Our best-selling 4-seater garden table and chair sets for Summer 2024

The Lazy Susan design team are taking a closer look at why you should purchase a 4-seater garden table and chair set and highlighting some of our best-sellers for Summer 2024...

Our 4-seater Garden Table and Chair sets are one of our best-selling configurations, and we recently published a guide to choosing the perfect 4-seater garden furniture set.

In that article, we stated that our 4-seater tables are:

"Perfect for family dining and just the right size to enjoy brunch or an evening meal on your patio. Our 4-seater Garden Table and Chair sets are compact in terms of the footprint (floor space required for the table and 4 x chairs), but the tabletops on our round tables for example range in size from 80 cm up to 120 cm in diameter, so they will provide you with plenty of space to set plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.”

There are several reasons why purchasing a 4-seater garden table and chairs set from Lazy Susan could be the perfect investment for your outdoor space this summer:

  1. Intimacy
    Our 4-seater sets are perfect for intimate gatherings, whether it's a cosy BBQ with family or a small gathering in the evening with friends. They will provide enough seating for a small group without overwhelming the space.

  2. Efficiency
    If you have a smaller patio or garden area or you want to pair it with a sofa set, then our 4-seater tables offer adequate seating without taking up too much space. They allow you to maximise the use of your outdoor area while still providing a comfortable dining-style arrangement.

  3. Versatility
    A 4-seater set from Lazy Susan can be used to create a dining area for outdoor meals, a space for enjoying drinks and snacks, or a spot for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine with a good book. This versatility makes it a practical addition to any outdoor space.

  4. Maintenance
    Our smaller sets require less maintenance and are easier to clean when compared to a larger set. With fewer chairs and a smaller table, you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your outside space.

  5. Affordability
    Generally, a 4-seater set from Lazy Susan tends to be more affordable than a larger dining or sofa-style set. If you're on a budget or looking for a cost-effective outdoor seating solution, then a 4-seater set offers excellent value for money.

  6. Enhancement
    Our 4-seaters will enhance outdoor living and help you create a designated area to relax, dine, and entertain friends and family. They will encourage you to get outside and spend more time in your garden, enjoying the fresh air and natural surroundings.

  7. Aesthetics
    Good patio furniture contributes to the overall look and feel of your outdoor space, and our 4-seater sets will enhance the ambience and attractiveness of your patio area. They will create a more inviting environment for relaxation, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying a little fresh air.

  8. Functionality
    A well-chosen 4-seater set will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, it will provide you with functional seating options. Our range is designed with comfort and functionality in mind, whether it's the recessed table legs, ergonomic seating, supportive seat pad cushions, or high-grade cast aluminium, they are fit for purpose and outside use.

Lazy Susan’s best-selling 4-seater garden furniture sets for Summer 2024

4-seater Garden Table and Chair set from Lazy Susan is designed to ensure comfort, practicality, durability, safety, versatility, ease of use, good value for money, and these are some of our best-selling sets for Summer 2024:

June 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Antique Bronze

June 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Antique Bronze 

June has been one of our best-selling tables for several years now with the oval shape giving a great combination of versatility and intimacy.

Popular in our Antique Bronze finish, this 4 seater set has a 150 cm x 95 cm top, which features beautiful latticework with a timeless double-helix border.

Constructed in our trademark cast aluminium, June looks fab paired with our April chairs, seat pad cushions and a parasol as shown in the customer photo above.

June offers a nice blend of the benefits of rectangular and round table shapes, making it a popular choice. The lack of sharp corners creates an illusion of space, ideal for smaller outside spaces, while curved edges allow for easy movement around the table.

It can accommodate more people than an equivalent-sized rectangular table due to the lack of corners but everyone is still within easy reach and eye contact, promoting better conversation and connection.

Relax and dine with total peace of mind on this beautiful maintenance-free set that is also available in Slate Grey and White or as a 6-Seater Set.

Shop June

Alice 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Slate Grey

Alice 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Slate Grey

Another best-seller, our Alice in Slate Grey is a popular choice for those looking to put a contemporary twist on a classic style.

Featuring a 120 cm diameter round cast aluminium patio table with a latticework top with an intricate woven border, it is the perfect set for those who like to add a touch of elegance to their al fresco dining experience.

Perfect for small summer BBQs or even just a relaxing evening spent in the sun, whatever the occasion you'll be able to do it in style and with peace of mind with our maintenance-free furniture.

Alice is a flexible shape that will promote conversation, facilitate easy interaction, fit in well on small or awkward-shaped patios and create a cosy and inclusive dining experience.

Flexible seating: No "bad" seats, ideal for uneven guest numbers.

Alice is also available in Antique Bronze and White and as a 6-Seater Set.

Shop Alice

Mia 4-Seater Garden Table Set in White

Mia 4-Seater Garden Table Set in White

Our Mia in White is sure to tick all the style boxes for Summer 2024, and it is easy to see why it is one of our most popular 4-seater sets.

Featuring an 88 cm round tabletop, the elegant design paired with our timeless white painted finish, creates a a bright and airy feel on any patio.

Maintenance-free and extremely hard-wearing, this weatherproof cast aluminium set will never rust, so it is perfect for outdoor dining.

White is a great colour for reflecting light, so it can make your outside space appear larger and more open, whilst evoking a sense of classic sophistication they complement various garden styles.

White also acts as a neutral base, allowing you to easily change up the look with colourful cushions, plants, and other patio decor.

Mia is also available in Antique Bronze and Slate Grey finishes and also as a 2-Seater Bistro Set.

Shop Mia

Lucy 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Antique Bronze

Lucy 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Antique Bronze

Lucy offers something a little different being the only square table in our 4-seater range.

Shown here in our popular Antique Bronze finish, it features a 91cm square cast aluminium tabletop with our trademark latticework and a slim border.

The Lucy table weighs around 15kg, which makes it robust but easy to move around your garden until you find the perfect spot for it. The square shape is compact and space-efficient, and can easily be pushed against a wall and set as a 3-seater if space is limited.

Square patio tables offer a clean and contemporary look that gives all four sides equal space, making it easier for everyone to reach food and drinks, unlike rectangular tables where someone might sit at the "short end”.

Lucy is also available in our White and Slate Grey finishes.

Shop Lucy

Hannah 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Sandstone

Hannah 4-Seater Garden Table Set in Sandstone

Last up is our unique Hannah in Sandstone, This 4 seater set features a 90cm round cast aluminium table with a curved lattice design and beautiful floral border.

The intricate metalwork and painted finish make this table a standout piece in our collection and it is the perfect choice for smaller gardens, patios and balcony spaces.

Perfect for a family meal or casual drinks with friends, our Hannah set is the perfect choice if you want to make the most of long summer evenings.

Like all in our collection, it comes with a choice of chairs so you can customise this set and make it your own, plus, it is also lightweight, so it is easy to move around until you find the perfect spot.

Hannah is also available in our Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White finishes and as a 2-Seater Bistro Set.

Shop Hannah

If you have any photos of your new 4-seater Garden Table and Chair set in your garden, we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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