The latest black garden furniture trends for Summer 23

As Henry Ford famously put it, you can have any colour, as long as it’s black, so this month we're looking at the latest black garden furniture trends for Summer 23...

One of the top garden furniture trends in the UK at the moment is the use of black tones. Black is a bold colour that, when used right, is beautiful, impactful, and chic.

In this article, Lazy Susan will take a look at the hottest black garden furniture trends for 2023. We hope to inspire you when introducing black tones in your own garden — in a way that matches your style and personality.

Let’s get started.

Black Dining Set

Olivia Black Dining Set

Black dining sets such as our Olivia (above) are made from high-grade cast aluminium garden furniture, like the kind sold here at Lazy Susan, and look stunning in any garden.

What’s more, when you invest in aluminium furniture, you’ll be getting garden furniture that won’t rust or warp and is weather-resistant. 

This means you won’t need to keep taking it inside whenever it’s not in use and neither will you have to worry about any damage being done by the sun’s rays. 

Black Sofa Sets

Outdoor sofas are brilliant for the summertime when you want to chill outside by yourself, with your family, or with some friends. 

You can opt for L-shaped corner sofas, which work superbly in larger gardens, or you can go for two-seater sofa sets. 

Once again, you can purchase black sofa sets in different materials, including aluminium or rattan, although it’s worth pointing out that rattan, while extremely pleasant on the eyes, requires more maintenance. 

Black Bistro Sets

Tulip Black Bistro Set

If you’ve got a large enough garden, and if your budget extends far enough, why not complement your sofa set with a bistro set like our Tulip (above) in a separate area?

A black bistro set is ideal for whenever you want to sit outside in the morning sun and enjoy your breakfast.

Even if you don’t have a large garden space, you could swap out the idea of larger furniture, such as a sofa set, and go with a bistro set instead. 

Black Sun Loungers 

Stella Black Sun Lounger

If you’re a bit of a sun worshiper, a sun lounger like our Stella (above) is pretty much a must-have in your garden. 

Naturally, any sun lounger needs to complement any garden furniture you already have, which is why it’s a smart idea to stick to black when it comes to all your outdoor accessories. 

A monochrome sun lounger looks modern and a little bit moody and goes well with an overall minimalist style. 

Black Hanging Chairs

Black hanging chairs are another hot trend for 2023. Also known as swing chairs or hanging “egg” chairs, these are some of my personal favourite pieces of garden furniture. 

Hanging chairs offer comfort and relaxation and you can buy them in various styles, including one-seaters and even two or three-seaters. 

As well as sitting outside with a book, you can snuggle up in a hanging chair and take a nap. 

Black Outdoor Fire Pits

Nothing says summer quite like a fire pit. A fire pit is the best way to keep your outdoor space nice and warm when the sun is setting. You and your guests can gather around it and keep the night going and it’s a great way to stay cosy in your own garden. 

Mix and Match Your Materials

We’re big fans of aluminium outdoor garden furniture at Lazy Susan (after all, it’s what we specialise in). But there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching your materials and accessories if you want to bring your garden to life.

For example, you could add some lanterns to the proceedings, as well as a rug, some throws and, of course, some cushions. 

Glowing lights are a lovely touch for those balmy summer evenings when you want to stay out after dark, too. 

Add More Comfort With Poufs

Black poufs are another must-have if you want to put your feet up and relax when you’re in your garden.

Even when you’re not using your poufs, they’ll add a bit of eye candy in your outdoor space, especially if you buy monochrome ones that complement each other and which come in a few different sizes. 

Final Thoughts

There’s so much you can do with black patio furniture because it’s such a stylish colour. It’s modern and contemporary, and it also creates a tranquil and peaceful vibe.

If you like the idea of investing in a black aluminium dining set that acts as the perfect centrepiece to your garden, feel free to get in touch with us today at Lazy Susan. 

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