How to maximise space on a small patio or balcony with small garden chairs and table

The Lazy Susan design team has some great tips on how to maximise space on a small patio or balcony with just a few small garden chairs and a table...

If you’ve got outdoor space, then you want to make the most of it in terms of it looking good and being a functional area for you to spend quality time in.

That can be tricky if you only have a small patio or balcony. You have to make tough choices, keep things simple, maybe break a few design rules and think outside the box.

To best maximise space in a small outdoor space, it requires some smart planning and you have to utilise every available inch efficiently without making it too “busy”. 

The same is also true for the patio furniture you buy to put in that space. If you want to enjoy it you need a set or pieces of furniture that work twice as hard. 

Why purchase small garden chairs and tables?

You can’t afford to have multiple or occasional sets for dining and relaxation as you could in a larger suburban plot with space for storage.  

That said, just because a garden is big, doesn’t mean the patio itself is or the free space you have available on it is.

We often find that small garden chairs and a table are purchased as a second set for a smaller patio at the bottom of the garden that makes the most of the morning or evening sun. 

In this article, we want to look at ways you can make the most of the limited space you might have, and discuss how small garden chairs and tables can provide the perfect solution for all your outdoor needs.

Why purchase small garden chairs and tables?

If space is limited, such as you’d find on a balcony or in a small terrace, backyard-style city garden, then selecting a coordinated set comprising of small garden chairs and a table has a number of advantages: 

Saves Space

Save space with our 2-Seater Bistro Range of small chairs and tables

By purchasing a set comprising of a small garden table and chairs from our 2-Seater Bistro Range such as our Tulip set (pictured above), you’re getting a coordinated set that is perfect for those with limited outdoor space. It will fit comfortably on a small balcony, patio, terrace or compact garden, but it will still allow you to enjoy both outdoor dining and relaxation in that confined space. 

Versatility & Flexibility

You'll get versatility and flexibility with our Mia 2 and 4-Seater small chairs and table

A small table and chairs such as our Mia 2-Seater and Mia 4-Seater sets (shown above) can be easily picked up and moved or rearranged to suit different occasions or times of the day. They can be used for outdoor dining, evening drinks or snacks while entertaining guests, or as an intimate spot for reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. 

Cost Effective

Our Anna 2-Seater is a cost effective set of small garden chairs and table

One of the big advantages of purchasing a small garden table and chairs from Lazy Susan is they’re much cheaper than our larger sets but they’re still constructed from the same high-grade cast aluminium. A compact set such as our Anna 2-Seater Set (shown above in white) allows you to create an outdoor seating area without breaking the bank and you can take advantage of our bundle deals to complete the look with Cushions and a Parasol. 

Visual Appeal

Add visual appeal with Eve small garden chairs and table

Even though they’re compact in size, a small garden table and chairs such as our Ella, Eve (shown above in slate grey) or Tulip still pack all the same intricate design details as our larger table and chairs set just into a compact 60 cm diameter tabletop. The classic styling works perfectly for those wanting to create a timeless look.

Low Maintenance

Our Ivy small garden chairs and table are low maintenance

Smaller furniture such as our popular Ivy Small Garden Chairs & Table (above) are much easier to clean and maintain than a larger set. You can quickly wipe down a metal small table and chairs Our cast aluminium is low maintenance and weather resistant. And whilst the metal is robust it is still easy to move or you can cover them with a protective cover during bad weather to keep them clean and ready to use.

Ultimately, purchasing the right set of small garden chairs and a table will depend on your specific needs, preferences and the amount of free space you have, and we looked at this in detail in our comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect garden table and chairs.

Our smaller 2-Seater and 4-Seater sets with small garden chairs and a table will definitely offer a convenient and stylish solution for those looking to add outdoor seating in a space-efficient way though.

Design tips for maximising space on a small patio or balcony

Whilst the furniture is the critical component for spending time in the space, other elements can help to not only maximise but enhance both the look and feel of a small garden, yard, terrace or balcony:

Vertical Planting

Vertical planting alongside our Lucy small chairs and table

By growing up you can introduce more planting to add interest, hide walls and create the illusion of more space.  Utilise brick walls, fences, railings, or hanging structures to grow plants vertically. Install garden shelving, trellises, or hooks to hang baskets to create depth and introduce colour as the customer has done above with our Lucy

Remove Clutter

The customer has removed the clutter around our London Rose Bistro

Keep your outdoor space minimal and organised. Clutter can make a small patio or balcony appear even smaller. Opt simple functional furniture with a few statement accessories as the customer has done in this photo of our London Rose Bistro.

Fake It

This customer has created a light and open balcony with our Anna small garden chairs and table

Don’t push everything against walls, leave a slight gap and keep as much patio surface visible as possible to create the illusion of more space and a feeling of light and openness as the customer has achieved on their balcony in the photo above of our Anna set. 

Make A Statement

A statement tree to shade our Ella small garden chairs and table is a winner in our book

One or two large statement items also help to create the illusion of more space as opposed to planting lots of smaller plants and shrubs. The customer photo below captures this perfectly with a large statement tree providing shade for our Ella table in this small intimate city plot.

Garden Mirrors

A garden mirror can create the illusion of more space as shown here with our June set

Place a large garden mirror as the customer has done above next to our June set or multiple smaller mirrors strategically on walls to create the illusion of more space and reflect sunlight to enhance plant growth on balconies or enclosed small patios.

Small garden and balcony design ideas

If you need some further inspiration on how to maximise space on a small patio or balcony, then the following videos are a great place to head next. 

First up we have 27 Ideas who have 27 small garden ideas:

Friend of Lazy Susan, The Middle-Sized Garden, is always a great source of gardening inspo and in this video, they share 19 small garden design ideas:

Last up we have a video from the Gardens of the Year in 2018, which includes Richard Small’s tint courtyard garden in Tyne & Wear which shows you what’s achievable with just 3.2m x 6.6m of outdoor space.

Looking for some new small garden chairs and table? 

Our 2-Seater Bistro Collection features a range of small chairs and tables

Our 2-Seater Bistro Collection is worth some serious consideration as we have a range of functional floor space-saving options that are perfect for those with limited outdoor space.

Are you still doing your research? 

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