The Lazy Mail - Issue 22

Our weekly newsletter celebrating our staff members, fun photos and Lazy Susan's company values.

Issue 22 - 12 August 22

Values Victor

The Values Victor is member of staff selected from a group of nominees that has shown they care more about Our Community, Our Customers, Our Team and/or Our Products

Congratulations to Janine for winning this week's Values Victor award! 

Janine is 'always happy to help and looking for smart solutions to any work related issues'. Thank you Janine for your constant hard work!


Team Achievements

Customer Service Reviews

This week, it's a big joint well done to the customer service team for the hard work everyone puts in week after week. The following quotes collected by Ron are a wonderful testament to everyone's great service -

Events and Birthdays

• Today, Friday 12th August, is Janine's birthday - happy birthday!

• Last week Hayden took Tommy out for some drinks before his week off. Cheers! ?

• The team had a fantastic Farewell BBQ at Katja's house and there was plenty of good food, drink, singing and dancing! It was a happy and sad time as we had to say goodbye to some of our friends but we also know they have a brilliant future ahead of them.

Thank you to Lazy Susan for the contribution to food and drink!


Do Some Good





Updates from our charity initiative

Our charity partner St Wilfrid's are doing a Moonlight Walk Week from the 3rd - 10th September.

It's a chance to remember a loved one, walk to get fit and have fun.

There are 5 or 10 mile routes and everyone gets a souvenir medal. If you're interested, take a look on their website.



A big thank you from Lazy Susan to all our amazing customers who send in photos of our furniture, helping us contribute to our Do Some Good scheme.

Here's our favourite customer photo of the week


Staff snaps of the week

Left: Siobhan's beautiful snake, Lucifer (Luci for short). Right: The main square of SIlvia's village, where you can see the traditional clothes of the area.

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