5 things you need to consider when entertaining in your garden

Nothing beats spending quality time with a small selection of friends and family in the garden on a warm, sunny day. While garden gatherings are sometimes thought of as tricky to prepare for, they needn’t be. With a little forward planning and plenty of preparation, you can get your garden ready for guests in no time.


If you’re ever in doubt, heed the wise words of author, cook and food writer Rose Prince, who says:


“Throw a party in which you’re a participant, not a slave.”


To help get your garden ready to entertain your loved ones, we’ve got some tips and advice on how you can create the perfect outdoor setting that everyone can enjoy.



1.   Freshen up


After a cold, wet winter, our gardens are usually ready for a little TLC to get them clean and fresh. While it’s not the most glamorous of jobs, scrubbing the patio, repainting the fences (if they need it) and preening the grass will have your garden looking like-new again.


Spend a couple of weekends at the start of spring getting your garden looking its best; then all it’ll need is a touch up here and there throughout the warmer seasons.



2.   Seating


While some guests prefer to stand and mingle, most will appreciate having a seat to sit on, especially if you’re planning to serve food. The amount of space you have in your garden will determine what type of seating is the most suitable.


For large gardens with a patio, asix oreight-seater table provides plenty of space for your guests to get comfortable. Round or oval furniture also allows everyone to see and talk to each other, creating the vibrant atmosphere you’re no doubt aiming for.


If you only have a small space to work with, abistro set is ideal for lunchtime coffee dates with a friend and will also provide you with somewhere to sit when reading a book or the Sunday paper.



3.   Decor


To create a beautiful garden space your guests will enjoy, spend some time accessorising it with some stylish outdoor-friendly decorations. You don’t need to go mad, but a few select pieces can make all the difference.


Cushions, bunting and even a patio rug are perfect for creating a warm, welcoming environment. Drape some outdoor lights around your fence panels and make a statement with our uniquegarden sculptures. And if you’re blessed with a bright, sunny day, don’t forget that all-importantparasol to keep your guests cool and comfortable.



4.   Food


On a warm day, food ends up sitting outside for several hours. This means that hot food quickly goes cold, while cold food becomes warm. That’s why choosing the right menu is essential to a successful (and stress-free) get-together.


Whether you’re barbequing or looking for a simple recipe you can quickly dish out to your guests,BBC Food has a myriad of easy recipes for you to make. Why not try a simple one-pot-wonder, such aschicken tagine orpaella? That way, you’ll get to spend more time with your guests and less time worrying about what’s happening in the kitchen.



5.   Heating


If the fun carries on into the evening, your garden’s likely to get a little chilly. Besides, there’s no reason for your get-together to end just because the sun’s gone down. To ensure your guests stay warm and comfortable, have some cosy blankets at the ready. Even better – place them in a basket so that your friends and family can help themselves to one when they need an extra layer.


For even more warmth, set up a small campfire or wood burner for your guests to circle around. Not only is this a guaranteed way to keep your guests happy, but it’s the perfect way to end a beautiful day with your favourite people.


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