How to buy a fire pit

Now is a great time to buy a fire pit. Off-season, nice and cold, nobody's buying them, so there's some great bargains to be had if you shop around.

Now is a great time to buy a fire pit. Off-season, nice and cold, nobody's buying them, so there are some great bargains to be had if you shop around.

The trick with a fire pit is to buy one that'll last, one that can be a permanent fixture in your garden. They make a great centre-piece on a patio, so you want it to become a focal point.

Nowadays, the fire pit comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and different materials. So it is important you know which one would be best suited to your needs and your budget.

Iron Fire Pits

Iron fire pits generally tend to make up the budget end of the market. They're a little cheaper to manufacture and can be easily made into a wide range of different styles and sizes.

On the plus side they'll last for many years if looked after but, as with iron garden furniture, they can rust and become discoloured if not cleaned regularly and protected from the worst of the British weather.

Steel Fire Pits

Steel fire pits are relatively similar to their iron brethren, but they're significantly lighter in weight and much more weather-resistant. And by that, I mean less likely to rust.

You tend to find that steel is often used in many of the combination tables with built-in fire pits and the more contemporary-styled pieces. While in terms of price, steel usually sits at the mid-market point.

Copper Fire Pits

Copper fire pits are top price brackets and they usually feature a bowl-style design. However, the big advantage of copper is that it's a very durable material.

It stands up well to both heat and the elements. It looks even better when it weathers a little, as it won't rust, but will take on that greenish tint over time (which I love to be honest) unless you clean it.

Cooking Fire Pits

For me, the big advantage that many modern fire pits have over say the chiminea or gas patio heater, is that they double up as a BBQ too. I love the low coffee table-style fire pits that feature a fire pit in the middle of the table.

Not only are these BBQ Fire Pits great focal points for the centre of a patio, but you can cook on them too. Plus they look so much more stylish than your average BBQ.


You can pick up a great fire pit for as little as £20. They are a fabulous way to heat your garden in the evening and provide you with a great focal point around which your friends and family can gather.

The price you pay for a fire pit is really up to you, you can spend as little or as much as you want. Shop around and see which fire pit best meets your needs.

And while at Lazy Susan we don't currently stock firepits, we have recently launched this stunning new Garden Flame. It won't give off too much heat, but what these stylish Kerosene lamps will deliver is a nice soft glow in your garden or on a patio.

Garden Flame - Lazy Susan

Adjustable in height with a heavy base to ensure the flame is extremely stable, the Garden Flame is a real stand-out piece of garden furniture and is sure to be a talking point of any early evening BBQ. It is currently located in the 2 2-seater garden Furniture sets and Side Tables section of our store.

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