The ultimate guide to transforming your outdoor space with our patio furniture

If there’s one thing we know for sure after all our time in this industry, it's that the right patio furniture will transform your outdoor space aesthetically, and most importantly, functionally...

The right Patio Furniture will make your garden, patio, deck, terrace, balcony, or wherever look better, and more inviting. It will provide you with an outdoor spot where you can kick back and relax or pull up a chair and enjoy food and drinks with your family and friends.

So if you’re in the market for new patio furniture this summer, then here we’ve compiled our ultimate guide to picking the right set to transform your outdoor space and, in this article, we want to take a closer look at:

  • Why does every garden need patio furniture?
  • What are the different types of patio furniture?
  • What are the different styles of patio furniture?
  • Why buy a patio table and chairs?
  • Different types of patio table and chair sets
  • How do you decide what type of patio furniture is best?
  • How do you intend to use your patio furniture?
  • Which patio furniture material is right for you?
  • Why are patio furniture durability and weather resistance important?
  • Which patio furniture material is the most low maintenance?
  • Why should you set a budget when shopping for new patio furniture?
  • How do buy the right size patio furniture?
  • Why is comfort important when buying new patio furniture?
  • How do you order patio furniture from Lazy Susan?
  • How do you arrange patio furniture in your garden?
  • The Lazy Susan patio furniture range

Why does every garden need patio furniture?

Why a garden needs patio furniture?

If you truly want to spend quality time in your garden, then good Patio Furniture is essential for a number of reasons:

  1. Comfort
    The right patio furniture set will create a comfortable seating area for you to relax and enjoy your garden. It will open up your home to an outdoor living area that will allow you to sit, read, entertain guests, or simply sit back and take in your garden. We discuss the importance of comfort in our how to maximise comfort on our metal patio furniture article.
  2. Outdoor Dining
    The most popular style of patio furniture sets in the UK continues to be dining-style tables and chairs. And in our opinion, nothing beats the outdoor dining experience. You can entertain friends with a meal in the garden, gather the family for a BBQ or just simply sit back with a glass or two of your favourite tipple and enjoy the fresh air.
  3. Design Aesthetics
    The right patio furniture will enhance the overall look and feel of your outdoor dining area and your wider home and garden. In fact, we would go as far as saying that no garden is truly finished without a place to sit. It not only brings a touch of style and personality, but our collection will also perfectly complement your outdoor space with some subtle sophistication.
  4. Quality Time
    Nothing beats spending quality time with your friends and family in the summer, and in our humble opinion, that is always best done outside when the sun shines. Good patio furniture will help you be the host with the most and bring the comfort of indoor dining outside. It will create an inviting space for friends and family to gather, chat, or host activities such as a garden party BBQ or outdoor games night.
  5. Flexibility
    Our patio furniture is sturdy but lightweight, so it is easy to pick up and move. This allows for versatility in arranging your outdoor space. You can rearrange the furniture according to your needs, whether it's a large BBQ for friends or a coffee with your neighbour, shade-seeking, or altering the seating arrangement for a party, our collection can be tailored to your specific seating needs.
  6. Protection
    Good patio furniture should also provide shade and protection from direct sunlight or light rain. Accessories such as our Parasols will safeguard you and your guests from the sun or that inevitable great British summer shower, allowing you to spend more time outdoors in comfort.

Overall, having the right patio furniture will not only enhance the functionality and aesthetics in your garden, it should do so in a comfortable and with versatility.

What are the different types of patio furniture?

What are the different types of patio furniture?

When we talk about the type of Patio Furniture here at Lazy Susan, we are referring to what function that piece performs, and there are a number of popular types of sets and individual pieces.

This list is not complete but the main best-selling types on sale in the UK include:

  1. Patio Dining Sets
    These typically include a dining-style patio table and a set of chairs designed. They come in various table shapes, sizes, styles and seating options. This is the focus of our Patio Furniture collection and in our shop, you’ll find a range of rectangle, round, oval and square patio tables constructed from high-grade cast aluminium in a choice of 2 to 10+ seater sets.
  2. Patio Coffee Table Sets
    These types of sets generally consist of a lower comfortable patio sofa-style chair paired with a low coffee table or side table. Designed for more casual lounging and socialising, they are great for those with limited outdoor space who prefer to simply kick back and relax. To create this look with Lazy Susan, you can pair our Patio Garden Benches with our stylish Side/Coffee Tables.
  3. Patio Bistro Sets
    On the other hand, if outdoor space is limited but you do prefer to dine outside, then a 2-seater Patio Bistro Set is the perfect solution. Packing with Parisienne café chic, they’re super versatile and pack a whole lot of patio table into a compact footprint.
    Patio Sofa Sets
    Our focus is on patio dining, so a sofa-style set is not something we sell at Lazy Susan but they’re the perfect solution if you want to simply relax. If you’ve got the patio space, then our advice would be to zone it for both dining and reclining, to create the perfect outdoor room.
  4. Patio Sun Loungers
    If you want to take your relaxation up another notch, then you need to go horizontal. Designed to allow you to put your feet up to relax and sunbathe in comfort, our adjustable back Patio Sun Loungers offer bags of style and summer sophistication.
  5. Patio Benches
    If you want to create a more sturdy-looking seating area, maybe away in a quiet corner off the main patio, then our Patio Benches are the perfect choice. Also popular with Lazy Susan customers, is to purchase them as part of our bundle deals (more of those in a mo) along with a Patio Dining Set so you can pull it up to the table when you need to squeeze in a few extra guests.
  6. Patio Hammocks & Swing Chairs
    If you want to be on-trend then nothing is hotter than a patio Swing Chair or Garden Hammock. You won’t find them in our collection but there are some great options on sale in the UK. These seats provide a fab gentle swing motion but our advice is to go for one with a sturdy frame and plenty of room to put your feet up, sit back and relax.

What are the different styles of patio furniture?

What are the different styles of patio furniture?

There is a wide range of different styles of furniture available to purchase in the UK. Some of the popular or more well-known ones include:

  • Traditional
    Classical designs, intricate patterns and traditional materials.
  • Contemporary
    Clean lines, minimalistic designs, and modern materials.
  • Modern Classical
    Timeless outdoor furniture pieces that combine elements of traditional or classical design with contemporary materials and designs. 
  • Rustic
    Natural materials like reclaimed timbers and natural wood stone in simple designs.
  • Coastal
    Nautical-inspired design elements with a weathered, distressed, rustic finish.
  • Scandinavian
    Simple, minimalist design and use of natural materials. 
  • Mid-Century Modern
    Inspired by the design styles of the mid-20th century such as clean lines with organic shapes.
  • Industrial
    A rugged and utilitarian look focussed on durability and functionality. 
  • Farmhouse
    Distressed timbers, often in combination with other materials, with inspiration from traditional rural farmhouses. 
  • Boho
    A mix of colours, patterns, and materials to create a vibrant, free-spirited, and artistic look.
  • Cottage
    Inspired by the simplicity and rustic lifestyle of rural cottages. Think natural materials and distressed or “antiqued” feel.
  • Mediterranean
    Inspired by the countries and regions that border the Med and reflecting the relaxed, sun-soaked, and outdoor-oriented lifestyles of the region. 
  • Asian
    Zen-inspired style from Asia that uses natural materials like bamboo, stone, and wood.
  • Eclectic
    Anything goes with an eclectic style that blends various styles in this list to create a unique outdoor space. 
  • Vintage
    Design trends, materials, and craftsmanship of its era and is often sought after for its timeless appeal. 
  • French
    Known for its elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail.
  • Victorian
    Artisan craftsmanship, ergonomic forms and metalwork reminiscent of the opulence of the Victorian era.

Often many of these styles cross over and in choosing the right style several factors such as personal taste, the overall design of your outdoor space, and your budget.

If you are unsure, then do a little research, and ask the following:

  1. What is your style preference?
  2. What will work with your current outdoor living space?
  3. What furniture materials will work best for you and where do you want to put them?

Shop around and do your research to find a style that works. Look for inspiration on websites, in style magazines, and on social media.

See what family, friends and neighbours have done in their outdoor spaces too and see what fits and resonates.

We cover this subject in much greater detail in our How to choose the right style of patio furniture post, which looks at how you can create many of the above looks with our range.

Why buy a patio table and chairs?

Why buy a patio table and chairs?

With all the different styles and types available, you might ask why buy a patio table set from us? 

That’s a very good question and, as a company whose focus is on patio dining, we can think of several reasons why you might choose to buy a patio table and chairs from us over other popular types of Patio Furniture sets:

  1. Patio Dining
    A patio table and chairs will provide a comfortable and convenient area for outdoor dining and hosting. It allows you to enjoy a meal with family and friends while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of your outdoor space.
  2. Patio Entertaining
    The word “patio” comes from Spain and it basically means backyard or back garden. Traditionally, it is the open inner courtyard of a Spanish-style home that features a patio table and chairs for outdoor dining and entertaining. 
  3. Patio Relaxation
    A patio table and chairs will give you a dedicated space in your garden for relaxation and dining. You can read a book, have a cup of coffee, or serve up a meal to guests on a summer's eve.
  4. Patio Living Space
    A patio table and chairs will effectively extend your useable living space from the inside of your home to the outside. It will allow you to maximise the way you use that space and provide extra square feet for socialising with friends and spending time with your loved ones.
  5. Patio Style
    A patio table and chairs will not only look great they will also create a focal point on your patio. It will draw you outside and the right set will elevate your patio into a functional area that enhances your garden design scheme and complements the rest of your home.
  6. Patio Versatility
    Patio tables and chairs are, in our opinion, the most versatile of all sets, and they can be used for multiple purposes. As well as dining, you can use them for relaxing, playing games, crafting, or even setting up your laptop and taking the home office outside.
  7. Patio Durability
    Weather resistance is critical. Our patio tables and chairs are specifically designed for outdoor use, ensuring durability and weather resistance. Our sets are constructed from high-grade cast aluminium that is light enough to pick up and move but robust enough to withstand the weather in the UK.
  8. Patio Maintenance
    Our Patio tables and chairs are designed for super easy maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with a little soap and water, and they don't require any regular painting or staining like some other materials.
  9. Patio Investment
    A high-quality patio table and chairs from Lazy Susan will, with minimal maintenance and little protection, last you for many summers to come. Plus, creating a stylish outdoor dining area it can be a great selling point if you decide to put your home on the market.

We look a little closer at how to decide which set is right for your outdoor space in our top tips for choosing the perfect patio table and chairs post, but basically, a good one should provide you with a practical and functional place to dine, relax, socialise, and enjoy your garden with family and friends.

Different types of patio table and chair sets

Different styles of patio table and chairs sets

When it comes to a Patio Furniture set comprising of patio table and chairs, there are also a number of different options or table types to choose from:

  1. Patio Dining Sets
    The best-selling type or style of patio table set generally includes a square, rectangle, oval or round dining table with between four to eight patio chairs. They are designed for outdoor dining and are perfect for those who like to eat outside with family or entertain friends.
  2. Patio Bistro Sets
    Bistro sets are smaller in size and include a small, often round table with two chairs. They are perfect for those with limited outdoor spaces or to zone up your patio and pair with a sofa set to bring a little versatility to your outdoor space.
  3. Patio Bar Sets
    Patio bars have risen in popularity during the pandemic, so it makes sense to see some fab sets at some of the recent trade shows we’ve attended. They feature a tall table with coordinating bar chairs, resembling a bar, and provide a casual outdoor option for entertaining, serving drinks and socialising.
  4. Patio Lounge Table Sets
    Unlike the more formal stylings of a dining-style table, Patio Lounge Table Sets are designed to combine relaxation and the casual dining of a low coffee table. They are great for lounging, reading, or enjoying drinks and nibbles.
  5. Patio Coffee Table Sets
    Patio Coffee Table sets are similar in form to lounge sets but generally smaller in size. They often consist of a 2-seater seat such as a patio sofa or patio bench, along with a low coffee-style table. Some sets will also include two single seats to up the set to a 4-seater. Perfect for creating a cosy seating area where you can sit and have a drink with a loved one.
  6. Folding Patio Table Sets
    A folding Patio Table Set is perfect for those with limited space, such as an apartment balcony, to provide a convenient and portable place to eat and drink. Both the table and chairs can be folded so they are easy to move and stored when not in use.

These are just a few examples of the different types of patio table and chair sets available but it gives you an idea of the different features you can choose from.

How do you decide what type of patio furniture is best?

How do you decide what type of patio furniture is best?

When it comes to choosing which type of Patio Furniture or which style of patio table and chairs is best for you, it all comes down to factors such as personal preference, available space, and how you like or intend to use your outdoor patio space.

The key factors we think you need to consider before you buy are:

  1. Use
    Determine how you plan to use your patio furniture. Do you frequently host outdoor gatherings? Will it be primarily used for dining, lounging, or both?
  2. Material
    Different materials have different characteristics, durability, and maintenance requirements.
  3. Durability
    Assess how well the furniture can withstand your local climate conditions. If you live in an area with harsh weather (extreme heat, intense sun exposure, heavy rain, or high wind), choose materials that are suitable for such conditions. Ensure the furniture is designed to resist fading, warping, rusting, or corrosion.
  4. Maintenance
    Determine the level of maintenance you are willing to commit to. Some materials, like wood, require regular cleaning and treatment, while others, like metal or plastic, are usually easier to maintain.
  5. Budget
    Set a budget based on how much you are willing to spend, keeping in mind that higher-quality materials and designs often come at a higher cost.
  6. Size & Space
    Consider the available space on your patio or outdoor area. Measure the area accurately to ensure the furniture fits comfortably without overcrowding.
  7. Comfort
    Think about the level of comfort provided by different designs and materials. Look to add accessories like Patio Cushions and Parasols to provide comfort and shade.

It's essential to do a little research to establish which type or style of set will best suit your garden and how you like to spend time in it.

If buying online from a company like us, shop around for the best deals, look at online reviews, recommendations, customer photos, etc to evaluate the quality and durability. 

If you are unsure about which materials work best together then our What type of furniture is best for your patio surface? article looks in detail at the suitability of different patio furniture materials on different patio surfaces

To help you make a more informed purchase, we will now look at each of the key buying factors in a little more detail.

How do you intend to use your patio furniture?

How do you intend to use your patio furniture?

We say this so often we should get it printed on t-shirts but we can’t stress enough how important it is to think about how you like to use your Patio Furniture before you buy new. 

For example, if you plan on entertaining guests on your patio, then you'll need a table large enough with enough seats for everyone.

How you use your patio is important because it ensures you will get the best type of furniture to fit your lifestyle. 

You want a set that is functional, comfortable, and encourages people to head outside when the sun is shining.

The right patio furniture will extend your living space and help you best enjoy your garden. 

There are many different ways that people use their patios, but some of the most popular activities include:

  1. Entertaining
    Patios are perfect for entertaining guests. You can host an al fresco dinner party for friends or provide a comfortable spot to enjoy an evening meal with your family. Go for one of our larger 8-Seater Patio Sets if you want to get the party started.
  2. BBQ
    If you have a BBQ on your patio, then you can use it to cook delicious meals for family and friends. Grilling is a great way to enjoy some delicious food and our 6-Seater Patio Sets are perfect if you want to entertain a few guests.
  3. Relaxing
    Patios are a great place to relax and unwind. You can sit in a comfortable chair and read a book, or you could soak up the sun on our Patio Sun Loungers.
  4. Games
    Patios are a great place to play games with family and friends. Why not set up your next game of Bridge on your patio at one of our 4-Seater Patio Tables?
  5. Gardening
    If you enjoy gardening, then the patio, as well as being a great spot to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, is also the perfect place to sit down and enjoy all the hard work. Take in the fruits of your labour on our stylish Patio Benches.
  6. Pets
    We can’t forget our furry friends. Patios are an excellent place for your pets to run and play. If you have a dog or cat, then set up one of our Patio Bistro Sets and you can join them in the sunshine and fresh air.

By considering how you like you use your patio, you can choose a set or specific pieces of furniture that will make your outdoor space more inviting and enjoyable to spend that all-important quality time in.

If you need a little help and inspiration planning and organising your next outdoor shindig then our how to set your patio garden furniture for a summer party article has all our top tips on how to get your table ready for guests.

Which patio furniture material is right for you?

Which patio furniture material is right for you?

Most of us tend to have a preference when it comes to different materials, and no Patio Furniture material is perfect (no matter what we or our competitors might say), but by understanding the pros and cons we can pick one that best suits our style, home/garden, climate and budget.

The popular choices in the UK are:

  1. Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture
    Whilst rattan is a material, wicker is the style and method of weaving said material into patio furniture, and it can be made from natural fibres or synthetic materials such as resin. The natural pieces are not suitable for outdoor use but the modern synthetic sets have a natural appearance, are lightweight, and weather-resistant. Our Can you put wicker furniture in the garden? article takes a closer look at the difference between natural and synthetic rattans.
    Pros: Natural, Attractive, Durable, Long-lasting, Weather-resistant, Lightweight
    Cons: Susceptible to fading, Difficult to clean & maintain, Not as comfortable as other materials
  2. Metal Patio Furniture
    The popular metals used to make patio furniture are Cast Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron. All have their own unique qualities but all are sturdy, durable and low maintenance. At Lazy Susan our range is constructed from a high-grade sand cast aluminium that is lightweight and rust-resistant. Our History of metal garden furniture article is an interesting read if you wanted to know how it became the best-selling patio furniture material.
    Pros: Durable, Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance, Highly Weather Resistant, Robust
    Cons: Can be hot to the touch in direct sunlight, Can be noisy when moved, Susceptible to rust if protective finish compromised
  3. Wood Patio Furniture
    If you want a natural material then wood from a sustainable source is the way to go. However, whilst visually appealing, it will require regular maintenance to prevent weather damage. In our experience, you get what you pay for. Softwoods such as Cedar require regular protection to keep them weatherproof. Hardwoods such as mahogany and teak are more expensive but they have a higher natural oil content so are better suited to outdoor use. Our What's the best type of wooden garden furniture for the UK? article is a great read if you want to know more.
    Pros: Natural, Attractive, Durable, Long-Lasting, Easy to repair or re-finish
    Cons: Hardwoods are expensive, Require regular maintenance, such as staining or sealing, Susceptible to splitting, rotting, mildew, and insect damage, Can be heavy and difficult to move
  4. Plastic Resin Patio Furniture
    Made from petroleum, the two popular types of plastic used to make patio furniture in the UK are High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polyethylene High-Density (PEHD). They are both robust and reliable thermoplastic polymers that are affordable, lightweight, and low maintenance. Resin furniture can also resemble other materials like wood but our advice is to not try and fake it but go for something modern in bold colours such as orange, green or blue like those in Sklum’s Ores Chairs.
    Pros: Low-maintenance, Weather-Resistant, Lightweight, Inexpensive
    Cons: Easily scratched or broken, Can look cheap, Not as durable as other materials

In terms of applying those pros and cons to your own patio to establish which material is best for you, ask yourself the following:

  1. What will fit best with the style of your home and garden?
    If you have a traditional home and garden, then you might want to choose patio furniture made from a classic material such as wood or a classically styled iron or cast aluminium such as the sets in our range. If you prefer a more modern look, then you might want to choose patio furniture made from modern tubular steel or a chunky moulded plastic resin.
  2. What is the climate like where you live?
    If you live in a hot and humid climate for example, then you might want to choose patio furniture that is made from materials that are more resistant to moisture, such as teak and natural wicker. If you live in a colder part of the world, then you might want to choose furniture made from materials that are more resistant to the elements such as cast aluminium or plastic resin.
  3. What is your budget?
    Patio furniture set prices vary from under a hundred pounds to over two thousand. Always set a budget before you start shopping so you don't overspend. Even within the same material, you will get good and bad quality, so make sure you do your research too. That DIY-store wooden patio table might look a bargain buy but if it is made from a superior softwood then it could cost you more in maintenance (or even require replacing) in the long run.
  4. How do you plan to store and protect your patio furniture?
    Our furniture is designed to be left outside in all weather, the painted finish will protect it. However, if you do, it will get dirty. To prevent that, you can cover it or store it in a shed. Other materials could quickly fade or weather if left exposed. For example, if you’re happy to maintain then you can go for a heavier material. If you want to store in say a shed then you need something that you can easily pick up and move.
  5. How much maintenance are you happy to do?
    Some furniture materials are more difficult to maintain than others. For example, wooden patio furniture requires regular,  cleaning and re-staining/painting with specialist products to keep it weatherproof. Our cast aluminium has a tough painted finish to protect it, so it can be wiped down with nothing more than a little soapy water. If you don't have the time or inclination to maintain your furniture, you might want to choose a material that is low-maintenance.

Why are patio furniture durability and weather resistance important?

Why are patio furniture durability and weather resistance important?

If something is going to sit outside, even in the summer here in the UK, then you definitely want it to be both durable and weather resistant.

When it comes to Patio Furniture you want it to be well-made and  designed to stand up to the elements for a number of important reasons:

  1. Protect your investment
    Patio furniture is a big-ticket item, so you want to protect that investment to ensure it lasts for many years. Durable and weather-resistant furniture such as our collection is less likely to be damaged by the elements, such as rain, snow, wind, and sun but it still pays to be proactive. Find out How to maintain our outdoor tables and chairs.
  2. Extend the life of your patio furniture
    Even if you don't have a big budget, you should still look for a quality product constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials. It will save you money in the long run as you won't have to replace your patio furniture as often.
  3. Keep your garden and patio looking good
    Durable and weather-resistant patio furniture made from materials like cast aluminium will also help to keep your patio looking its best for longer. This is because it is less likely to split, fade, crack, or warp when left exposed to the elements.
  4. Create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space
    When you have durable and weather-resistant patio furniture, you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space when the weather permits. You won't have to worry about your furniture being damaged by the elements. Here in the UK, even in summer, we can see 4-seasons in one day but cast aluminium is quick and easy to dry so it's ready to use.

Which patio furniture material is the most low maintenance?

Which patio furniture material is the most low maintenance?

There are a number of Patio Furniture materials that we would classify as low-maintenance, and they include our own cast aluminium, poly rattan, teak and recycled plastics.

The reason we chose aluminium to form the base material for our collection is that it is the best all-rounder. As we’ve already said earlier in this post, no patio material is perfect. We simply weighed up the pros and cons, much like we are advising you to do.

Our cast aluminium is a lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant metal that is perfect for outdoor furniture. It is easy to clean with soapy water, and it can withstand all the weather conditions we see in the UK. 

We further protect the raw metal with a tough painted finish that helps protect it from the elements. This is designed to last and will not need to be reapplied as you’d find with wrought iron or wood.

Ultimately, the best material for you will depend on your needs and preferences. However, if you’re looking for a material that is low-maintenance and durable, then our cast aluminium range, is definitely worth considering.

Why should you set a budget when shopping for new patio furniture?

Why should you set a budget when shopping for new patio furniture?

We have stressed the importance of setting a budget when looking to purchase new patio furniture a number of times in this article already, however, it is worth highlighting why:

  1. Prevent Overspending
    We all know how easy it is to get carried away when shopping for new furniture, especially if you see something you really like. However, by setting a budget, you're less likely to overspend and you’ll end up with patio furniture that you can afford and is right for your garden.
  2. Shop Smarter
    Sticking to a budget will help you stay focused on the furniture that you can actually afford but try not to be too swayed by end-of-season sales. This is often when retailers are selling off stuff that didn’t sell in the summer. Instead look for summer deals such as bundles, discounts and promos. 
  3. Simplicity
    When you have a budget, you'll know exactly how much you can spend on each piece or set of patio furniture. Combined with careful research this will help to take the stress out of the shopping process.
  4. Best Deals
    When you know how much you can spend, you're more likely to find the best deals on patio furniture too. You can quickly pass on furniture that is over your budget and focus on the best patio furniture that’s in budget.

Here are some of our top tips for setting yourself a budget when shopping for new Patio Furniture in our shop:

  1. Estimate
    Think about how much you're comfortable spending from your wages on new patio furniture each month as this will give you a starting point on what you can comfortably spend. For example, if you can spare £50 a month, then that equates to a £600 set such as our 4-Seater Jill Set.
  2. Measure
    If you have a small patio, then you won't need to purchase as big a patio table as someone with a large patio. By measuring the free space you want the furniture to go, you can narrow down your budget to patio sets that will best fit. Our recent How to choose the right size garden table set post looks at this in detail for our range.
  3. Style
    If you have a specific style in mind, this will also help you to narrow down your budget. For example, if you want cast aluminium patio furniture, then you'll need to set a higher budget than if you just want plastic resin.
  4. Research
    As we said earlier, the best purchases are an informed one, so before you start shopping, do some research on the different types of patio furniture and their prices. This will help you to get an idea of what you can get for your budget.

How do buy the right size patio furniture?

How do buy the right size patio furniture?

We talk about this subject a lot on our blog but that’s because it is the most common mistake people make. 

And not just buying sets that are too big for their patio, but buying them too small so that they don’t fit their needs or look lost when in situ too.

To get the right size Patio Furniture we advise our customers to follow these 4 basic steps:

  1. Measure
    The first step is to measure your patio so you know how much free space you have to work with. This will help you determine the size of the furniture you need and what will fit and best work when in situ.
  2. Purpose
    Think carefully about how you currently use your or how you’d like to use your patio. If, for example, you plan on entertaining friends and family, then you'll need more space for a larger patio table and chairs. If it is just for a few drinks on an evening, then maybe you can get away with a smaller table such as a Bistro or 4-seater set.
  3. Size/Shape
    Think about the size and shape of your furniture too. Not all patio furniture is created equal. For example, a square garden table can be pushed up against a wall, while a similar-sized round table will fit and flow better when positioned centrally on a small patio. Take the dimensions (you’ll find ours for each set and piece in our range) and work out what will best fit and flow on your patio. We looked at the advantages of a round patio table in our recent the advantages of choosing a round garden table and chairs for your patio article.
  4. Working Space
    Always leave some free space around your patio furniture to create what we call the "working space". As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend between 50 and 75 cm to give you enough room to pull chairs out and walk around the furniture safely and comfortably.

Why is comfort important when buying new patio furniture?

Why is comfort important when buying new patio furniture?

Comfort is super important when buying new Patio Furniture because you want pieces that encourage time spent outside. If the furniture isn’t comfy, then you will not use it. 

Comfort is important when buying new patio furniture because:

  1. Quality Time
    If you have a patio, then you want to spend time on it.
  2. Entertaining
    If you entertain guests, then you want the furniture to be comfortable for them too.
  3. Relaxation
    Comfort will affect your mood, so when you are comfortable, you’re more likely to relax and unwind.

It is also worth reiterating that comfort is not just about ergonomics too. 

Yes, that is imperative, but other factors such as shade and heat on an evening can greatly improve the quality time you spend on your patio.

How do you order patio furniture from Lazy Susan?

How do you order patio furniture from Lazy Susan?

Once you’ve done your research and decided to buy from us, here are the steps on how to order patio furniture from Lazy Susan:

  1. Shop
    Go to our website and browse our full range of Patio Furniture.
  2. Add To Basket
    Once you've found the patio furniture set you want, add it to your basket.
  3. Create Your Perfect Set
    You can proceed to checkout or you can take advantage of our bundle deals and a host of coordinating accessories, from Cushions and Parasols to Additional/Upgraded Chairs and Side Tables, at discounted prices.
  4. Checkout
    Enter your shipping information, any promo/discount codes and your payment details.
  5. Purchase
    Review your order and submit it.
  6. Customer Service
    If you have any further questions before you buy, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.
  7. Create Account
    You can also register and create an account to make it easier to track your order and make future purchases from us.
  8. Promo Codes
    We also offer regular discounts, competitions, and promotions in our shop and you can find these on our homepage, social media channels and by signing up for our Newsletter in the orange box at the bottom of this page.
  9. Delivery
    We offer a variety of delivery options, full details can be found here.
  10. Returns
    For total peace of mind, we have a Returns policy if goods are faulty or you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

How do you arrange patio furniture in your garden?

How do you arrange patio furniture in your garden?

Our Patio Furniture is supplied Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) to make it easier to ship. For example, tables are sent to you with the base/legs off the tabletop and these need to be bolted together.

Assembly is easy and we provide clear instructions, parts and tools for the construction of our patio furniture. 

However, once constructed, arranging patio furniture in your garden can also greatly enhance the functionality and style of your outdoor space. 

Here are some tips to help you best arrange your new Lazy Susan patio furniture more effectively:

  1. Assess your patio space
    Create a layout plan of where the furniture will best fit, taking into consideration, dimensions, shape, working space and any existing structures or features you want to work around such as steps, planters, etc.
  2. Create a focal point on your patio
    Establish a main focal point in your garden, such as a statement tree, a view beyond or a water feature, and work from that. Of course, you can have multiple focal points in a garden, but try and look to create a sense of visual structure. For example, the patio furniture can be part of the journey outside and onto the rest of your garden.
  3. Create patio zones by function
    A favourite technique here at Lazy Susan is to divide your outdoor space into functional zones based on the activities you like to do. Common examples include seating zone and dining zone, quiet relaxation corner, etc. Create clearly define boundaries between each zone and position the furniture to create separation.
  4. Consider patio traffic flow
    Think about how you move around the space when the furniture is in place. Ensure there is enough room for people to move around the patio safely and comfortably without obstructions.
  5. Group your patio furniture
    Grouping patio furniture pieces together based on function is a great way to create a space to spend quality time. For example, you can create an intimate seating area with a garden bench, a few chairs and a low coffee table, or a stylish dining area with a round patio table and 6 x chairs. Arrange the furniture in a way that allows for easy conversation flow.
  6. Be efficient on a small patio
    If you have limited outdoor space, opt for smaller multifunctional patio furniture that can perform a number of different functions. For example, a compact Patio Bistro set can be used for an intimate meal for two or relaxing with a glass of wine and a good book.
  7. Experiment with your patio layout
    Don't be afraid to play around with your patio furniture arrangement. Our furniture is sturdy but not so heavy you can’t easily pick it up and move it around your patio. Experiment with a few different layouts to see what functions and flows best.

The Lazy Susan patio furniture range

Lazy Susan Patio Furniture Range

At Lazy Susan our mission is to sell a range of patio furniture that is designed to sit at the heart of your garden

We want to inspire people to spend more time in their gardens. Whether that’s making memories with loved ones, or simply relaxing, we want you to enjoy the good bits of your outside space and let our furniture do the hard work. 

We take pride in everything we do. Our products are beautifully designed and then crafted from high-quality materials. In fact, Lazy Susan furniture won’t rust, warp or rot when you leave it outside all year long, no matter what the weather brings. 

Our staff are dedicated to delivering the best possible service to every customer, this is reflected in the glowing reviews and customer photos you’ll find featured across our website.

The Lazy Susan patio furniture range features a collection of patio tables, chairs, benches, sun loungers, parasols, coffee tables, cushions, and accessories all in our trademark timeless style.

Each piece is handcrafted and powder coated to ensure a lasting and durable finish, and you’ll find a range of extension tables, 10-seater, 8-seater, 6-seater, 4-seater and 2-seater bistro sets, along with a host of optional upgrades and accessories.

From tiny urban terraces to leafy country gardens, we have the perfect patio furniture to enable you to enjoy the best of the UK weather. Maintenance-free, our garden furniture sets are designed to live outside all year and only get better with age.

Shop the full Lazy Susan Patio Furniture range.

If you have any photos of your Lazy Susan Patio Furniture in your outdoor space, we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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