How to get your aluminium outdoor furniture ready for summer 2024

We're getting ahead of the curve and looking at our 10 steps to getting your cast aluminium outdoor furniture ready for summer 2024...

Our Aluminium Outdoor Furniture is currently stored in sheds or garages or covered to protect it for the winter. Many of us even choose to just leave it outside as cast aluminium is perfectly suited and designed for just that.

In our experience, whatever you do, it will still get dirty. Dust and debris will blow under covers or through gaps in the shed door, so it often needs a little TLC before it is ready for summer use.

We want to get ahead of the curve and get this article out nice and early and focus on how we can get our cast aluminium outdoor furniture ready for summer 2024.

Giving cast aluminium a summer glow-up involves a combination of cleaning, general maintenance, and the application of one or two protective measures.

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps:

This is our simple 10-step guide to get your aluminium outdoor furniture ready for summer 2024:

1. Clean

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 1. Clean 

Start by giving your furniture a good clean. With cast aluminium, there is no need for any specialist cleaners. A squirt of washing-up liquid or (our preference) a little car shampoo in a bucket of warm soapy water is all you need. With a soft microfibre cloth or sponge, wash the furniture to remove any dirt, dust, and any grime that may have accumulated. Do not use any harsh chemical cleaners, scrubbing pads or brushes as this could damage the finish. If you have any stubborn stains then our How to remove tree sap and How to clean bird poo articles have some great tips and tricks.

2. Rinse

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 2. Rinse 

After cleaning, rinse the furniture thoroughly with a garden hose to remove all soapy residue. For the more intricate detail work on our furniture, use the nozzle attachment to reach all those areas. There is no need to use a pressure washer. We would advise against it for all materials (e.g. rattan, plastic, wood, etc) not just metal. They are just too powerful and can strip the finish. Once rinsed, leave it to dry in the sun or speed up the drying process with a towel.

3. Inspect

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 3. Inspect 

Take the time to inspect your outdoor aluminium furniture for any signs of damage, such as chipping or peeling paint, or loose joints. Address any issues promptly to prevent them from getting any worse. Pay close attention to the feet of chairs and tables. If any of the screw in the protective feet has come loose tighten them up or adjust them to level. Don’t forget to have a look at hidden areas such as the underside of tables and chairs. Our motto is prevention is better than cure.

4. Protect

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 4. Protect 

Our outdoor aluminium furniture comes with a protective painted finish powder. It is imperative that the coated finish is in good condition as if moisture can get underneath it can become compromised. Aluminium will not rust but that paint could blister or flake off. When inspecting, if you find any chips or scratches, touch them up immediately with our Touch Up Paints. Our How to touch up paint chips and scratches article walks you through the process and it is shown in the video below.

5. Tighten

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 5. Tighten 

Be sure to check for any loose bolts or joints. Tighten them as needed to ensure the stability and structural integrity of the furniture is maintained.

6. Wax

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 6. Wax 

To enhance the finish and provide a little extra protection to our painted finish, you can apply a light coat of car wax. This step is optional but it will add an extra layer of protection against the elements and help keep it cleaner for longer. Plus, it gives our darker finishes a nice lustre. We look in detail at the reasons why with a step-by-step guide in our How to apply car wax to metal garden furniture article.

7. Accessorise

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 7. Accessorise 

Once all is cleaned, maintained and protected, look at adding some stylish accessories such as cushions or a parasol. If you already have them, then get them out and see if they need a clean. Our How to clean your parasol and awning and Can garden furniture cushions be left outside? articles have all the info you need.

8. Cover

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 8. Cover 

If you don’t use the furniture regularly in the summer or if you're expecting inclement weather, then you should consider investing in some protective covers. They will help to shield your furniture from the elements and will significantly reduce the need for cleaning. Go for fitted covers for each piece rather than one large over the full set and make sure they’re made from a breathable waterproof fabric that is fitted with a way to secure them in place (such as tie-fasteners) like the Covers & All range (pictured above).

9. Arrange

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 9. Arrange 

Think about how you lay out your outdoor furniture on the patio. It could be it goes back where it was or never moves or you might fancy a change. Position it to create a functional space that flows (i.e. the way you move around it) and looks good. Consider factors like sunlight, shade, and the flow of foot traffic in your outdoor space. Our recent Buyer’s Guide has some great tips on getting set up.

10. Style

Get your cast aluminium garden furniture ready in 10-steps | 10. Style 

The last thing to do is add a little of your personality and taste with some simple styling. This could be as simple as a nice potted plant centrepiece or you could define the space with outdoor rugs, pergolas, planters, fire pits, BBQs, etc. It is your space, so you do what will make it the perfect place to spend time in the summer.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your cast aluminium furniture is not only clean and well-maintained but also ready to withstand the demands of a busy summer season.

If you have any photos of your Aluminium Outdoor Furniture in winter or summer, then we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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