How to create the perfect garden table centrepiece

If you want to add interest, character and a finishing touch to our garden tables, a centrepiece is the must-have accessory for summer 2023. In this article, the Lazy Susan design team has some fab tips, ideas and inspiration to help you create the perfect garden table centrepiece...

We’ve said it before many times on our blog but we simply love a good Garden Table centrepiece - they really bring a little personality and just help to finish our garden tables off!

We last looked at how to create a festive centrepiece for your garden table, so in this article, we want to look at them more generally for all-year-round interest.

A well-executed centrepiece can be as simple as a plant in a pot or a curated display of multiple pieces to create seasonal interest or add the wow factor at a garden party.  

How to create a garden table centrepiece

However, for us, a good centrepiece will enhance your garden tablescape and overall patio design scheme, adding visual interest, character and stylish finishing touch to your garden table when it is in use and, maybe just as importantly, when it is not.  

They can, of course, be tailored to a special occasion such as a themed party or seasonal for say Spring, Easter or Summer. But they can also just bring a splash of colour to the patio or be practical in terms of providing a function (such as a revolving Lazy Susan server) at a BBQ. The key aim though is that they add impact and personality! 

Lazy Susan's top 10 garden table centrepiece design tips and ideas 

Lazy Susan's top 10 garden table centrepiece design tips and ideas

We originally had this section headed as rules but who wants to follow the rules? At the end of the day, a good centrepiece is whatever you think works for you, fits with your style, and what will look good in your garden. 

Many of these are tried and tested garden or interior design principles but how you choose to interpret them is what will ultimately make the perfect centrepiece for your garden table. 

As we’ve already said, personality is key, however, to help get you thinking about what you could do in your own outdoor space, the Lazy Susan design team have compiled our top ten helpful design tips, inspo and ideas for creating a fab garden table centrepiece:

1. Think about size and scale

Garden Table Centrepiece | Think about size and scale

Scale is one of the primary principles that dictate the overall look and feel of a patio or garden. 

It can determine whether that outdoor space feels large or small, regardless of the actual size. For example, tall vertical planting can make a small patio feel bigger.

The same applies to (or on) a table. Something tall and slim can make a smaller table appear bigger, whilst a large centrepiece can make a larger table appear more cosy and intimate.

However, there is a caveat with that. A garden table still needs to be a usable space. If the centrepiece is purely for interest when not in use, then you can play with the space more.  

If the centrepiece is for say a garden party, then keep your guests in mind. You want the conversation to flow so keep it low so eye contact can be maintained.

2. Work with the shape of your garden table

Garden Table Centrepiece | Work with the shape of your garden table

It is always important to consider the shape of your garden table when creating the perfect centrepiece. Of course, you can create contrast but this can be a little harder to pull off. 

As a general rule, we find with our garden tables that a single taller centrepiece such as a round bowl or planter works best on our round tables, while our longer rectangular and oval-shaped tables work with a centrepiece that is lower and longer such as a garland style arrangement.

Garden Table Centrepiece | Work with the shape of your garden table

Look at the table as a whole and the immediate surrounding space and work with the shapes on and around it.

Another option with a long slim dining-style garden table is to position 2 or 3 smaller items down the middle as the customer has done in the photo above with a lantern, planter and a Lazy Susan turntable.

3. You can say it best with flowers

Garden Table Centrepiece | You can say it best with flowers

There’s a reason that flowers will always be the number one choice for table centrepieces both inside and outside the home. It is the perfect fit and ticks all the boxes.

If you're hosting guests then keep it seasonal. In the summer you want to see a good mix of bright blooms and lush greenery.

A good floral centrepiece should bring your garden table to life and act as a focal point when people enter your garden, patio or balcony. 

4. Dried blooms can work just as well as fresh 

Garden Table Centrepiece | Dried blooms can work just as well as fresh

Fresh flowers in water will generally last around a couple of weeks, so if you want a little more longevity then dried plants paired with ferns and grasses can look great on your garden table.

They’ll bring a boho-style vibe to your outdoor space in summer or they really come into their own if you want to create a festive wreath-style centrepiece as discussed in our how to create a festive centrepiece for your garden table article. 

5. Let there be light

Garden Table Centrepiece | Let there be light

This is a subject we looked at extensively in our top outdoor furniture lighting tips article but if you want to keep your garden party going after the sun sets then garden lighting is a great solution.

Garden Table Centrepiece | Let there be light

You can pair lanterns or candles with flowers to create a centrepiece that not only looks and smells great but brings a little evening ambience.

The candelabra in the customer photo above is a great practical example of bringing a touch of indoor chic to the patio.

6. The golden rule of three

Garden Table Centrepiece | The golden rule of three

We love the rule of three, be it interior or garden design, it just works. I’m sure there’s some science behind it but all we know is that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing to the eye and effective than even-numbered groupings.

Take a vase of flowers, pair it with a nice candle, a piece of garden decor. Think of what will work together and complement.

Look for three things that are maybe a similar colour or shapes, or use a theme to pull it all together as our customer has done above with terracotta pots.

7. Work with your patio and keep it simple 

Garden Table Centrepiece | Work with your patio and keep it simple

Sometimes the best garden table centrepiece ideas are the simplest ones.  

A plant doesn't have to feel like the easy option if you don’t want to steal the show from the rest of your outdoor space or our beautiful garden furniture. 

Think of it as the cherry on top of a rather lovely cake!

8. Bring out your artistic side 

Why not decorate your garden table with garden art? Something sculptural? 

Garden Table Centrepiece | Bring out your artistic side

If you can’t find what you want, why not make it yourself? Get creative, and showcase your artistic side! 

Garden Table Centrepiece | Bring out your artistic side

9. Plant practical potted herbs and plants

Garden Table Centrepiece | Plant practical potted herbs and plants

Of course, we stated earlier that freshly picked and dried flowers both have a limited lifespan. And this is the garden after all. 

So potted plants are a win-win in our book and a popular choice with our customers.

If you have a green thumb (or even if you don't) why not plant up some seasonal blooms or maybe grow some fresh herbs at the centre of your garden table to add visual interest, aroma and something the guests at your next BBQ can snip off and eat?!

10. Try your hand at upcycling and recycling

Garden Table Centrepiece | Try your hand at upcycling and recycling

Following on from the last tip, why not repurpose old items to create your stunning tablescape? 

An old watering can or trugg can be planted to create a stunning table centrepiece. Items that are no longer used inside the home can be given a new lease of life in the garden.

Garden table centrepiece inspiration 

Garden table centrepiece inspiration

Sometimes the best form of inspiration can be seeing what others have done and, well, copying them.

Hopefully, the photos from our customers that we've peppered throughout this article have given you a little food for thought!

We’ve also collated some fab videos that we’ve come across that focus on outdoor table decor and centrepieces.

First up, we have the Smarter Facts team with their garden table decor ideas:

The Sorry Girls have focused on outdoor wedding tables in their video but they have some great tips on centrepieces and how to achieve an effortless Boho Style tablescape:

Next up we have the Design Expert team, who have pulled together a wonderful slideshow of outdoor table centrepieces in this video:

If you want to look at it from a different perspective, then The House of Valentina have pulled together its top outdoor decor mistakes and how to avoid them. Sometimes knowing what doesn’t work can help you to create the perfect outdoor space:

Much of what works on a dining table inside the home (with a little tweaking) works on a garden table outside of it too. So, we have Bluebird Kiss with their fab DIY centrepiece ideas for spring:

And last up, we have A Charming Abode with their dining table centrepiece ideas: 

If you do pair your Lazy Susan Garden Table with the perfect centrepiece, then we’d love to see a few photographs for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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