Does garden furniture rot?

Have you ever wondered does garden furniture rot? The Lazy Susan team have the answer and the solution if you're in the market for a new set this summer...

Are you thinking of buying some outdoor furniture to use in your garden?

Having a good quality table and chairs set on your patio is always great in the summer, as you can enjoy meals outdoors, or simply spend time with your friends and family.

However, in the UK, the weather isn’t perfect. This means you’ll have to consider what you’ll do with your furniture when you’re not using it — especially during the autumn and winter months. 

Many assume they’ll leave the furniture outdoors — but will it rot?

We’ll answer that question in this post and offer ways to prolong the life of your furniture. 

With a little bit of effort, you can enjoy your garden furniture for years to come. Here's what you need to know about garden furniture rotting.

Will garden furniture rot?

Whether your garden furniture will rot or not depends on a few factors such as the type and quality of the materials used, how they’re maintained, and so on. 

Let’s look into these in more detail:

Garden Furniture Materials

When considering if garden furniture rots, you’ll have to assess the kind of materials they’re made from. There are lots of different types available, and the one you pick will affect how it stands up over time. 


Will Garden Furniture Rot? | Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic furniture has been a staple for decades, and as it's a synthetic material — the plastic itself won’t rot. However, it can become discoloured and misshapen due to exposure to the elements. 


Will Garden Furniture Rot? | Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden patio sets have become very popular in recent years, too. While these often look great, they typically take a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to periodically seal the wood to protect it from the elements, insect damage, and so on. 


Will Garden Furniture Rot? | Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is another choice that has become popular too, as it allows you to get the ‘living room outdoors’ look in your garden. If you pick pieces made from natural rattan though, you’ll quickly see that they aren’t weatherproof and can start to rot or degrade over time. 


Will Garden Furniture Rot? | Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

If you want garden furniture that won’t rot, then cast aluminium is your best choice. This material is designed to stand up to the British weather and resist rotting, rusting, pitting, and more. 

Consider the storage you have?

You’ll have to consider how you’re going to store your garden furniture to prevent it from rotting. In the summer, you’ll usually be fine to leave it outside when the weather is good. When the temperature drops and becomes rainy though — you need a different plan.

If you’ve bought furniture that’s susceptible to moisture, such as wooden furniture, then you’ll need to move it into an enclosed space for the colder months. This will protect it, but can be a lot of hassle — and may not be an option for every household. Plus, you’ll need space to store it, which may not be available. 

For this very reason — cast aluminium outdoor furniture is a popular choice for people who want to easily prevent their garden furniture from rotting. This metal is very hardy and designed to be left outside no matter what the weather — allowing you to avoid having to find space to store it and move it around. 

Shop from an outlet that sells High-Quality Furniture

Lazy Susan Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Where you buy your garden furniture is important. If you skimp on quality when it comes to shopping for outdoor furniture, chances are it won't have the durability or sturdiness that will make it last for many seasons. 

It's much better to splurge on quality outdoor furniture from a reputable company that can guarantee its longevity — giving you peace of mind knowing that your purchase is reliable. 

Taking this approach can mean less money spent in the long run due to costly repairs or replacements too. 

How can you prevent your garden furniture from rotting?

So, will your garden furniture rot? It very much depends on the type of furniture you buy, and how you take care of it. The type least likely to rot is cast aluminium, as it resists rot and won’t need a lot of maintenance. With this info, you can make the right choice in buying garden furniture for your home.

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