How to remove stains from your patio

We get asked by so many of our customers how to remove stains from their patios… We often find that if people are investing in some new patio garden furniture, then they’ve just had a new patio built or they are trying to tidy up an older one that needs a little TLC...

We get asked this question by so many of our customers. You quite often find that if people are investing in some new Lazy Susan Patio Furniture, then they've just had a new patio built or they are trying to tidy up an existing patio.

But trust me when I say, nothing can spoil a patio like an unsightly stain. Be it splashes of grease from the BBQ or a glass of red wine knocked over by a friend at that summer party. It could even be all Mother Nature's fault, she can be cruel.

However, depending on the material your patio is constructed from, and the type of stain will depend on the best way to clean your patio...

So with that in mind, we've scoured the internet and pulled together some great How To videos that specifically look at different cleaning methods for the UK's popular patio materials:

How to clean a Natural Stone Patio

First up is this excellent video from Aqua Force shows you how the professionals do it with specialist power washing equipment:

Most of the tool/plant hire companies such as HSS and Lord have these large rotary flat surface cleaners for hire and you're only looking at around £60 or so to hire over the weekend!

How to clean a Concrete Patio

In this video from Seal Green, they provide some simple tips on how to remove mould and mildew from concrete.

Their mould and mildew cleaner safely removes aggressive fungi and organic stains from any concrete surface as well as further strengthening the concrete's weak points.

Their cleaners are biodegradable (safe for the environment) non-corrosive (safe for your home) and emit little to no odour! And this video shows how straightforward the application of their product is:


How to clean a Brick Patio

The method used to clean oil stains off a brick patio/driveway in this video is pretty crazy, but it works, hats off to The Southern Crossband.

Whilst this video from the always excellent shows the more conventional way of using a little oxygenated bleach to make quick work of brick patio cleaning.

Home Work with Hank is another great source for tips and tricks when it comes to handling hardscape, landscape, and any other outdoor do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around your home.

Here they look at cleaning Brick and Stone, providing tips on how to choose the right cleaner for your brick and stone and demonstrating the most effective way to clean off those grimy and dirty bricks and stones!

If there are any videos or hacks you've come across, then please share them with us. Any new ones the Lazy Susan team and I come across, we'll be sure to add them to this post too!

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