Our favourite BBQ gadgets and utensils for Summer 2023

If you take your grilling seriously or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special someone who does, then we've found some of the coolest BBQ gadgets and utensils for Summer 23.

Here at Lazy Susan, we love a good BBQ gadget or well-made outdoor cooking utensil. Anything that makes a task easier or more enjoyable to perform is a good one in our book.

They don’t have to be the latest smart tech either, it can be anything from a simple gizmo that imparts more flavour, or a device that helps you clean your grill. 

As Q put it to 007; “what’s so brilliant about the gadgets is their simplicity”.

If you take your grilling seriously or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special someone who does, then we've found some of the coolest BBQ gadgets and utensils for Summer 2023.

1. Rolling Veggie Baskets

Rolling Veggie Baskets

These Rolling Veggie Baskets are the perfect example of a great gadget done simply. They grill your veggies like a pro and save time and effort by eliminating the need to turn food by hand.

The stainless steel construction makes them safe to pop on a hot grill, they’re easy to clean and you can roll them 360 degrees for even cooking.

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2. Barbecook® Kebab Rack

The Barbecook® Kebab Rack is another simple but ingenious design that is perfect for cooking 5 brochettes to perfection.

Constructed from stainless steel, you can load up the skewers with your favourite meat and veggies, lay them on the supports and grill to perfection with no sticking or falling off the skewer into your charcoal.

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3. Sizzle Buddy 2.0

The SizzleBuddy is the must-have gadget for anyone that’s ever sweated over cleaning a greasy barbecue grill.

An all-in-one barbecue cleaning solution, it combines tools to clean every part of your barbecue in situ. 

Requiring minimal effort, water, and time, it makes cleaning up after your garden party quick and easy.

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4. Looftlighter 

Lighting is another task that can be tricky, so the Looftlighter handheld wand is what you need to get your grill going in 60 seconds. 

It uses super-heated air, and although you’ll need an electric outlet to power it, it has a nine-foot cord, so there's plenty of flexibility.

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5. CUBE™ Portable BBQ by Heston Blumenthal 

We’ve discussed Heston’s Everdure range before, and we’re big fans of how they’re pushing innovation in grill design and technology. 

The CUBE™ is the perfect BBQ for those who take their grilling seriously but want authentic charcoal cooking on the go.

The portable design features an integrated food-grade storage tray, preparation board and porcelain enamel firebox.

Easy to store, carry, set up, cook and clean, the handles keep external heat to a minimum, making it easy to even move while cooking.

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6. ProQ Ranger

If you’re on a budget but want a serious bit of kit that will smoke, grill, and roast, the ProQ Ranger is one gadget that needs some serious consideration

This highly versatile BBQ Smoker features an in-built lid thermometer and multiple vents for temperature control and is the ideal size for those with a small patio.

It also features a wok-shaped water pan with a removable handle, making it perfect for live-fire stir-frying.

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7. Premium WiFi Smart Meat Thermometer

Is there a bigger garden party faux pas than cremated burgers or sausages? 

Fortunately, you can take the guesswork out and cook to perfection with the Meater+. 

This completely wireless meat thermometer will send notifications to your phone when your food is at the correct temperature, meaning you can pop the lid down and get on with other tasks or chat with guests.

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8. Kamado Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker

If you want charcoal-fired perfection every time, then the Kamado Joe grill is simple to use, easy to clean, offers precise temperature control, and is available with a host of additional gadgets. 

It pairs with an intuitive app that features hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes, and whilst it’s an expensive bit of kit, it is an absolute joy to cook on, so definitely worth the outlay.

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9. Grillbot

The Grillbot is the kind of gadget that gets a big thumbs up for us.

It is basically the robot lawnmower or vacuum cleaner of grill cleaning. Simply pop it on your dirty grill, turn it on, and it will automatically get down to business. 

It features three electric motors that power the wire brushes and propel it across your mucky grill, with a smart chip inside to control movement, speed, and direction.

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10. Weber Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Box

The Weber Smoker Box allows you to add a delicious smokey flavour to your favourite BBQ dishes with a simple charcoal setup.

Just place this stainless steel smoker box on top of the cooking grates, add your pre-soaked wood chips and let it work its magic.

The one and only Weber® Universal Smoker Box is perfect for transforming your BBQ into a hot smoker.

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11. Tramontina Three Piece BBQ Set

From the experts in Brazilian barbecue, this Tramontina set is the must-have utensil for your next summer BBQ.

Designed to make grilling easy, the tongs allow you to firmly grip the meat as you turn which will help you cook to perfection. 

Each utensil features a sustainably sourced dark wooden handle, paired with high-quality stainless steel and is presented in a fab wooden gift box.

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12. Grill Armour Gloves

They say if you can’t handle the heat then get out of the (outdoor) kitchen. Well, that won’t be an issue with these Grill Armour Gloves.

With heat resistance up to 932F, these thick but lightweight gloves are and feature a silicone super-grip, so you can move a hot smoker box, turn your skewers or pull out a hot pizza oven stone.

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New 17" Cozze Pizza Oven from Lazy Susan

New 17" Cozze Pizza Oven from Lazy Susan

Speaking of gadgets, to compliment the 13" we launched last year, we now have a 17" Cozze Pizza Oven for Summer 2023.  

The same authentic, delicious, crispy pizza in the comfort of your own outdoor space but in a bigger family-friendly XL pizza size.

If you have any photos of our Garden Furniture at your next outdoor cookout, then we’d love to see a few snaps for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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