How to buy patio furniture for how you like to use your garden

Are you a relaxer or an entertainer? How do you choose the right patio furniture to fit with how you like to use your garden? That is what the Lazy Susan team are looking at in this article...

We use our patios in a variety of ways but most important is that they enhance our outdoor living experience and help us to make the most of our gardens. 

Here are some of the popular ways we like to use our patios in the UK:

1. Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

Probably the most popular pastime and therefore the most popular type of patio set is to use the space as an outdoor dining area. Equipped with a patio table and chairs, family and friends can enjoy a meal or a BBQ.

2. Relaxation


Up there with dining, many of us use our patios as a place to simply unwind and relax. This could include lounging in the sun, grabbing a drink on a comfortable outdoor sofa, reading a book, or simply enjoying the fresh air.

3. Entertainment


Patios can serve as great outdoor entertainment areas. You could set up an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and grill or a garden bar for hosting summer parties and enjoying drinks with friends.

The market is growing and savvy homeowners are installing features like fire pits, outdoor TVs, and sound systems for entertainment.

4. Gardening


Patios are not just about furniture, they are also the perfect space for container gardening. You can place potted plants, flowers, small shrubs and trees or herb gardens on your patio to enhance its beauty, blur the lines with the rest of your garden and surround yourself with greenery.

5. Exercise


Post-pandemic many of us use our patios for yoga, exercise, or fitness activities. The open space and fresh air make it an ideal spot for outdoor workouts.

6. Play Area

Play Area

Families with small children often use their patios as an outdoor play area. It can be a place for kids to play with toys, draw with chalk, or engage in various outdoor activities such as crafting at your patio table.

7. Sunbathing


Patios with comfortable lounge chairs or sun loungers provide the perfect spot for kicking back, sunbathing and getting some much-needed Vitamin D when the weather permits.

8. Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Some will set up their patios as creative spaces for arts and crafts, painting, or other hobbies. It's a serene environment that can inspire creativity.

8. Pets


Patios can be pet-friendly spaces where dogs and cats can relax or play. Some homeowners even create dedicated pet-friendly zones with water features or designated pet play areas.

10. Outdoor Office

Outdoor Office

With the rise of remote working, some of us have transformed our patios into outdoor home offices. It allows us to work in the fresh air and still stay productive.

11. Reading


Patios are the ideal spot for creating a cosy reading nook. Adding a comfortable chair and a small table can make it the perfect place to enjoy a good book.

The specific use of a patio depends on personal preference, the size and layout of your patio, the local climate, and the overall design of your outdoor space. 

Many of us use patios for multiple purposes, allowing us to adapt to different activities and occasions and create a true outdoor living spaces.

What are the common types of patio furniture on sale in the UK?

Here in the UK, you can find a wide variety of patio furniture options to suit different tastes and preferences. Some of the best-selling types of patio furniture available for sale in the UK include:

1. Garden Dining Sets

Garden Dining Sets

These sets typically include a table and chairs, perfect for outdoor dining. They come in various materials, such as wood, metal, rattan, or plastic.

2. Sun Loungers

Sun Loungers

Ideal for sunbathing or relaxing in the garden, they often have adjustable backrests and may come with cushions or padding for added comfort.

3. Garden Sofas & Sectional Seating

Garden Sofas & Sectional Seating

Outdoor sofas and sectionals are great for creating a cosy seating area for socialising or relaxation. They often feature weather-resistant cushions for extra comfort.

4. Garden Benches

Garden Benches

Garden benches offer a classic and versatile seating option. They come in various styles and materials and can be paired with a side or coffee table to create an intimate seating area.

5. Bistro Sets

Bistro Sets

These small cafe-style sets generally include a compact table and two chairs. They're perfect for smaller outdoor spaces or for creating an intimate outdoor dining spot.

6. Swing Seats & Hammocks

Swing Seats & Hammocks

Swing seats and hammocks provide a relaxing and swinging seating experience and were a big trend during the pandemic.

How do you choose the right type of garden furniture?

Choosing the right type of garden furniture to fit your preferences and how you like to spend time in your garden involves considering various factors such as your lifestyle, the size and style of your outdoor space, and your taste. 

Here are some simple steps to help you make the right choice:


1. Measure

Measure your outdoor space to determine the available area for furniture. Consider the layout, traffic flow, and any specific zones (dining, lounging, etc.) you want to create.


2. Purpose

Consider how you plan to use your patio space. Do you want it for dining, relaxing, entertaining, gardening, or a combination of several activities?


3. Lifestyle

Take into account your lifestyle and outdoor habits. Do you spend most of your time outside during the day or evening? Are you an avid gardener, a frequent BBQ host, or someone who enjoys some me time?


4. Materials

Choose materials that suit your climate and how much maintenance you’re prepared to do. Common options in the UK include wood, metal, plastic/resin, and rattan.


5. Style

Choose a furniture style that complements the style of your garden and home. Consider factors like colour, design, and patterns that resonate with your taste.


6. Comfort

Ensure that seating is ergonomically designed and pair it with shade and cushions to up the comfort.

7. Maintenance & Storage

Consider how you will store your furniture during the off-season. Folding or stackable furniture is convenient for small spaces. Think about maintenance requirements, such as cleaning, staining, or applying protective coatings.


8. Budget

Set a budget that aligns with your preferences and the quality of furniture you desire. Invest in materials that require minimal maintenance and are designed to sit outside all year round.


9. Sustainability

If sustainability is important to you, look for eco-friendly options and materials like reclaimed wood or recycled metals.

Weather Resistance

10. Weather Resistance

Ensure the furniture you choose is designed to withstand the changing weather conditions in the UK.


11. Reviews

Research brands and read reviews to ensure you're investing in quality and long-lasting furniture.

Remember that personal preferences vary, so choose garden furniture that aligns with your unique needs and style. It's essential to create a space that you'll enjoy spending time in, whether it's for relaxation, socialising, dining, or any other garden-related activity.

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