The Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Collection

Our outdoor furniture collection features a carefully curated range of patio dining sets, bistro tables, garden benches, sun loungers, and a host of coordinating accessories. If you want an overview of the full range, this is the article to read...

We’ve produced a number of Garden Furniture Focus articles recently that take a real deep dive into some of our best-selling outdoor furniture sets.

However, when writing them, we realised that we hadn't done a good overview of our full Outdoor Furniture Collection for a few years, so this post is long overdue.

Outdoor Furniture Collection from Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan collection comprises a wide range of maintenance-free weatherproof outdoor dining sets and a host of coordinating accessories.

Our beautifully crafted furniture is designed to live at the heart of your garden and includes 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2-seater table sets and all the finishing touches you need to create the perfect outdoor living space. 

Constructed from our signature high-grade sand cast aluminium, this is furniture that is specifically designed to be the centrepiece of your garden.

Outdoor Furniture Collection from Lazy Susan

If large family barbecues are more your thing, then our 10+ tables could be the focal point your patio needs.

If you enjoy a spot of brunch in the garden but are a little short on space, then our 2-seater bistro sets just might be the perfect fit. 

If you prefer to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour or read a good book, then a Garden Bench could be the perfect finishing touch.

Whatever you like to do in your garden or whatever free space you have available, Lazy Susan has the perfect patio solution!

The Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Collection for summer 2022

All our outdoor furniture is durable and maintenance-free, it is designed to sit on your patio all year round with nothing more than a quick wash with warm soapy water to keep it looking like new.

April Outdoor Chair with Mia Table

The collection is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles featuring our trademark metalwork, and all our outdoor tables can be purchased as a set with a range of garden chairs.

As standard, the majority of our tables are supplied with our April Outdoor Chair (pictured above in white with our Mia table), however, you can choose to upgrade to chairs such as the Emma, Maria, or Kate for a small additional cost.

Large Outdoor Furniture Sets

Large Outdoor Furniture Sets

All our large outdoor dining tables and chairs are constructed from our signature high-grade sand cast aluminium, and the collection features a classically styled range of sets that will sit between 6 and 10+ people.

10+ Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

10+ Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Our large 10+ seater outdoor dining tables are both stylish and immaculately crafted from high-grade cast aluminium. 

Available in a choice of round, oval, square and rectangular table shapes, they showcase our signature metal latticework and are perfect for those with a large family or who like to entertain.

Victoria Outdoor Dining Table

The Victoria Outdoor Dining Table (pictured above) for example is our best-selling large set. Measuring 177 cm by 250 cm, this stylish oval-shaped 10-seater features a gentle wave effect with cascading edge metalwork.

Vanessa Outdoor Table Set

Alternatively, we have our rectangular Vanessa table (pictured above), which features an extension mechanism that allows you to open the table up from 6-seater to 10-seater when required.

Isabelle 12-seater Outdoor Table Set

If you need to go even bigger, then we have our 12-seater Isabelle 203 cm x 304 cm rectangular extension table (pictured above) or our biggest set, the Madison, which features 2 x 260cm x 120cm rectangular tables and can sit up to 16 people (pictured below).

Madison 16-seater Outdoor Table Set

Shop our 10+ Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

8 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Our 8-seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets are perfect for those who like to entertain a large group of family or friends during the summer months in style and total comfort.

8 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Durable, stylish and designed to withstand the elements, our 8-seater sets are constructed from our signature high-grade cast aluminium and come available in a range of table shapes, designs, colours and sizes.

Frances 8-seater Outdoor Table Set

Our popular Frances set (above) is a 150 cm diameter round 8-seater set that features an intricate lattice-work top that is guaranteed to create the perfect focal point on any patio.

Catherine 8-seater Outdoor Table Set

The oval-shaped Catherine outdoor table on the other hand is a more compact 208 cm x 105 cm 8-seater that features stylish woven metalwork. Weighing only 30kg, it is robust enough to withstand a British winter but light enough to be easily picked up and moved if need be.

Tanya 8-seater Outdoor Table Set

If you wanted something a little different, then our Tanya is our largest square outdoor table. This beautiful 8-seater set features our trademark latticework with a classic scrolled border design.

Shop our 8 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

6 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Our timeless 6-seater outdoor dining table sets are designed to sit at the heart of your garden and be the focal point that draws your family and friends outside. 

6 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Crafted from cast aluminium, our furniture is robust but lightweight, and despite being constructed from high-grade metal, you can easily move our 6-seater tables if needed.

June 6-seater Outdoor Table Set

The 6-seater June outdoor tables (above) have been one of the best-selling sets across our entire collection for several years now. This stunning 150 x 95cm oval set features a classic lattice table top with a double-helix border.

Frances 6-seater Outdoor Table Set

Our 150cm diameter round Frances tables (above) combine dining function with comfort at an excellent price point. With over 120 glowing customer reviews this beautiful circular table features our signature intricate lattice-work top and is the perfect family outdoor dining set.

Sophia 6-seater Outdoor Table Set

If a rectangular table is better suited to your garden/patio, then our 6-seater 190 cm x 115 cm rectangular Sophia set (pictured above with a couple of cheeky monkeys) is another great option. Again, featuring our trademark latticework, this high-quality aluminium table is guaranteed to provide you and your family with the perfect outdoor dining experience.

Shop our 6 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Small Outdoor Furniture Sets

Small Outdoor Furniture Sets

For those with a little less space or the need for a larger-sized set, our 4-seater and 2-seater bistro-style sets are the perfect solutions. 

Designed to sit at the heart of your garden and be the focal point for an intimate family gathering or a romantic setting for two, our cast aluminium outdoor furniture is robust but light enough to pick up and move for storage or to that sunny spot in your garden.

4 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, our timeless 4-seater outdoor dining sets are both durable and stylish. 

4 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

Constructed from our signature cast aluminium, these high-quality but low-maintenance dining-style tables will finish off your patio and become the focal point in your garden.

Anna 4-seater Outdoor Table Set

Take the Anna set (above), another of our best sellers, this stylish round garden table has an 80 cm diameter and comes in our slate grey, white and antique bronze painted finishes. 

June 4-seater Outdoor Table Set

We have the popular June (above) 150 cm x 95 cm oval table available to purchase as a 4-seater set as well as a 6-seater, giving you a little more tabletop space and elbow room per diner.

Lucy 4-seater Outdoor Table Set

Or if you wanted to keep the angles a little sharper, then our Lucy 4-seater set (pictured above) is a 91cm square table that features a clean lattice work top with a slim border for a more contemporary twist on our classic style.

Shop our 4 Seater Outdoor Dining Table Sets

2 Seater Outdoor Bistro Table Sets

If you like to share a glass of wine or coffee with a friend or loved one, then our 2 Seater Outdoor Bistro Sets could be just the table for your patio, balcony or terrace.

2 Seater Outdoor Bistro Table Sets

With a small footprint, our 2-seater sets are perfect for those with limited space such as a balcony or for those who want to maybe create an intimate dining area away from the main patio.

As with our larger size sets, our 2-seater range is available in various shapes, styles and versatile patio-friendly painted finishes, again, all constructed from our high-grade sand cast aluminium.

Mia Bistro Set

The popular 88 cm diameter Mia table (pictured above) is available as a 2-seater set, giving you that bistro-style but with a little more tabletop space if you'd like to share a meal outside.

Tulip Bistro Set

If outdoor space is at a premium or you're more cup of coffee than a full evening meal, then our Tulip bistro packs all that Parisienne street cafe chic into a smaller 60 cm diameter round table.

Ivy Bistro Set

Alternatively, if you wanted something a little different, our Ivy bistro (above) with its exquisite detailing and climbing ivy chain-style legs is sure to fit perfectly in that quiet sunny spot in your garden.

Shop our 2 Seater Outdoor Bistro Table Sets

Colour & Finish of our Outdoor Furniture

The majority of the sets in the Lazy Susan collection are available in a choice of our 3 core colours; Antique Bronze, White and Slate Grey.

Colour & Finish of our Outdoor Furniture - June Outdoor Table Range

There are a few exceptions but please note that the colour options available are featured on each product page. For example, with our best-selling 6-seater June Set in Antique Bronze, the product pages for the White and Slate Grey versions can all be accessed (as shown above).

Jill Bistro Set in Sandstone

We also have a small selection of pieces in our sandstone finish such as the Jill 2-Seater Bistro set (pictured above). 

Colour & Finish of our Outdoor Furniture - Sample Pack

If you are unsure of which painted finish would look best on your patio, then please order one of our Free Sample Kits (Antique Bronze shown above).

Antique Bronze Outdoor Furniture

Antique Bronze Outdoor Furniture

Our Antique Bronze finish features a black base with subtle bronze stippling. This timeless finish not only provides protection from the elements but will also give your furniture that classic outdoor style that’s perfect for a stylish patio.

Shop our Antique Bronze Outdoor Furniture

Slate Grey Outdoor Furniture

Slate Grey Outdoor Furniture

If you wanted to mix things up a little by putting a modern twist on our timeless design, then our cool contemporary Slate Grey finish combines modern sophistication with our trademark elegance.

Shop our Slate Grey Outdoor Furniture

White Outdoor Furniture

White Outdoor Furniture

Alternatively, you could add a little Parisienne chic with our White finish, which is guaranteed to add some romantic charm to your outdoor space. 

We tipped our white finish to be one of this year's most popular trends in our latest trends for summer 2022 article, and from the customer photo above, it is clear to see why!

Shop our White Outdoor Furniture

Garden Chair Collection

Garden Chair Collection

No outdoor table is complete without a stylish and ergonomically designed outdoor chair.

London Rose Bistro Set

As mentioned above, our garden sets are predominantly supplied with our April Chairs, however, there are a few exceptions such as our London Rose Bistro Set which comes supplied with a Rose-style chair (pictured above).

One thing all our chairs have in common is that they are constructed from our signature weatherproof cast aluminium and feature our trademark latticework designs to coordinate with multiple tables across the range.

6-seater June Set with Kate Garden Chairs

If you purchase our 4-seater June set, for example, it comes as standard with 6 x April Chairs for £739.95. However, at checkout you have the option to upgrade to 6 of our Rose (6 x £19.50), Emma (6 x £19.50) or Kate (6 x £29.50 and shown above) chairs if you prefer a different style or want a wider seat.

Shop our full Garden Chair Collection

Garden Bench Collection

Garden Bench Collection

A garden bench is a perfect partner for our outdoor dining tables or an ideal stand-alone piece if you want to create a quiet seating area where you can sit down and take in your garden.

Our maintenance-free and weatherproof garden benches are great if you need to pull them up to our outdoor tables if you get a few extra guests and are guaranteed to add a little extra character and charm to your outdoor living space.

Garden Bench Collection

Constructed from the same high-grade cast aluminium we use across our outdoor dining sets, they feature our trademark metalwork in our Antique Bronze, Slate, White and Sandstone finishes.

We purposely constructed our bench range from the same high-quality aluminium as it’s lightweight and easy to move around your patio if you want to switch up the layout. Easy to maintain and weatherproof, our benches can sit in your garden all year round.

Shop our full Garden Bench Collection

Outdoor Furniture Accessories Collection

Outdoor Furniture Accessories Collection

As you browse our website, you will notice a range of Parasols, Benches, Cushions and Side Tables that can be purchased along with the set as a bundle deal with discounts of up to 70% off!

These are items that will not only enhance the comfort and usability of your outdoor furniture set but will also help you to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor Cushions

Our chairs are ergonomically designed with curved backs and scrolled arms, so they’re comfortable, however, you can significantly up the comfort with our stylish range of outdoor cushions.

Whether you’re after a single seat pad, lounger, bench or curved back, our cushions have been carefully crafted to fit our outdoor furniture, with tie fastenings to prevent them from sliding off.

All our outdoor cushions are constructed with a foam pad for comfort and a fast-drying waterproof cover, so if they get caught in a sudden summer downpour, then you don’t need to worry.

Plus, if they do need a freshen-up, the cover has a zip so is easy to remove. Just pop it in the wash on a cool cycle. The fabric is designed not to fade in the sun and we offer a range of garden-friendly colours.

Shop our Outdoor Cushion Collection

Sun Loungers

Sun Loungers

Our focus is on outdoor dining, however, that doesn’t mean we’re averse to a little kickback and relaxation too. We have a range of beautiful maintenance-free sun loungers that are constructed in our signature style.

Made with the same premium-grade cast aluminium as our tables and chairs, they won’t rust, rot or tarnish when left outside, and they're super easy to clean and maintain to ensure they'll look like new for many summers to come.

Sun Loungers

Take our popular Rose Lounger (pictured above), it features our trademark latticework and is adjustable with several different seating positions. 

Plus, you can easily move it around your garden to find that perfect sunny spot thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction and the handy rear wheels.

Shop our range of Sun Loungers

Parasols & Parasol Bases

Parasols & Parasol Bases

As much as we love the sun, if you’re enjoying a nice meal, then you don’t want the sun in your eyes, getting too hot or (a definite no-no) sunburn, so for us, the Parasol is an essential purchase.

Our Parasol collection is available in a range of garden-friendly colours so you can coordinate with our cushions and in 2.5 m to 3.5 m diameters depending on the size of the table you buy.

They feature a crank handle for ease of opening and closing, and the pole can be tilted to angle it towards the sun.

The umbrella fabric is constructed from a quick-drying waterproof acrylic, so if there is a downpour during a garden party, then it’ll provide a safe spot to shelter from the rain.

The parasol itself is constructed from a cast aluminium pole, the ribs from strong but flexible fibreglass, and our bases from heavy cast iron to give them the stability they require. 

Shop our Parasol Collection

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans

Our Lazy Susan Turntables were recently given the Garden Furniture Focus treatment, and as you can gather from our name, we’re big fans of this humble little gadget.

They look great at the centre of our large outdoor dining tables and are the perfect way to share food, drinks, cakes, condiments or simply to create a centrepiece on your table.

Constructed from cast aluminium in our trademark style, they are available in our Antique Bronze, Slate and White finish, so they will coordinate perfectly with whichever set you do decide to buy.

Shop our Lazy Susan Collection

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Our side tables may be small but they are one of those items that become indispensable. Next to a bench or lounger, they become the perfect place to put your drink, by your BBQ to give you a little extra work surface or you could even just use them as a coordinating plant stand.

We have a range of styles, shapes and colours so you can match it to the rest of the furniture on your patio, and as always they’re constructed from our trademark premium quality cast aluminium.

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Take our stylish Ava (above top), pair it with a bench or a couple of garden chairs and you have the perfect spot for a cup of coffee, or our compact 45cm square Willow coffee table (above), which is the perfect companion piece to our dining sets, benches and loungers.

Shop our full range of Outdoor Coffee Tables

Buying outdoor furniture from Lazy Susan

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always happy to advise you and make some suggestions. 

Scroll through our website to find the size, shape, style and colour of the set you like. Once you’ve selected a set, you can then enhance it with a few accessories and take advantage of our bundle deals. 

Underneath the section where you choose your garden chairs, you’ll find offers for our accessories, and by purchasing these in combination with your set, you can save up to 70% compared to buying them separately.

Plus, we also offer between 20% and 80% off various additional outdoor furniture items such as our benches or loungers. 

These offers are unique to each product page, so shop around, and combine them with your main order to take advantage. 

Shop the full Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Collection

If you’ve got any photos of your Lazy Susan Garden Furniture in situ, then we’d love to see them for our Do Some Good charity campaign!

You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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