Our favourite sweet Easter treats

With Easter only a week or so away, we’ve done a quick straw poll in the Lazy Susan office and compiled our favourite sweet Easter treats.

Is it Easter without chocolate? We eat it and we give it as an (egg-shaped) gift. But why is chocolate synonymous with this time of year?

Behind the tradition of eating chocolate at Easter, there’s actually a substantial historical tapestry. The Christian religious observance of Lent, whereby the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert, is commemorated at Easter time.

And while Easter marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for centuries before this, it was a pagan festival celebrating the start of spring. What has that got to do with eating chocolate eggs you may ask? Good question, we will defer to Hotel Chocolat who knows way more about it than we do. They state in their article why do we eat chocolate eggs at Easter:

The chocolate egg started as a pagan symbol of fertility and spring and developed into a representation of Christ's resurrection. To this day, it still holds this meaning for a variety of people from different backgrounds across the country.

What we are experts on here at Lazy Susan is the eating part. I think it’s fair to say many of the team have a sweet tooth and we like to take turns to bring in a treat once a week, be it a cake we’ve baked or something bought.  Once put out, it never stays on the table long!

With Easter only a week or so away, we thought it would be nice to do a straw poll at Lazy Susan HQ and give you a quick rundown of our favourite sweet Easter treats. Mostly chocolate based but we’ve thrown a few curveballs in for good measure…

1. Crispy Caramel Egg with Chocolate Coated Liquorice from Lakrids by Bülow

This is one of those flavour combinations that sounds like it shouldn’t work but for some reason it just does, and this award-winning chocolate is simply delicious. When you bite into the speckled crispy shell you’ll find silky-smooth dulce chocolate and that kick of the raw liquorice powder and a soft liquorice core. There’s even a limited edition Twisted Banana Egg which combines sweet banana, salty liquorice, creamy white chocolate, and of course the raw liquorice powder. Made in Denmark, Lakrids chocolate is gluten-free, and their liquorice is also made from gluten-free rice flour.

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2. Tony’s Chocolonely Mini Easter Eggs 

We are big fans of the Fairtrade chocolatier Tony’s Chocolonely here at Lazy Susan, and their Mini Easter Eggs are simply perfect for an Easter egg hunt or for those who want a nibble but find a full-size egg a bit too sickly. Bitesize and individually wrapped these solid chocolate eggs are available in a range of flavours or our fave is the assortment in mini egg cartons!

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3. Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road Easter Egg

If you’re looking for something seriously sweet, then Hotel Chocolat’s extra thick Easter egg is the perfect egg for you. Crack into one side of the egg and you’ll find solid caramel milk chocolate, on the other a rocky road-inspired chocolate with puffed rice and bits of cookie. Inside the egg is a selection of truffles, including pecan praline, caramel and our favourite, the billionaire’s shortbread.

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4. Easter Brownie Box from Lola’s Cupcakes

Not an egg but the Easter Brownie Box from Lola’s Cupcakes is in our opinion the perfect addition to any Easter celebration. Send to a loved one as a gift to loved ones or keep them for yourself, these wonderfully indulgent brownies come topped with chocolate ganache, sprinkles, mini eggs, and freeze-dried raspberries. They are available to order now for deliveries from the 6th of April.

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5. Easter Cupcakes from Spruce Eats

If you want to bake your own sweet treats, then these little bird nest cupcakes are the perfect Easter treat. Easy to make - they look like they’re from a professional bakery - all you need is to follow the simple cupcake recipe and top with some cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut and a few mini eggs.

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6. Nomo Vegan & Free From Egg

Nomo, which stands for No Missing Out, is a delicious allergy-friendly and vegan creamy milk chocolate egg. We’ve tried a few vegan chocolates here at Lazy Susan HQ and this is our fave. It is as good as any chocolate made with dairy and the caramel egg from Sainsburys.co.uk gets our vote. 

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7. Tesco’s Speckled Egg Easter Cake

Why not celebrate Easter in style by baking this gorgeous Speckled Egg Easter Cake from Tesco, perfect for sharing with friends and family, it will make for a table centrepiece that tastes as good as it looks. The speckled eggshell effect is easy to achieve and the perfect decoration for their simple lemon-scented, buttercream-iced sponge cake. 

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8. Jamie’s Hot Cross Buns

You can’t beat a classic, and as Jamie Oliver says:

When it comes to Easter, you can’t beat indulging in a lovely, sticky hot cross bun. Give this recipe a go – I promise you’ll never buy the shop bought versions again.

You could stick with is classic recipe, or if you want to mix it up a little, then Jamie’s Chocolate Hot Cross Buns (see video below) are a real winner. This next-level version is still packed full of all the spice and fruit we know and love.

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9. Fortnum & Mason Easter Scotch Egg

Fortnum & Mason do festive/seasonal chocolate so well, and by putting a praline chocolate twist on the classic scotch egg, they have created our chocolate nirvana. Their chocolate egg is coated with roasted hazelnuts and the inside is filled with a sublime praline milk chocolate with an orange ganache centre.

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10. Kakoa Iconic Easter Collection

Last on our list but by no means least is the wonderful iconic Easter collection from Kakoa. This dazzling mix of award-winning milk, white and dark vegan chocolates from up and coming plant-based brand Kakoa is made with rice and oat milk as an alternative to dairy. However, there is no compromise when it comes to flavour, from the moreish cookies and cream truffle egg to one of the creamiest golden caramel eggs we’ve tasted.

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Happy Easter from all the team at Lazy Susan x

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