Our favourite ways to accessorise a 6-seater outdoor dining table

We have selected what we think are the 5 essential types of accessory items that every 6-seater outdoor dining table needs to transform your outside dining space…

Our 6-seater outdoor dining table sets are one of our best-selling set sizes. They are the perfect size for a family and those who like to entertain outside when the sun is shining, and the table size is the outdoor equivalent of your average family-size indoor dining table.

In their rules for a table centrepiece, Homes & Gardens state that:

“The centrepiece is the most impactful element in curating a beautiful table-scape – so it is important to get it right. While it may feel hard to go wrong with a timeless vase, candlestick, or fruit bowl – you can accentuate their beauty further with the right advice.”

They were referring to interiors but the same is equally applicable to the exterior of our homes too. A 6-seater outdoor table is a good size, so it benefits from being dressed and styled. Accessories, such as that essential garden furniture centrepiece, are the way to do just that.

Lazy Susan’s favourite 6-seater outdoor dining table accessories

Here at Lazy Susan, of course, we want people to buy our garden furniture, however, what we really want is for people to use it. A well-accessorised outdoor dining area will encourage you to do just that. We want our garden tables to become your favourite spot and the focal point on your patio.

The right accessories will elevate the space and the dining experience. A mix of permanent - those that can stay out in all weather - and occasional - items you bring out when hosting - will provide interest at all times. A beautiful table setting, comfortable garden chairs, and thoughtful decor can turn an ordinary family meal into a special event.

The right accessories can transform a plain outdoor dining table into a visually appealing setting, and allow you to showcase your style and creativity. Items like a tablecloth, placemats, or a floral centrepiece can add colour, texture, and style, inviting you outside. Cushions and a parasol can increase the level of comfort and functionality.

Lazy Susan’s favourite 6-seater outdoor dining table accessories

That is what we want to focus on today, and the team have selected 5 essential accessory items that we think every 6-seater outdoor dining table needs to transform your outside space into a stylish and inviting area for garden gatherings.

1. Garden Table Centrepiece

We will start with the item we opened with, and for good reason, as we think that no garden table, regardless of seating size, needs a suitable centrepiece. If the table is a 6-seater set or bigger, then it is essential. They create the perfect table focal point, drawing you to the outdoor dining area and enhancing the overall look of your garden.

Don’t overthink it, keep it simple. Reflect on the theme and style of your home or the types of gatherings you like to host. Use it to bring together the various decor elements in and around your outdoor table to create cohesion and harmony.

Some of our current favourites are a mix of small succulent plants in a decorative pot or a long wooden box if you have a rectangular or oval-shaped 6-seater table. You can make them seasonal or tailor them to the type of event you're hosting.

If you want to mix the visual with the aromatic, then create a mini herb garden on the table with small potted fragrant herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary. This not only looks beautiful but also provides fresh herbs for the BBQ or meals you like to serve.

2. Garden Tableware & Flatware for Alfresco Dining

Garden Tableware & Flatware for Alfresco Dining

We have just looked at this subject in detail in our favourite garden tableware and flatware article, and in that article we stated:

“If, like us, you like to entertain outside, a well-dressed and properly set garden table is a great way to make your next gathering a more enjoyable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing experience for everyone joining you. A well-set table allows for organised placement of food, utensils, and condiments, making it easier for guests to serve themselves, and ensuring everything they need is within easy reach.”

We also highlighted our love for mixing and matching outdoor-specific plates. Using a variety of colourful, patterned plates and bowls to create a vibrant, eclectic look works well with our classically styled 6-seater garden tables.

Pair it with outdoor flatware with interesting designs or materials, such as bamboo or beautiful rose gold as we listed in our article. If it is a BBQ you’re hosting, then don’t forget the napkins. Opt for handmade or artisanal napkins with unique prints or textures to make your guests feel special.

3. Outdoor Dining Table Fabrics

Outdoor Dining Table Fabrics

Many people forget textiles when it comes to outside spaces but they can make a big difference to an outdoor dining space and there are several ways you can incorporate them.

We like to see our outdoor dining tables paired with tablecloths, runners and/or placements. Use bold patterns to add colour or neutral tones to bring luxurious texture to your table.

Pair our garden chairs with our seat pad or high-back outdoor cushions to add comfort and throw blankets in coordinating colours for when the sun starts to set.

Choose textured or woven placemats and coasters for an added layer of style to your garden furniture. Position an outdoor rug under your garden furniture will create a more inviting, functional, and visually appealing outdoor living space.

4. Side Table and/or Garden Bench

Side Table and/or Garden Bench

Pairing a large 6-seater garden dining table with a garden bench and side table is a garden furniture trend we have seen with our customer base in recent years. It gives you options, enhancing the functionality, style, and versatility of your outdoor dining space.

You can set them away from the main dining area to create a more laid-back spot for morning coffee or afternoon tea but if there are a few extra guests the bench can be pulled up to provide extra seating, the side table for drinks or condiments.

Our garden furniture collection is designed to fully coordinate, so you can pair benches and side tables with our garden dining tables and chairs, and the light weight of aluminium pieces means that it is all easy to pick up and rearrange. Benches tend to evoke a more relaxed vibe than chairs too, so it will make your garden dining area feel more welcoming and informal.

Adding different elements like benches and side tables introduces a little more variety in height and texture to your patio too, contributing to a visually interesting and better-layered outdoor dining space.

5. Functional Additions for your Outdoor Dining Space

Functional Additions for your Outdoor Space

We often say this about garden furniture. Yes, you want it to look beautiful. However, you also want it to function, and just as the things that make our outdoor spaces look pretty are super important, so are the things that make it a more functional or comfortable place to be and use.

Simple pieces such as a parasol for midday shade or a patio heater for when the temperature dips of an evening, can make a big impact on your outdoor dining area. Add a rotating Lazy Susan in the centre to easily share dishes and condiments. All of our accessories are available with big discounts when bundled with one of our outdoor dining sets.

Other functional additions such as a Pergola or Shade Sail will combine style with shade and shelter. Add our comfortable cushions, throws, and pillows to your garden chairs and benches. Create a cosy atmosphere with some simple LED string lights draped across your patio so that you can keep the garden party going when the sun sets.

Of course, don’t forget the greenery! Blur the lines between the garden and the patio, and add potted plants or flowers to bring colour and life to your patio dining area. If space is limited or you need to cover a dull-looking wall, grow up, and add vertical garden setups to save space and introduce planting.

By combining these innovative 5 ideas, you can easily accessorise a unique and welcoming 6-seater outdoor dining table to reflect your style and enhance your outdoor space this summer.

If you have any photos of your 6-seater Outdoor Dining Table from Lazy Susan, we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. Please tag your garden furniture snaps @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Them Here.

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