team game.

It's a great workout and is perfect for older children and adults. Make your own rules, just keep that Flyer off the ground and play freestyle.

Available from:
Perfect for: Those who like a good garden smackdown!

If you have any suggestions we can add to our list of the best garden games, then please drop us a comment below.

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