Our top cottage garden design tips and ideas

If you're looking to create a cottage garden, then Lazy Susan has some gorgeous cottage garden design ideas, tips, and tricks to help get you started...

Cottage gardens are a splendid site any time of the year when they’re done right. They look refreshing in the spring, sublime in the summer, nostalgic in the autumn, and thoroughly enchanting in the winter. 

Fortunately, there are lots of great ways you can liven up your cottage garden, bringing it to life with a few artistic touches that anyone can implement.

So join Lazy Susan as we share some gorgeous cottage garden design ideas, tips, and tricks. 

Add a garden path

Add a garden path

The quintessential cottage garden isn’t quintessential unless there’s a garden path. All you have to do is picture your favourite English cottages and you’ll immediately bring to mind a few meandering paths. 

You can use bricks or stone to make your path or you could even settle for grass or gravel. It really doesn’t matter what material you use because what matters more is that your path twists and turns! 

In other words, avoid straight paths and go for one that curves and winds, taking you on a little tour of your garden. 

Don’t forget the accessories 

Another must-have feature in any cottage garden is an accessory or two. This could be a stone sundial, a few perfectly placed pot holders, a bird bath or two, a rustic mirror, and even a harvesting basket. 

In fact, there is really no end to the possibilities for the decor you could add to your garden to make it a bit more eye-catching and interesting. If anything, how many accessories you add to your garden will depend on your budget. 

Think through your colour scheme

Settling on a colour scheme before you start picking and choosing your plants is essential. What’s more, it’s entirely up to you what to go with. You could stick with a monochrome theme or you could be a bit more daring with your colour scheme. 

It really depends on what sense of feeling and environment you want to achieve. For example, a white colour scheme looks especially splendid at dusk, while pastel colours shine early in the morning. 

Or maybe you want your cottage garden to have a bit of drama, in which case brighter colours would work — or even a bit of romance, in which case darker shades, like purple, would be best. 

You should also take into account contrasting colours and colour harmonies and check the colour wheel to test your ideas. 

Choose some plants

The exact plants you choose will depend on your colour scheme, personal tastes, as well as any theme you’re looking to recreate.

However, if you’re looking for some extra ideas, the likes of roses, delphiniums, lavender, and foxgloves are the typical mainstays of an English cottage garden. 

You can also add a mix of different styles of plants, including climbers, perennials, annuals, and bulbs.

The main thing to bear in mind is to relax all formalities and aim for something more informal and free-flowing. This is because, while colour schemes do matter, it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely rigid and fixed with your colours and plants. 

Also, it’s a smart idea to opt for self-seeding plants like lavender and foxgloves because they’ll randomly appear in different places, such as through the cracks in your garden path. 

Add a garden table and chairs 

Add a garden table and chairs

One of the best things about having a cottage garden is that you can entertain guests. The thing about cottage garden design is that it’s less about formalities and more about informalities.

In other words, you’ll want to create a welcoming space where your guests can get together and mingle. Tables and chairs, such as the high-grade cast aluminium made and sold at Lazy Susan are ideal because they fare well in all types of weather and don’t rust or rot.

You can also opt for the slightly more expensive natural rattan garden furniture, although this will require more maintenance and it’s more susceptible to the elements. 

Find reclaimed materials 

I know that some folk might struggle to implement a cottage garden design they’re happy with if they’re working on a tight budget. 

But that’s fine because you can always find reclaimed materials to help you out. You can also make the most of upcycling (as well as recycling) so that you stay within your budget and make implementing your dream cottage garden affordable. 

Final Thoughts... 

With the right planning, a workable budget, and the right arrangements, you can create the cottage garden design of your dreams. 

Just remember that there are very few rules here and that you should use your imagination to create a perfect outdoor space where you and your friends and family will love to spend quality time. 

And if you need us, Lazy Susan is on hand to help with your patio furniture needs. 

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