Enhance your outdoor dining area with our patio furniture sets

We recently looked at how to maximise comfort so we want to follow that article with a closer look at how you can enhance your outdoor dining area specifically with our patio furniture sets...

It’s of no surprise that a team whose job it is to sell patio furniture sets loves to spend time in their outdoor dining areas.

Be it a BBQ, an outdoor pizza oven, or simply cooking a meal inside to enjoy outside, we will take any opportunity we can to eat outside.

And, of course, you can most definitely host a fab dinner party outside on our elegantly styled Patio Furniture Sets.

Outdoor dinner parties are a wonderful way to enjoy your garden, good company, and delicious home-cooked food.

Patio Furniture Sets from Lazy Susan

Enhancing your outdoor dining area will create a beautiful and inviting space for you to enjoy meals with family and friends, and our patio furniture range is the perfect place to start.

By investing in patio furniture sets designed for outdoor dining you’re bringing indoor style and comfort to your outdoor space. 

Look for sets that are weather-resistant and easy to clean, such as our stylish high-grade cast aluminium Patio Furniture Sets, which feature classically styled patio tables and chairs.

If you are shopping for new, then our patio sets are perfect for your outdoor dining area because they are versatile, functional, stylish, sociable, durable and low-maintenance:

  1. Versatile
    Patio Furniture Sets come in various types, sizes, shapes, and styles to suit your outdoor space and how you enjoy spending time in it. Outdoor dining sets can accommodate different numbers of people, making them versatile for several different activities, easy to reconfigure and perfect for hosting large or small gatherings. Our collection features 2-seaters up to 10+ seater patio tables so there’s a set for everything from a small city balcony to a large country courtyard.
  2. Functional
    Patio dining tables are designed to provide a comfortable and functional solution that brings the indoor experience to outdoor dining. At Lazy Susan we supply a host of upgrades and accessories to further improve usability, from Parasols to provide shade (all our patio furniture sets feature a centre hole to accommodate) to more specialist functions such as our Extendable Table Sets that are great for those who like to occasionally entertain but don’t want to fill their patio.
  3. Stylish
    Style is subjective but we think our collection has a classic look that appeals to those who like simple and timeless designs that will enhance any outdoor space. Our Patio Furniture Sets will add a touch of elegance and they’re available in a choice of our Antique Bronze, Slate and White painted finishes so there’s a colourway to complement any outdoor decor theme or landscaping scheme.
  4. Social
    The big advantage of dining-style tables over other more intimate pieces is that they create a focal point on your patio and a central gathering point for friends and family to enjoy meals together and engage in conversation. They help to bring a cosy and inviting atmosphere to your garden, making outdoor dining a more enjoyable experience, and expanding your social living space from the inside to the out. Pair our patio tables with a Lazy Susan (from which we derive our name) and you have the perfect spot for sharing drinks and nibbles.
  5. Durable
    For the team here at Lazy Susan, Patio Furniture Sets must be fit for purpose. They must be constructed from materials that can withstand the elements and designed to be comfortable to sit on and use. Our collection is designed to last and not go out of style, Our patio tables and chairs are constructed from a high-grade sand cast aluminium that is then coated with a durable finish to protect it with little to no maintenance. Our How It Is Made page breaks down our manufacturing process.
  6. Low-Maintenance
    Speaking of little to no maintenance what we meant by that is that our furniture requires minimal cleaning and upkeep. They can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth or hosed down without worrying about damage or staining. No need to reapply any finishes or stains to keep them weatherproof as the painted finish does that for you. If you were to accidentally scratch a chair or table, then we provide Touch Up Kits and the application is simple.

Our top tips for enhancing your outdoor dining area

If you want to further enhance our patio furniture sets for outdoor dining, then here are our top tips for keeping the area looking stylish and inviting:

  1. Clean your patio and furniture
    Start by regularly giving your patio a good clean like it is a room in your home. Sweep away any debris, and hose it down if need be. Wipe your patio furniture with a cloth and soapy water, and apply a little car wax if need be to add a nice lustre. Keeping your patio clean and free from muck will keep it inviting and a place people want to sit down and spend time.
  2. Create shade for you and your guests with our parasols
    We mentioned this point above under functionality but it is a super simple but effective way to enhance the patio dining experience. Our Parasols are constructed with a fast-drying fabric and the pole features a crank handle and tilt mechanism. That all means that not only are they easy to put up, but they can also be tilted towards the sun to provide shade on hot days and they will protect you and anything on the table from any sudden rain. Make sure you pair the right size parasol with the table and if you’re buying a new set from us then you can bundle it into the deal and save up to 50% off RRP.
  3. Arrange your patio seating
    Patio arranging is a science but sometimes simple adjustments can make a big difference. Our advice when creating an outdoor dining area is to always position your patio dining table and chairs in a way that allows for easy and safe movement around the space and encourages conversation to flow. It is important to leave enough free space around your set so that you and your guests can sit comfortably, push chairs back, etc. This is a subject we covered in detail in our recent How to choose the right size garden table set post.
  4. Add suitable patio lighting and heating
    Often the best time to enjoy a meal in our outdoor spaces is in the evening or on a weekend when (after a few drinks) the party might continue after the sun sets. By installing outdoor lighting and an attractive heat source such as a chiminea or fire pit, then you’re adding functionality and creating that all-important cosy ambience needed to enjoy evening meals. You don’t need to break the bank with a high-end install, simply string up a few LED lights, place a garden lantern on the centre of your patio table, or dot some solar-powered LED lights around your patio.
  5. Decorate your patio table with flowers or plants
    We touched on this point in our recent How to maximise comfort on our metal patio furniture article. Incorporating plants and flowers in containers or hanging baskets will blur the lines between home and garden. Position them strategically to frame your dining area or create a natural barrier. Surrounding the space with plants, greenery and flowers is a great way to create a calming and relaxing environment, and as well as looking stylish, it will definitely up comfort levels and enhance the dining experience.
  6. Enhance the comfort with our patio chair cushions
    Adding cushioned seat pads to your garden chairs is another great way to add extra comfort and enhance the outdoor dining experience. As with our parasols, you can add them as a bundle deal when buying a patio dining set and make big savings. Made from a fast-drying outdoor fabric, they’re water and UV-resistant. Metal can get hot to the touch in direct sunlight so this is a great way to overcome that little issue.
  7. Consider your outdoor cooking options
    If you enjoy dining outside, then you might want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio setup. This will provide you with added convenience and the opportunity to entertain guests while you prepare their food.
  8. Set your patio table
    If you’re having guests over or just the family, dress your patio dining table with weather-resistant tablecloths, placemats, and tableware. Opt for unbreakable dishes and glasses to avoid any little accidents. Outdoor-friendly serving trays and containers can also be used to bring any food to the table. Our How to get your patio table for a garden party article has some great pointers if you need a little help and inspiration.
  9. Add some finishing touches
    To complete the outdoor dining setup, consider adding some decorative finishing touches such as throws, outdoor rugs, decorative lanterns, table centrepiece, garden art, a water feature or a Bluetooth speaker for some background music. No matter what finishing touches you choose, just make sure they reflect your style and help enhance the space so that you’ll enjoy spending more time in it.

Our favourite patio furniture sets for your outdoor dining area 

If you need a little inspiration our ultimate guide to transforming your outdoor space with our patio furniture looks in detail at how you can transform your outdoor space both aesthetically and functionally.

We’ve also utilised Customer Photos throughout our website to best help you visualise how our Patio Furniture Sets could look in your outdoor dining area.

Here’s a small sample of some recent favourites from our gallery:

Customer Photographs

You can view the full Gallery, or the photos are featured throughout the shop on our product pages.

If you have any photos of your Lazy Susan Patio Furniture Sets in your outdoor space, then we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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