Reasons to purchase cast aluminium garden furniture

Have you ever owned some cheap plastic garden furniture only to watch it go flying across then garden when you get a little light breeze? Compare that to cast aluminium garden furniture from Lazy Susan and trust me it isn't going anywhere when the wind picks up. It is still light enough to pick up and move around the garden or inside during the winter months, but is still heavy enough to stay put on your patio. However, before I explain why cast aluminium is the perfect material for outdoor furniture, lets just clarify exactly what it is…

Cast aluminium is, in a nutshell, a specific metal that’s gone through one of the process known as casting. Essentially, it is created when methods such as die casting, mold casting, or sand casting are used to temper the aluminium for use in creating the components that make up for example a piece of garden furniture. Cast aluminium is used for a number of items around the house, as well as machinery and other products that are necessary to the manufacturing of a wide range of goods and services.


Cast aluminium is also used to create outdoor furniture, such as the range sold by Lazy Susan. While not quite as well known as the more traditional cast iron garden furniture, cast aluminium garden furniture is significantly lighter and can be moved around your garden with greater ease. In addition to cookware and cast aluminium garden furniture, cast aluminium is also used to create a number of motor parts for cars, ships etc. Components such as connecting rods, pistons, housings, radiator tanks, and other ‘engine’ essentials can be created using both die casting and mold casting methods. Even components such as compressors and various types of gears may be created using aluminium of this ilk.

For some time at Lazy Susan we attempted to maintain teak garden tables and other similar furniture but to no avail. So it was decided that the best long term solution was to use metal for garden furniture and in particular aluminium, due to its numerous benefits and qualities. Metal garden furniture made from aluminium does not rot nor does it rust, furthermore, it is maintenance free and will not need to be replaced every few years as is the case with other materials. It can also be left outdoors all year round so you don’t have to worry about constantly taking the garden table and chairs indoors or covering them up each time it rains or when it gets cold.

In March 2007 we launched our range of furniture after spending a lot of time searching for the perfect furniture sets. Our aim was to find the best quality aluminium garden patio furniture on the market that was built in a classic design that would still look in fashion in years to come. Since then we have sold hundreds of different furniture sets all of which have been successfully delivered to all corners of the country. Overall we are confident that customers will love our furniture as an alternative to cast iron garden furniture for the main reason that it will never rust.

Wrought iron garden furniture has that classic look and is often crafted into more traditional, ornate and sometimes intricate designs. Heavy and durable, iron can stay outside all year, although if painted it may flake due to rust. So a quick bit of sanding and repainting may be required from time to time. Aluminium can also be cast to appear much the same as iron furniture, however, without the rust problem. It is also lightweight which makes aluminium furniture easier to move around your garden or into storage to keep it safe. However, unlike heavy metal furniture, aluminium items may require storing indoors in strong winds.

Garden tables

No-one disputes that the weather in the UK is unpredictable to say the least, which is why a furniture set for the garden that can be left outdoors unprotected at all times is ideal for this country. When you buy a large round garden table from us, you will be getting a top quality cast aluminium table that will require zero maintenance and that will look elegant now and in the future. Simply having a table is clearly insufficient which is why we have a range of garden furniture sets in a range of styles and sizes to suit all requirements and budgets. If you are simply looking for a few chairs to match an existing table or to augment existing furniture sets then we have a couple of styles to choose from.

The Emma metal stacking chair is available in a choice of antique bronze, verdigris and white and at eight kilos is a very solid chair that can be stacked away for winter storage. If you need some cushions to go with the chairs then our choice of high back cushions are available in stone, navy blue and apple green, colours which we feel suit the colours of the metal chairs. Wrought iron garden furniture is undoubtedly for some people, but we are confident that in time people will start to move towards aluminium furniture as it is equally elegant but far easier to look after and we will see more garden furniture UK stores supplying it.

Iron garden furniture

There is a lot of talk of how only garden furniture made from iron can have a traditional look and that other materials are simply trying to imitate this superior metal. However this is simply not the case. A garden table can have a classic appearance in a range of different materials, however some are simply harder to maintain than others. If you have the time and energy to properly look after teak wood furniture then you are amongst a lucky minority who can. The majority of people who want a set of garden tables and chairs have the time to enjoy them now and again, but not necessarily the time or inclination to uphold them properly.

For those with a large garden who enjoy entertaining friends and family it is certainly worth investing in a quality set of cast aluminium garden furniture. As once you have spent the money and the furniture is set up nicely in your yard, you will never have to replace it. In fact once its there, you wont have to do anything other than enjoy it. The Gloria model is a particularly stylish furniture set for the garden and comes with ten chairs and a revolving Lazy Susan that sits on the metal table top. This metal garden furniture set is made from cast aluminium and so is completely weather proof and thus you will never have to move it after it is set up as you would with cast iron garden furniture.

Cast aluminium garden furniture

For those who have already bought a nice set of garden furniture from us, or who are thinking of getting an additional piece of furniture, then our range of metal garden benches should be considered. First we have the Jasmine Weave Bench, which is an ideal complement to the Madison Rectangular Table or simply as a stand alone item in a quiet sunny sport in the garden. Navy blue or stone are the choice of colours for matching seat pad cushions that come included with the price of the bench, and if you want a coffee garden table then we have some for you to choose from that will match it nicely.

All our garden benches are supplied flat packed and can be easily assembled in about twenty minutes. For those with a round table the Valerie is a curved metal bench that will look great as part of a contemporary garden furniture ensemble. A choice of three colours of white, green and antique bronze makes them perfect for fitting around our round and oval tables that come in similar tones. If you are looking at furniture individually and need some chairs to complement a bench, then the Mary set of stacking metal garden chairs are well constructed and have a moderate weight of four kilos per chair. They are also particularly comfortable and have been designed with an excellent contour so people can sit in comfort for hours whilst enjoy a lunch on their garden tables.

Metal garden furniture

If you have in mind to buy a non-circular table and matching chairs then be sure to check out our Madison rectangular cast aluminium garden set. This is a very substantial set with the garden table weighing in at around 60 kilos, and comes with eight Emma stackable chairs, although the set can be supplied as a ten or twelve seater if desired. The style is a classic one, and if you like straight edges as opposed to a rounded edge on a table then this 8 seater garden furniture set could be the one for you. If like most gardens yours has a patio area then as long as you have the space, why not think about putting a nice outdoor bench or even a small table and chairs there.

Aluminium patio furniture can make for a lovely addition to an outdoor area, and our diminutive Betty Bistro table and two chairs is a fine example. In a choice of our three standard colours of antique bronze, white and green, you could perhaps acquire this timeless table and aluminium garden chairs to match a larger furniture set that may sit in your garden. Whatever the reasons, we are confident you won’t be disappointed with them, and for a small additional fee you can purchase a two metre parasol to complete the set. In fact we have a range of parasols to match garden tables, so make sure to have a look for a colour that will suit your furniture.

All Season Garden Furniture

People have different ideas as to what constitutes a good quality set of aluminium garden tables and other furniture. Some would argue the most important aspect of it is the style and design. Others voice the opinion that it’s the materials used that is really crucial to the make up of garden furniture. We agree with both points of view and have attempted to combine classic, timeless designs with a quality material in aluminium. Our oval garden table collection constitutes differently styled oval tables with garden chairs and the Summer eight seater is a nice example. Complete with eight Emma metal chairs, seat pad cushions, a parasol and parasol base, the oval table itself is made from solid cast aluminium and weighs in at around 50 kilos.

Of course you could find similar iron garden furniture and we would not dissuade you from going out and buying it if you are of the opinion that garden furniture has to be made from wrought iron. However, if you are undecided or simply open minded then we would urge you to weigh up the pros and cons of cast aluminium garden furniture over iron or even teak wood. Compare styles on our metal garden furniture UK website with those sold on iron and wooden furniture websites and then decide what’s best for you. We are confident that our styles and designs are at least as attractive as what you may find elsewhere and hope you find our garden tables suitable for your garden.

Aluminium is the ideal material for outdoor furniture. It is strong, it won’t rust, and it retains its good looks through blistering summer heat (we should be so lucky), British thunderstorms, and rampant children. Quality aluminium furniture is durable and can last for a decade or more. It is lightweight, making it easy to move around the garden or indoors and it requires minimal maintenance. Cast aluminium is investment furniture, you’re paying for a quality product, but you are getting so much more than you paid for. It is truly distinctive and elegant, features classic designs with roots in the cast-iron stylings of the 18th century.

Cast aluminium is undeniably handsome and elegant. While its beauty is striking, its demeanour is classic and understated. At lazy Susan we have pieces available for seating, dining and lounging. Much like tubular aluminium, the cast variant is also amazingly durable and easy to maintain. Quality cast-aluminium furniture can be costly when priced against plastic and synthetic garden furniture and is not for the family that craves a new look every few seasons. But, if you’re looking for outdoor furniture that is second to none, then Lazy Susan’s cast aluminium garden furniture range will add the wow factor to your patio.

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