The new outdoor cooking range from Lazy Susan

We’re delighted to introduce the exciting new Outdoor Cooking collection from Lazy Susan, featuring a range of BBQs, Grills and Pizza Ovens.

We’re delighted to introduce the exciting new Outdoor Cooking collection from Lazy Susan.

We think our new range of BBQs, Grills and Pizza Ovens are the perfect partner for our garden furniture.

When the sun is shining, there is nothing better than a meal cooked outdoors and enjoyed at a Lazy Susan Garden Table

If you appreciate good food, have a love of cooking and entertaining friends and family, then why not make your patio the go-to destination?

A patio is not just for summer

The new outdoor cooking range from Lazy Susan

How we use our outdoor spaces is changing. No longer are we just waiting for the sun to shine. 

The pandemic has opened us up to new possibilities, there’s greater appreciation, we’re using our gardens more than ever before, and in exciting new ways.

The outdoor kitchen is one of those emerging trends, and it is something we can use all year round.

Long since popular in countries with more sunshine than ours, outdoor cooking is now becoming increasingly popular here in the UK.

Scandinavians have embraced it for decades, even during the coldest months of the year.

TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver (see below), Tom Kerridge and James Martin are hosting their latest shows with all of the cooking done outside and in their own outdoor kitchens.

Savvy homeowners are inspired, they too are blurring the lines and looking for exciting new ways to extend their kitchen from the inside to the outside.

There’s just something magical about outdoor cooking

It’s not only practical but the meals you prepare become more of a social event.

Plus, you can impart so much more flavour into what you cook than can be achieved with conventional indoor appliances.

And just like we've got more savvier with what we eat, so to our outdoor spaces are starting to reflect that, from growing to cooking. 

Outdoor Cooking with Lazy Susan 

Our patios are becoming outdoor living spaces, an extension of our home and kitchen/dining area.

It is an area that now not only looks good but is functional on a number of different levels from cooking and eating to fun and relaxation.

Outdoor furniture, outdoor heating, outdoor accessories and outdoor cooking…

All pulled together to create a space that can be enjoyed even when the temperature dips.

Add in a little shelter, good garden furniture, fire pit, patio heater, outdoor blankets, and not even the cold and rain will stop play!

Cooking outdoors is also a great way of eating healthy 

Grilling allows us to cook meat in a way that delivers maximum flavour but the fatty oils are cooked out, meaning calories are reduced but nutrients maintained.

It is also a great way to unwind, enjoy a little fresh air, and cooking outside is the perfect way to bring friends and family together.

A pizza oven allows us to create that authentic taste in a way that gets all the family involved. Watch this space for more of that. 

At Lazy Susan, we love being outdoors in our gardens and we love eating good food. Put the two together, and you’ve got the perfect recipe.

Food eaten outdoors just always seems to taste that little bit better too... Why is that?

So, get your garden ready for 2022 with our new curated range of BBQs, Grills & Pizza Ovens!

The new outdoor cooking range from Lazy Susan

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional cook or just enthusiastic foodies like us, the Lazy Susan Outdoor Cooking range has an option for you.

Our stunning new range of Pizza Ovens, Grills and BBQ’s will inspire and take your cooking to the next level.

They’ll dramatically up the flavour, help you create food that is healthy, deliver some serious enjoyment, and allow your patio to take centre stage when it comes to entertaining family and friends.

We believe everyone should get to create their dream outdoor space, and our Garden Furniture and Outdoor Cooking collections are the vital ingredients.

Explore our collection today, and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service Team should you need any further advice.

Cozze 13” Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Cozze Pizza Oven from Lazy Susan

Our new Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is the perfect solution for those with limited space, on the move camping trips or who just have a love for a perfect “corniccione”.

The oven runs on standard low-pressure propane gas cartridges and bottles and comes supplied with a cordierite baking stone. 

It features a wide access opening and is easy to operate with ample room for large pizzas up to 13 inches. 

The oven will hit perfect temperature after about 20 minutes from lighting, so you can quickly bake delicious pizzas for large parties, friends and family.

It is both easy and safe to use, with a heat control located within easy reach to the side of the opening.

With the Cozze you are always in full control of your pizza bakes and the pizza stone ensures that you get a wonderfully crisp base in only 2 minutes.

See the Cozze in action below:

Shop our Cozze Pizza Oven

Vulcanus Corten Outdoor Grill

Vulcanus Outdoor Grill from Lazy Susan

The Vulcanus Pro730 Chef Grill boasts a luxury patented design.  

The body of the grill is manufactured from patinated COR-TEN steel which has an extremely long lifetime and comes fitted with a slow heat-release lining that improves the circulation of hot air, thermal stability and significantly reduces wood consumption.

Compared to a circular grill, the square shape of the cooktop offers a grilling surface that is up to one third larger. 

The grilling surface is divided into two heat zones, which means you can cook and warm-up/keep things warm at the same time.

The tall base is constructed from wood and features a storage chamber and is the perfect height for grilling while standing. Additionally, you can place your cooking utensils or any other items you need to hand on the handy shelf.

Featuring a 12 mm thick cooking surface with a certificate of EU food contact compliance, the central cooking grid for grilling on direct flame is adjustable with two positions. 

The Vulcanus may look like a piece of garden art but this is one serious bit of outdoor cooking kit as the video below clearly demonstrates:

Shop our Vulcanus Grill

Grizzly Charcoal Oven in Grey & Black

The Grizzle Outdoor Oven from Lazy Susan
And speaking of serious outdoor cooking, let us introduce you to the outdoor oven that does it all…

The Grizzly is the ultimate outdoor kitchen oven.

It can cook slow and low, smoke meat and fish and or cook pizza as good as any professional pizza oven. 

The Grizzly's unique hopper-fed system allows for the oven to maintain heat over long periods allowing you to achieve USA style BBQ perfection.

But don't worry, it can also cook fast and high too. This is one oven that lets you cook the food you want, all from your patio.

Manufactured in the UK to high standards, it is robust and built to last. 

If you want to fully embrace the outdoor kitchen, then you and need an oven with the versatility to enable you to cook a variety of foods

What our customers are saying about the Grizzly:

“What a wonderful piece of equipment! I would recommend this oven to anyone, commercial or domestic” Justin - Head Chef, Pea Porridge Restaurant in Suffolk

The Grizzly Charcoal Outdoor Oven is available in a choice of Grey (above) & Black (below).

Vulcanus Outdoor Oven in Black from Lazy Susan

You can view the full Lazy Susan Outdoor Cooking range in our Shop and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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