Can stainless steel furniture be left outside?

We are discussing whether stainless steel furniture is safe to be left outside and looking at how it compares to other popular outdoor furniture materials on sale in the UK...

It’s a question we’ve been getting a lot here at Lazy Susan and the simple answer is that, yes, stainless steel furniture can be left outside — but with a few conditions attached. 

In this article, we take a look at what you need to do to preserve the life of your stainless steel furniture if you’re planning to leave it outside, as well as how different types of weather affect it.

We’ll also be looking at what other types of outdoor garden furniture you might want to explore.

Can stainless steel furniture be left outside?


While stainless steel outdoor furniture has plenty of pros: it’s strong, durable, and contemporary, it’s also extremely heavy to be carting around your garden. When it’s not in use, the last thing you want is to have to take it indoors each time. 

The good news is that you can leave your stainless steel furniture outside, largely thanks to the fact that, unlike regular steel, it comes with the addition of chromium. 

Chromium adds that extra layer of protection, which enables your stainless steel furniture to resist rust. It can also deal with salt water much better than regular steel and it won’t mould. 

As an additional benefit, stainless steel furniture can even be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. You won’t have to worry about it fading, bleaching or cracking. 

Maintaining stainless steel furniture 

While stainless steel furniture can be left outdoors, it isn’t maintenance-free. Dust and dirt can still wreak havoc with it, just as they can with any garden furniture that’s always left outside.

The best way to keep your stainless steel tables and chairs looking good in your garden is to use ordinary cleaning products. Take a damp cloth to clean it and use a dry cloth to keep its sheen. 

I suggest cleaning your furniture at least twice a month. You also may need to use some soapy water if you find that some stains aren’t budging. 

Also, it's worth mentioning that, while stainless steel is weather-resistant, chlorine and salt water can cause a few awkward brown spots to appear on the surface. However, you can get rid of these with a cleaning pad. 

Is stainless steel the best furniture to leave outdoors? 


Stainless steel is easily one of the best types of furniture to leave outside, due to its durability, its robustness, and its rust-resistance. 

However, stainless steel furniture can also be a bit awkward on account of how heavy it is. Stainless steel chairs are also not the most comfortable to sit on, and this type of garden furniture is among the most expensive. 

So are there better options? 

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture 

Aluminium outdoor furniture is in the same ballpark as stainless steel outdoor furniture. They’re both a type of metal furniture and they’re both weather-resistant and super durable.

Aluminium furniture has the advantage is with its lightweight nature (it’s easier to move around your garden), as well as the fact that it’s even lower maintenance than stainless steel — and can also be less expensive.

What’s more, when you purchase high-grade cast aluminium furniture, such as that made by us at Lazy Susan, quality and longevity are all but guaranteed. 

Wooden Garden Furniture 

While wooden garden furniture is a common sight in British gardens, it can be bit and miss when it comes to how it fares come rain or shine.

Hardwood is more durable than softwood, with teak being one of the best types of the lot when it comes to withstanding most weather conditions. It’s more expensive but a lot of people love its rustic style, which adds plenty of charm to any garden. 

Eucalyptus is also capable of complementing your garden but it’s more susceptible to the elements because it is not water or rot-resistant. 

Rattan Garden Furniture 

Rattan garden furniture has risen in popularity in recent years in the UK. It’s a type of wicker furniture that, while it can be a little bit uncomfortable, looks extremely pretty. 

However, I don’t advise leaving rattan garden furniture outside when you’re not using it. Moisture collects in the weaves, which greatly reduces its lifespan by weakening it. 

It doesn’t fare much better in sunlight. So if you opt for rattan garden furniture, you may need to make sure you’ve got space indoors for it.

Final Thoughts... 

Stainless steel furniture can be left outside in rain or sunshine. It can also be left outdoors during the winter and it won’t rot or mould. The only drawback is that it’s fairly heavy and not the most comfortable option.  

Other options for garden furniture that can be left outside in all weather conditions include aluminium, which we sell here at Lazy Susan. If you’d like to learn more about the type of affordable high-grade cast aluminium furniture we make, feel free to get in touch with us today. 

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