Pair your garden chairs with our seat cushions

This month we want to take a more detailed look at why you should pair your garden chairs with our seat cushions…

This month we're looking at pairing your garden chairs with a garden bench but another accessory we wanted to put under the spotlight is Garden Cushions. Take a more detailed look at why you should pair your garden chairs with our seat cushions

At Lazy Susan, if you purchase a garden set from us, then there’s an option at checkout to purchase seat cushions and make a significant saving off the full retail price. A gift on us if you make a big purchase. 

Our furniture looks stunning with or without cushions. However, we don’t feel our sets are complete with no seat cushions to pop on when in use. Yes, our garden chairs are comfortable without them. They are ergonomically designed, contoured for comfort. But pair them with a seat cushion and that comfort is taken to the next level.

June 6 Seater Oval Garden Table in Antique Bronze

Given the opportunity to sit outside, dine outside, we want to make the most of it. Enjoy the sunshine. It can be rare in the UK, even in summer. However, to do that, we need to be able to sit at our Lazy Susan garden tables for a number of hours. Eat, kick back, enjoy the conversation, maybe a drink or two. For us, pairing our garden chairs with our fitted cushions is essential to do that in style.

The best way to pair your garden chairs with our seat cushions

As we mentioned in the intro, the best way to purchase our cushions is as a gift. If we take our best selling June 6 Seater Oval Set (above) as an example…

Seat Pad Cushions

That is currently priced at £959.95. If you wanted to purchase 6 Seat Pad Cushions (pictured above) for the April Garden Chairs we supply as standard with this set, then they would set you back £135 for the 6. If you wanted the Curve Back Cushions (shown below) that would be an additional £225. 

Curved Back Seat Cushions

However, add them as a gift at checkout when you purchase the June set, then it would only cost you £87 for the 6 x Seat Pad Cushions and £147 for the Curve Back Cushions. They’re some not too shabby savings if we do say so ourselves.

And it’s not just garden cushions…

You can save up to 40% on a host of gifts and optional upgrades from Parasols and Lazy Susans to Garden Benches and Bistro Sets that will all help to complete the ‘look’.

Please note prices are correct at the date of publication of this blog post.

How to care and maintain our garden chair seat cushions 

Of course, spend all that money on seat cushions and it is important you care and maintain them. Unlike our garden furniture itself, it is best to store them indoors when not in use. 

That said, even garden furniture is best stored indoors or under a cover during the winter months just to keep it clean. But cushions, whilst constructed from a waterproof fabric and quick-drying foam, are definitely best stored indoors when not in use.

If you are interested in the construction of our cushions, why we use the fabric we use, etc, then we would suggest you read out recent Are outdoor furniture cushions waterproof? post. We will provide an overview of how to care and maintain them here but a more comprehensive guide was published in our How to care for outdoor furniture cushions post. 

  • Store them inside when, not in use
  • Store them in garden cushion storage bags if stored in a shed or garage
  • Give them a wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth if they’ve been outside for a day or two during the summer to remove any dust and freshen up.
  • Always make sure they’re fully dry before you use them again or you pop them away to store
  • Use an outdoor fabric protector to help any liquids better runoff and less likely to stain
  • If you need to wash them then do it by hand or on a low temp hand wash cycle in the machine
  • Always dry flat and do not tumble dry or iron

For our more detailed/full cleaning steps, please read our How to clean outdoor furniture cushion covers article.

The Lazy Susan garden chair seat cushion collection for summer 2021

Coordinated with your outdoor furniture, Lazy Susan’s garden furniture cushions let you customise the look and comfort of your outside living space. 

You’ll find an array of colours on offer that will help enhance the atmosphere and comfort of your chairs, bench, or sun loungers.

All our cushions are highly practical and made from waterproof fabric that won’t fade, therefore you can leave them outside in all conditions. Plus, you and can remove the fabric via a zip to wash and refresh. 

Our collection includes high back styles that can be tied on and fit any of our Lazy Susan chairs, seats and benches perfectly. 

Presented in green, terracotta, navy and stone, each design is created in an armless silhouette that’s lightweight and will complement any elegant colour scheme.

Lattice Bench Cushion in Stone £50.00 

Lattice Garden Bench Cushion in Stone

Also available in Green, Blue and Terracotta

April Bench Cushion in Green £50.00

April Garden Bench Cushion in Stone

Also available in Stone, Blue and Terracotta.

Lattice Lounger Cushion in Green £75.00

Lattice Sunlounger Cushion in Green

Also available in Terracotta, Blue and Stone.

Seat Pad Cushion in Blue £22.50  

Seat Pad Cushion in Blue

Also available in Green, Stone and Terracotta.

Curved Back Cushion in Terracotta £37.50

Curved Back Seat Cushion in Terracotta

Also available in Green, Stone and Blue.

High Back Cushion in Blue £37.50

High Back Garden Seat Cushion in Blue

Also available in Green, Stone and Terracotta.

If you want to pair your garden chairs with our seat cushions then shop our full Outdoor Cushion Collection today.

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