A comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect garden table and chairs

In this article, we want to give you all the information you need to find the perfect garden table and chairs and help you decide which material, type, style, shape, size, seating, price and retailer is best for your needs…

Often when writing posts for our blog there is much we want to say but we hold back to try and keep the articles down to a quick easy read. 

However, this time we need to go chapter and verse and publish our most comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect garden table and chairs

We will take a detailed look at all you need to know when it comes to buying new so that you have all the info that we think is important in making the right choice.

Often we find that garden furniture can be an impulse purchase; the sun is shining, maybe we have a family BBQ coming up, and we buy the first set we see. Sometimes this works, but more often than not, that furniture is replaced a year or two later.

Researching before making a purchase is a vital part of the buying process, as it is the best way to ensure that we get the best:

  1. Furniture Material
  2. Furniture Type
  3. Garden Table Style
  4. Garden Table Shape
  5. Garden Table Size
  6. Number of Garden Chairs
  7. Price
  8. Retailer

And the above is what we want to look at in turn in this comprehensive guide.

Hopefully, we can help you decide if our garden table and chair sets are right for you, and in turn, make your purchase decision an informed one.

Ultimately, we want you to get the right set that can sit on your patio for many long hot summers to come and become the focal point for you, your family and your friends when spending time in your garden!

What is the best material for a garden table and chairs?

What is the best material for a garden table and chairs?

First up, let’s take a more detailed look at the pros and cons of each of the popular materials on sale in the UK. 

We will keep this honest, with no bias to cast aluminium because that is the core material used for our own collection.

No material is perfect, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Anything left outside will in time weather or get dirty.

However, by understanding the pros and cons, you can decide which material will fit best in your garden and how you like to use it.



  • Natural Material
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Recycle
  • Easy to Repair
  • Heavy Weight
  • Sturdy
  • Robust
  • Low Heat Transfer


  • High Maintenance
  • Prone to Rotting, Warping & Splitting
  • Heavy
  • Easy to Mark/Scratch
  • Splinters

Wood continues to be a popular material for garden tables and chairs, it is both sturdy, comfortable to sit at and long-lasting if properly treated and maintained. 

It looks great and is perfect for those looking for a natural and sustainable material, but you definitely get what you pay for. 

Softwoods such as cedar for example won’t break the bank but even with regular maintenance, they can quickly show their age from rain and UV exposure.

The more expensive hardwoods such as teak will naturally ‘weather’ to protect themselves from the elements. 

They contain a much higher level of natural oils and a tighter grain so are better suited to sun and rain exposure but that comes at a much higher price.

However, if you don't mind a day or two of DIY each year, you can easily restore your wooden furniture back to new with some sanding and re-staining.

Plastic Resin


  • Low Cost
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Heat Transfer


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap Looking
  • Can Warp/Fade
  • Easy to Gouge/Scratch
  • Unstable 
  • Can't Recycle

A plastic garden table and chairs are a great choice if you’re on a tight budget, like the latest styles and/or happy to replace them every few years. 

Designs are improving and, as a material, it definitely lends itself more to the wide range of minimal designs that are very popular at the moment. 

One of the big advantages of modern plastic resins is you can get them in a wonderful array of colours too, from vibrant oranges to on-trend muted earthy greys and browns. 

However, whilst 100% waterproof it is lightweight and lacks durability and stability. Garden tables can feel wobbly and chairs a little unstable. If left in direct sunlight it can also fade and potentially warp too. 

That said plastic is super easy to keep clean, you just can’t easily repair it if they get scratched.

However, with a lower purchase price, if you want the latest on-trend designs, then it could be the perfect material for your patio.



  • Timeless Design/Style
  • UV Resistant
  • Recyclable


  • Difficult to Clean
  • Difficult to Maintain
  • Splits & Stretches
  • Natural Wicker is Expensive
  • Uneven Surface (If not supplied with glass tabletop) 

Rattan refers to the material, whilst wicker is the weaving method, but there are two popular types of rattan material in the UK used to make wicker-style furniture - natural rattans and synthetic poly rattans.

Whilst the natural has greater strength it is not weather-resistant and is better suited to conservatories and summer rooms.

Synthetic resin has become the more popular of the two in the UK in recent years, as the weave looks great but is much more weather resistant, plus it is significantly cheaper than the real thing. 

However, even though it is generally wrapped around a metal framework, it can still feel a little light and unstable.

The weave is also prone to fading in the sun and splitting over time (especially on the corners of garden chair arms, etc).

Wicker-style garden furniture sets have a great look though, just make sure the table top comes supplied with glass or they can be a little tricky to set and eat off.

Stainless Steel


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Wind-Resistant
  • High-quality Look
  • Contemporary look


  • Prone to Rust
  • High Conductor of Heat
  • Heavy
  • Limited Designs

Stainless Steel is extremely durable and heavy so has excellent wind resistance. 

It is generally more expensive than many of the cast aluminium and cast iron pieces but, much like the latter, rust can be an issue. 

Again, it is often a case of the more you pay the better the grade of steel alloy used. The better the alloy, the higher the level of chromium, and that means better rust resistance.

Unfortunately, a higher grade of alloy will also make that garden table and chair set more expensive, and whilst that weight is great for high winds, it’s not so good if you want to move the table or chairs. 

It is generally utilised in tubular form, which is why it is better suited to more minimal contemporary garden table sets, whilst the casting method we use is great for the classical look.

However, the main disadvantage of stainless steel over iron and aluminium is that it’s the highest conductor of heat. 

In direct sun the tables and chairs can get incredibly hot to the touch, so look for pieces paired with other materials such as timber or with large cushions.

Cast Iron


  • Heavy
  • Robust
  • Classic Timeless Design/Style
  • Highly Decorative Finish


  • Requires Regular Maintenance
  • Expensive
  • High Conductor of Heat
  • Heavy Weight

There is no denying that cast and wrought iron has the heritage, tradition and quality of craftsmanship. 

It is heavy and sturdy so great in high winds, and if maintained properly highly weather-resistant.

As a metal, iron is easy (for those with the skills) to work with and can be formed into beautifully intricate garden tables and chairs. 

The wrought sets in particular have classic timeless elegance but they need to be hand forged by an artisan so they’re expensive.

It will require regular maintenance to protect it and prevent it from rusting too, and that weight and craftsmanship often mean the chairs are difficult to pick up and move. 

If rust does take hold, it can be repaired but again this is often expensive. However, if you’re happy to pay up and look after it, then it is certainly an investment worth making.

Cast Aluminium


  • Attractive
  • Affordable
  • Recyclable
  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Won’t Rust or Corrode
  • Lightweight
  • Low Maintenance


  • Possibility of Chipping & Scratching
  • Moderate Conductor of Heat

We chose to utilise cast aluminium as the core material for our collection of garden tables and chairs because it is a great all-rounder

The pros outweigh the cons for us, and many of the negatives are easy to mitigate.

If you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance and durable, then cast aluminium is definitely the material for you. 

Of all the popular materials, it is the one that we feel is best suited to the UK climate.

The tables and chairs are sturdy and fully weatherproof but it is significantly lighter than steel and iron. 

The casting process allows us to achieve the same intricate and timeless designs you see with iron pieces but at a fraction of the cost.

On the downside, it can conduct heat although generally less so than steel and iron, but our cushions and a parasol can easily solve this conundrum (plus they look great and can be added in our bundle deals but more of that later) and if you do chip the protective painted finish then you can easily repair with our Touch-Up Kits

Our recent How to maintain our outdoor garden tables and chairs article has some great tips on how best to care for, clean, and protect, and there's a step-by-step guide on how to apply the touch-up paints to any chips or scratches.

It definitely requires much less cleaning and maintenance than all other garden furniture materials, with maybe the exception of plastic resin pieces, but it will definitely last much longer than them.

Why do we think cast aluminium is the best material for a garden table and chairs? 

Why do we think cast aluminium is the best material for garden table sets?

Our garden table and chairs are constructed primarily from cast aluminium, and whilst no material is perfect, it is best suited to both the UK climate and how we generally like to spend time in our gardens. 

This is a subject we covered in detail in our Can Lazy Susan’s outdoor furniture be left outside? article, and in that, we stated that:

“Designed to live in the heart of your garden, no rust, no rot, whatever the weather sounds like something many in our industry would say. I suppose weatherproofing is a pretty critical feature of outdoor furniture, and whilst any item sold as such should be able to sit outside in all weather, there are numerous caveats and compromises to that. For a starter it depends on the material the furniture is made from, how it is constructed, the condition it is in, how well it has been maintained, what extra protection you’ve given it, and even the microclimate in your garden.”

Most of the materials above are weather-resistant but not fully weatherproof, and if they are, they require significant maintenance to keep them so. 

We went on to say:

“Each material has its pros and cons, of course. When we started Lazy Susan we selected cast aluminium as our core material because it ticked the least cons and the most pros when it came to sitting in our gardens all year round. Rigorous testing showed that it was not only the most durable outdoor furniture material but it was also the easiest to maintain and, if you keep it well-maintained (thanks to our protective painted finish) fully weatherproof. The material you decide to buy, be it metal, wood or plastic, will determine not only how long it will last, but how much you need to do to keep it looking like new and, if you need to store/cover it when the weather takes a turn for the worse.”

Doing some research into the different outdoor furniture materials is the key to finding a set that is right for you (in terms of how you like to spend time in your garden) and your outdoor space (in terms of style, etc). 

By understanding the pros and cons of different options you can ensure you select a material that will meet all your needs.

Our furniture has a protected painted finish that prevents it from rusting or ‘pitting’ to give it the correct term. 

In terms of the cons, we would advise your store if the wind picks up or cover it to minimise cleaning but other than that you can leave it outside all year round if you so wish.

When deciding which outdoor furniture material is right for you, think about the space you have and how you intend to use it too. 

For example, if you don’t have a shed or garage to put it in during the winter months, then you want a set that can sit outside in all weather with minimum maintenance.

How you use your garden, how it will be stored, and how easy it is to maintain are often overlooked in favour of style over substance. 

Now, of course, you have to like the look of the set, however, if you have a garden that is open and exposed, then maybe a lighter-weight plastic table and chairs would not be suitable. 

Alternatively, if you want to move the pieces around your garden or into storage, then heavy steel, iron or timber is maybe not the way to go.

The high-grade cast aluminium that we use in the construction of our garden furniture range gives us furniture that is both beautifully crafted and low maintenance.

We've created a range of dining table-style sets that not only look great on your patio but are designed to stand up to the elements. 

Our outdoor furniture is constructed from high-grade sand-cast aluminium that is then powder-coated to produce a beautiful yet highly durable finish. 

It won’t rust or rot and can be left outside, uncovered, even through winter, with little to no maintenance.

You can read about how we make our outdoor furniture on our How It's Made page.

What is the best type of garden furniture for your needs? 

What is the best type of garden furniture for your needs?

Once you’ve established which material, our advice is to next think about the type of garden furniture set or individual pieces you want.

In this article, we are specifically focussing on the garden table and chairs set but maybe another type of set would be better for you?

When we talk about the best type of garden furniture for your needs, we are really talking about how you like to spend time in your garden. 

For example, would you get the most use out of a garden table or would a garden sofa set be a better purchase? Do you like to enjoy a meal or do you prefer to sit back with a drink? 

If you’ve got the space, maybe you can purchase a garden table and sofa set so you have the best of both?

Start by thinking about how you would like to use your outdoor space and look for pieces that will get the most use.

Do you want it to serve as a more formal outdoor dining area? Do you like to fire up the BBQ? Is relaxation more important? Kicking back with a good book and a cup of coffee? 

How you and your family use that space should always be the starting point.

The type of garden you have is also a critical factor in deciding on the right type of furniture. It could be you have a large outside space with a big patio. 

If that's the case, then you can divide it up to perform a number of different functions from outdoor cooking to dining to sofa-style seating. 

Look at that space just as you would any room inside the home.

On the flip side, if you have a small plot, then that furniture might need to work a little harder. You may even need to compromise and opt for smaller pieces that perform a number of different functions.

If your outdoor space is on the intimate side, then our How to maximise space on a small patio or balcony with small garden chairs and table is a great article if you need a few design pointers.

Once you've established how you use your outdoor space and budget, it makes it easier to purchase the right type of furniture. 

 If you like to sit with drinks, enjoy a family BBQ or a spot of lunch in the summer, etc then a garden table and chair set is a logical choice.

There’s such a wide range of different types of garden furniture on sale in the UK that it can be a little overwhelming. A few of the currently popular examples include:

  1. Garden Bench
  2. Garden Chair
  3. Chaise Lounge
  4. Garden Sofa
  5. Garden Table & Chairs
  6. Day Bed
  7. Garden Coffee Table & Chairs
  8. Garden Bistro Table & Chairs
  9. Sun Lounger
  10. Sectional Seating

In fact, even within those listed above there are a wide range of different variations and features.

However, if you work out the “free” space you have and how you like to spend time in your garden, then it will make deciding a little easier.

If space is limited, then look to get pieces that best fit and can multitask.

Much like interior design, a less is more approach works best, don't try and squeeze too much on a small patio. You need space to move around freely, pull chairs out etc, so think about the flow.

Also, think in the long term. Spread the cost and start with a few basic pieces, especially if you're unsure of how you want to use your outdoor space. 

Keep it simple by purchasing say a 2 or 4-seater garden table and chair set, then design the rest of the space around that, maybe add a bench or some sofa seating.

Many Lazy Susan customers will purchase an outdoor dining set from us and then a year or two later return for a coordinating garden bench or side table etc. 

Don't try to fill the space in one go, spend time in it, evaluate what you need, and work up to a full outdoor living space.

If you are still unsure about what type of set to buy, then our How to buy the right type of outdoor table set article goes into this subject in more detail and has some great tips and tricks for identifying what is best for your patio needs.

How do you choose the right style of garden table and chairs for your garden?

How do you choose the right style garden table set for your garden?

The right style of garden table and chairs can be a tricky one to pin down. One person's modern could be another’s traditional. Modern furniture could be from the 1960s or new this year. It is a minefield. 

However, in the broadest sense, garden furniture generally falls into two style camps: Classical or Modern.

Our range for example is very much in the classical styling mould, while a square stainless steel and glass table set would be considered modern. 

Of course, the rules can be broken, but that is generally how we would break it down in the most general terms.

Style of the garden table and chairs is, we suppose, more of a secondary consideration to the table size, the number of chairs, but you do tend to find that most of us have a strong liking one way or the other. 

The rest of your home often reflects your preference, and that will naturally continue outside.

We always advise people who are a little unsure to try and opt for garden furniture pieces that fit with the style of the property itself. 

If you live in a traditional new build, country-style cottage or more period property then a classically styled set such as those we offer at Lazy Susan will perfectly complement your home. 

A modern townhouse balcony on the other hand could be better suited to a sleeker modern-styled garden table and chairs set. 

Of course, you can always break those rules…

When you mix the classical with a modern style you are automatically making a statement, creating something a little more individual, a multi-layered outdoor space if you like. That combination of modern with classical can create a nice juxtaposition. 

However, that comes with a caveat. Combining modern furniture with a more traditional home or vice versa can be messy if not carefully planned and considered. You need to have a keen eye, a clear aesthetic and the confidence to pull it off.

For the Lazy Susan design team though, that choice all comes down to your own personal taste. Both styles are popular. 

Neither is wrong. And to be honest, this a topic we could write numerous articles debating the issue, and I’m sure we will. P

You purchase what works for you and what you like the look of.

At Lazy Susan we crystallised the core of our garden table collection into well-made, comfortable but classically styled pieces. 

That decision was based on consumer demand. The more modern pieces, we have sold in the past weren’t as popular with UK shoppers

The classical pieces just exude more quality, they fit better with the tastes of the majority of UK buyers, and most importantly, they won’t go out of style.

If you really want to up the style stakes, then our Create a cosy "Hygge" patio with our garden dining tables and chairs post has 10 design tips that will help you create the perfect space to kick back and enjoy good food with your friends and family.

How do you choose the right shape garden table? 

Last summer, we published a customer case study that highlighted one of our most common issues - Ordering the right size garden table.  

It is one of the more common mistakes we customers make, they order a round 6-seater garden table and chairs when an oval 4-seater would be a better “workable” fit.

However, it is one where we can easily provide practical help and advice in terms of measuring, and evaluating the “working space” you need to still comfortably and safely move around when the set is in-situ, and how different shapes fit and function on the patio.

Shape is definitely a little less scientific than size but a basic understanding can make all the difference and help you decide from the shapes we sell.

The two primary factors when deciding which garden table and chairs are right for you are:

  1. Size of the area you want to put the garden table
  2. The number of people you want to seat.

We discuss them all the time but the garden table shape is also one that is worth considering in a little more detail.

At Lazy Susan, our garden tables and chairs are available in a range of Oval, Round, Square and Rectangular tables.

And whilst you might think they all fit and function in the same way, each of those shapes has a set of unique characteristics that can be easy to overlook.

Firstly, let us stress that there are not really any right and wrong answers to this question, just a few things you might want to consider that might make things fit and flow a bit better in the space you have. 

What’s most important is that the set fits in terms of size and how you use it but shape can play its part in a number of situations.

For example, round and square tables often fit and function best on a smaller patio or for those who like a more intimate dining style with casual conversation. 

If on the other hand, your patio is long and narrow, such as is often the case with many new build properties, then a rectangular or oval garden table might fit and flow on the space better. 

Longer/narrow shapes are also better suited to entertaining larger groups of people in a more formal setting/style too.

The number of seats you want will have a bearing on the shapes available to you. 

For example, if you want a 4-seater set then it makes sense with a square table but 4 chairs around a rectangular table would look unbalanced/a little odd.

And, of course, your own personal style preferences are important too. If you like round tables better than square, then you buy what you like and make it work. 

After all, as the saying goes; “good design is as little design as possible”

However, if you’re looking at our range and unsure which shape garden table is best for you and your garden, then let us look at each one from a basic design perspective.

Rectangle Garden Table & Chairs

A rectangle table is probably the most common shape inside the home but here at Lazy Susan we generally sell more round and oval garden tables.

Many patios and/or gardens feature curves. Soft edge shapes flow well in organic spaces and fit with a more casual/informal style of dining.

That said, a rectangle table is still a great shape for the garden and it has a number of advantages over the other shapes we sell. 

8-Seater Vanessa Garden Table Set

If you want to sit more than 8 people at large gatherings for example, then we find that rectangular tables are often more flexible and we offer them with an extension mechanism as shown on our 8-Seater Vanessa Garden Table and Chairs (shown above in Slate).

The longer, narrow form of our rectangular garden tables is also perfect for large-scale entertaining patios with the hosts sitting at the heads of the table to create a semi-formal feel. 

8-seater Madison Rectangular Garden Table Set

The simple, linear shape of these often larger garden tables like our 8-seater Madison Rectangular Garden Table & Chairs (above) tends to provide good scale and fit best on a larger more open patio.

A rectangular table can also really help to “emphasise” or create a more streamlined look. By pairing it with a rectangle-shaped and square paved patio, you can create a very sharp, uniform design with strong clean lines. 

Square Garden Table & Chairs

A square table on the other hand is a great option for an L-shaped, square or rectangular patio but it can be tricky to make it work on anything round or curved.

It is also a great solution when you have a smaller guest list, such as 4 of you for drinks and nibbles. 

Lucy Square Garden Table Set

A larger rectangular table can be a little off-putting as it doesn’t balance, so in this instance, a square garden table and chairs such as Lucy (above) will create a more intimate setting and give you all equal elbow room.

The other big advantage you get with both square and rectangular garden table and chairs is that they are the perfect option if you want to maybe push one side against a wall, in a corner or position on the front edge of a straight paved/decked patio. 

A big trend we’ve seen emerge in recent years with our square tables is for customers to purchase 2 x 4 seater square tables that they can push together when the need arises (as the customer has done in the photo above of our Lucy set). 

You can position them apart to create different seating zones or in other parts of a larger garden to catch the sun at different times of the day and then push them together to create a larger rectangular set for BBQs or garden parties.

Round Garden Table & Chairs

Tulip Round Garden Bistro Table Set

We tend to find that round table sets work fab on smaller patios and balconies (as shown with our Tulip above), and they are perfect for smaller intimate gatherings of 4 people or less. 

They bring a cosy Parisienne Café feel that you just don’t seem to get with other shapes.

That said, with a larger round table, they are great for parties where you want to keep the conversation open and flowing between all guests. It makes it a little easier for everybody to see each other and pass food and drinks.

For a curved patio or small garden or even a patio or garden where you want to zone it up to serve multiple functions, then a round table such as our mid-sized Frances Round 6-Seater Garden Table and Chairs (pictured below) is a great option too.

Frances Round 6-Seater Garden Table Set

Round garden tables have the advantage of no awkward corners, and whilst you sacrifice a little (barely noticeable), they still provide a good amount of tabletop surface space. 

They’re great for socialising and entertaining, and you can usually squeeze a few more people in at the table if need be much easier than if there are corners. 

The only thing to think about, when compared to an equivalent seater rectangular or oval table, is that conversation can become tricky with a larger round table. It becomes more difficult to talk to those directly opposite, so diners are restricted to those they’re sat next to. 

Oval Garden Table & Chairs

Rosemary 8-Seater Oval Garden Table Set

As we mentioned above, our oval-shaped table sets are our best sellers. 

They’re an excellent all-rounder and their advantages are similar to a rectangular table, and even though the patio footprint is only a little less, visually it uses up much less space because of the rounded corners.  

Oval tables such as our Rosemary 8-Seater Oval Garden Table and Chairs (pictured above) are a great fit on the narrow patios popular with UK housebuilders. 

Plus, an oval table perfectly balances the semi-formal seating of a rectangular with the more casual outdoor dining style of a round table

You essentially get the best of both a rectangular and round-shaped garden table and chairs. 

It has no awkward corners but it will still provide a good amount of tabletop surface space and it's easy to squeeze in a few seats if necessary and nobody has to sit at a corner.

All our garden table legs are recessed so this isn't an issue but you or your guests would not be as comfortable with a square angled edge. 

As with our round tables, oval tables also pair perfectly with our circular revolving Lazy Susan Turntables and Parasols (as shown with our June Set above).

Which shape garden table should you buy?

The big question for some is how do you decide which shape garden table is best for you?

Every patio is different, we can guide you, but which shape works best in the patio space you have and that fits with how you use the table is often just down to personal preference. 

If you are a little unsure of what shape garden table to buy or between two, then start by looking at the other shapes in your garden, and try and work with them rather than fighting against them. 

Alice Round 4-seater Garden Table Set

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to create contrast, a round table garden set table set for example can help soften a small square patio space; as the customer has done above with our Alice Round 4-seater Garden Table & Chairs.

More important than the shape is to make sure it fits, it is in a style you like, it will seat the number of people you need it to, and it works/fits with how you like to use the space.

How do you choose the right size garden table and chairs for your garden?

How do you choose the right size garden table set for your garden?

One of the most common mistakes we see customers make is buying a garden table and chairs that are too small or too big. Too small for their seating/eating needs or too big for the free space they have available on their patios.

For those new to buying a garden table or those just unsure about how to pick the right size from our collection, this section will show you how to calculate the right size garden table for your garden.

The key is to make sure that when the garden table and chairs are all in position, there is still enough room for you to safely and comfortably move around the space. 

At Lazy Susan we call this ‘working space’ and it will give you enough additional space around the table to sit, pull out chairs, and walk around without squeezing or tripping.

In turn, it is garden table size that will ultimately dictate how many garden chairs you can ‘comfortably’ fit too. 

The garden table sets in our webshop are broken down by the number of garden chairs, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2-seater sets (you can then filter by colour, shape, etc in those main sections). 

However, table sizes vary within each of those seating categories, so you must measure carefully and check the dimensions for the set you like to ensure it fits.

Lazy Floor Plan Table

The table above lists all of the various shapes and sizes of each set of garden tables and chairs in our range. 

Each set is sold with our recommended number of chairs that you can fit around the table with plenty of elbow room for you, your family and any guests to sit comfortably.

If we take our June garden table as an example, it is a 150 x 95cm oval shape that you can purchase with 4 or 6 garden chairs. Any more than 6 and things would get a little tight and we would advise you step up to our Catherine, Olivia, Gloria or Rosemary 8-seater oval sets. 

Now, of course, this is just a guide, you can always squeeze additional people around if the need arises. 

This is simply the best fit. It gives each person sitting at the table ample room. Additional Garden Chairs can be purchased separately if required (with many stackable for easy storage).

Jill 4-Seater Garden Table Set paired with our Jasmin Garden Bench

Many other customers have paired our garden table and chairs with a garden bench (as shown above with our white Jill 4-Seater Garden Table and Chairs paired with our Jasmin Garden Bench), which is a great way to squeeze a few more guests in.

Back to the table above, which also lists the approximate floor space you need for each of the garden tables and chairs in our collection. 

From this, you can easily calculate how much space you will need to fit each set (table, chairs and safe working space) on your patio.

Again, the above figures are just a guide as garden table sizes, patios, garden shapes, etc all vary, so measure carefully, measure again, check the dimensions and make sure it will fit and function when in situ.

Lazy Susan's Top Tip

If you are unsure if the space will still function when the garden table and chairs are all in situ, then take our dimensions and mark it out with some washable “sidewalk” chalk on your patio or with some old bits of cardboard.

June Garden Table Set Dimensions

The diagram below shows the recommended floor space we recommend for our best-selling June 6 Seater set, while the dimensions as found in our shop are shown above. 

June Garden Table Floor Plan Space Requirements

How to calculate which size garden table will fit best

  1. Start by measuring the length and width of the outdoor space you have free for the set. 
  2. Subtract 150 cm from both the length and width to allow for the ‘working space’ and Garden Chairs, that is the size of the Garden Table we would recommend you purchase.
  3. Every patio is different, so factor in items you don’t want to or can’t move such as planters, BBQs, fire pits, walls, steps, etc and measure from the other pieces of outdoor furniture such as a sofa, different shapes of patio/decking, etc. All factors you need to take into account. 
  4. The measurement you need must be 100% free space where the table and chairs can be placed and moved in and out.

If we again take our June Garden Table as an example:

  1. On its own, it is 150 cm long by 95 cm wide. 
  2. Add onto that 75 cm for the Garden Chairs and 75 cm of Working Space and you need free space on a patio or in your garden of 300 cm by 245 cm for that set to work.

You’ll see that figure in our Space Requirements table above, listed in the column “Recommended Floor Space” are the dimensions for each set in our range.

If you need any further info, then our recent How to choose the right size garden table and chairs set article is dedicated to this subject or, you can contact our Customer Service Team and they'll be happy to help you further.

How do you find the best price or promo deal on a new garden table and chairs?

How do you find the best price or promo deal on a new garden table set?

Once you’ve done a little research into which material, style, shape and size if set you prefer, it is time to start shopping around.

It is a big ticket item, especially when it comes to the larger seater sets, but we firmly believe you get what you pay for. Yes, you can buy cheap sets but will they be designed to sit outside and stand up to the elements?

As the saying goes, you buy cheap, you buy twice. If it costs you less in the short term but you have to replace it in a few years then that is money wasted not saved

That said if you can purchase a good quality cast aluminium set and save a bit of money in the process, then in the current climate that is a win-win.

At Lazy Susan, there are a number of ways you can do just that 

First up, if you’re in the market for a new garden table and chairs, then we would definitely recommend you sign up for a newsletter. 

This is the best way to hear about any future news, competitions, promotions, sales and discount codes, and you can sign up by dropping your email below in the orange box or via the pop-ups in our shop.

Garden Furniture Sales

We have just launched our Summer Sale where you will find up to 25% off a range of our best-selling garden tables and chairs.

New lines are being added on a regular basis too, so keep checking back if the one you like isn’t reduced at the moment.

Shop our Summer Sale

Garden Table & Chairs Bundle Deals

Garden Table Set Bundle Deals

Many of the promotions we do here at Lazy Susan are to reward loyalty or promote our charity work. 

Unlike many in our industry, we don’t sell fad furniture, so much of our range rolls over from one summer season to the next.

And one of the best ways to save money with us is via our bundle deals, whereby you purchase our garden table and chairs, and then complement them with other pieces of furniture and accessories to make some big savings

For example, if you purchase our best-selling June Oval 6 Seater Set in Antique Bronze (pictured above), you have the option to add a reduced-price Garden Bench or Parasol with savings of up to 60%. 

You’ll find these deals on each of our product pages across our shop and they vary from set to set.

We would rather give you a discount for purchasing multiple pieces from us and that way you can take our outdoor table and chair sets and further enhance them with accessories, outdoor cushions and parasols all with big discounts!

For example:

  • Our best-selling June 6 Seater Oval Set is currently priced at £959.95. 
  • If you wanted to purchase 6 Seat Pad Cushions for the April Garden Chairs we supply as standard with this set, then they would set you back £135 for the 6. 
  • If you wanted the Curve Back Cushions (pictured below) that would be an additional £225.
  • However, add them as a gift at checkout when you purchase the June set, and it will only cost you £87 for the 6 x Seat Pad Cushions and £147 for the Curve Back Cushions. 
  • A parasol is normally £199.95 if purchased separately but only £89.95 if added as a gift bundle deal with our June 6 Seater Oval Set.
  • You also have the option with June to add a London Rose Bistro Set (normally £159.95, get it for £130 when bundled with our June Set) or Jasmin Garden Bench (normally £199.95, get it for only £120)and save up to 40% off the individual purchase price.

Garden Table & Chairs Promo Codes

Garden Table Set Promo Codes

Also worth keeping an eye on is our Promotions page as throughout the year we run regular deals and offer various discount codes.

At the moment you will find details of our recently expired “Free Gift With Purchase” offer (pictured above).

With this offer, when you purchased one of our selected garden tables and chairs, we supplied a promo code to add a free garden bench or bistro set.

That offer has now expired but we are running new codes all the time, so before you buy, be sure to check our Promotions page.

Lazy Susan Price Promise

Lazy Susan Garden Furniture Price Promise

Whilst not a way to save money as such, our Price Promise ensures that the furniture you buy from us is the best quality for your money, and we promise to match any furniture price that is exactly the same as ours. 

We will require proof of the offer, as well as photographs to show it is exactly the same as our product. And the product has to be the same as ours, as then we can ensure it is of the same high-grade cast aluminium.

As an online business, we are able to price our furniture extremely competitively, and we are therefore confident our prices reflect the high-quality product and the first-class service you will receive. 

You will find full details on our Price Promise page.

Lazy Susan Competitions

Garden Table Set Competitions

At the time of publishing this article all our Competitions are closed but we run them on a regular basis

For our most recent competition, we partnered with The Llanfendigaid Estate to give people the chance to win a 2-night stay and a Lazy Susan Garden bistro set (pictured above).

Full details can still be found on our Facebook page but unfortunately, that closed on 6th June.

How do you find the best retailer in terms of customer support?

How do you find the best retailer in terms of customer support?

One many of us overlook but we feel is important is to ensure you are purchasing from a company that provides first-class customer service, delivery, returns and protection from fraud, etc.

Mistakes happen, nobody is perfect. The important thing is to own those mistakes and put them right. 

Look on our Trustpilot page, which has an excellent rating that we are all incredibly proud of, and you will find a very small number of negative reviews. 

However, Ron and the Customer Service team will never shy away from them. They will respond, pick up the phone and do their best to resolve any issues you may have. 

One thing we know after many years in this industry is that every customer is different but, generally speaking, price and quality are usually high up (if not top) on the list for most of us.

We all have a budget, so the price is always key to the decision-making process. In our industry, it is often a case of you get what you pay for. 

If it is cheap, then make sure the material and construction are of a quality that will stand up to the elements. That’s not to say you can’t find a bargain. At Lazy Susan we offer discounts, seasonal promotions and bundle deals, etc to help you get a good deal. 

After price, quality is probably the next critical factor. We want a good deal but we want a product that is built for its environment. 

Many in our industry will claim weather resistance but for how long? Can you leave it on your patio all year round safe in the knowledge it won’t warp, rust, split or fade?

Following on from the above you want furniture that is easy to maintain, so do your research. 

You don’t want to sand and re-seal every summer just to keep it in tip-top condition. A quick wash with warm soapy water and the occasional touch-up is all we think it should need.

All our furniture comes with our commitment to quality to ensure that all Lazy Susan products are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials and production techniques.

To underline the confidence we have in the quality of furniture, we offer the following guarantees:

  • 3 Years Structural
    During your Guarantee products will be repaired or have parts replaced at the discretion of the Company free of charge, this covers faults in materials and workmanship. Parts only will be replaced provided that the common terms listed below have been adhered to.
  • 3 Years of Paint & Powder Coating
    Our paint and powder coating is specially applied to be long-lasting and durable. Should an issue arise with your coating during your guarantee period parts can be replaced at the discretion of the Company free of charge. Items only will be replaced provided that the common terms listed below have been adhered to.
  • 1 Year Cushions
    Cushions bought directly from us are advertised as shower-proof; they are not intended to be stored outside, we reject any claim resulting from weather damage.
  • 1 Year Parasols
    Parasols bought directly from us are advertised as shower-proof; they are not intended to be stored outside.  We advertise our parasols as an accessory for use with a table and parasol base. Using it as a stand-alone product would negate any claim.
  • 1 Year Parasol Bases
    To provide the weight required to support our parasols the bases are made of cast iron rather than aluminium so therefore can rust over the years.

You will find full details of our terms and conditions on Our Guarantee page

The Lazy Susan garden table and chairs for Summer 2023

The Lazy Susan collection features a comprehensive range of square, rectangle, oval and round garden tables all constructed from our trademark weatherproof cast aluminium.

Our Rectangular Garden Tables & Chairs

Shop our 10-Seater Rectangular Garden Tables & Chairs

Shop our 10-Seater Rectangular Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 8-Seater Rectangular Garden Tables & Chairs

Shop our 8-Seater Rectangular Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 6-Seater Rectangular Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 6-Seater Rectangular Garden Table Sets 

Our Square Garden Tables & Chairs

Shop our 8-Seater Square Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 8-Seater Square Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 4-Seater Square Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 4-Seater Square Garden Table Sets 

Our Round Garden Tables & Chairs

Shop our 8-Seater Round Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 8-Seater Round Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 6-Seater Round Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 6-Seater Round Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 4-Seater Round Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 4-Seater Round Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 2-Seater Round Garden Bistro Table & Chairs

Shop our 2-Seater Round Garden Bistro Table Sets 

Our Oval Garden Tables & Chairs

Shop our 10 Seater Oval Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 10 Seater Oval Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 8-Seater Oval Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 8-Seater Oval Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 6-Seater Oval Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 6-Seater Oval Garden Table Sets 

Shop our 4-Seater Oval Garden Table & Chairs

Shop our 4-Seater Oval Garden Table Sets

Please note that all of the screen grabs above are for illustration only and not of the current live pages in our shop so info may differ.

Shop All Our Garden Tables & Chairs

Our Final Thoughts

Hopefully, from the above, you can now establish which garden table and chairs are best for you. If you like our style but you’re still unsure which option is best, then we looked closely at the different types, shapes, colours and sizes in our Choosing the right metal garden table and chairs for your outdoor space article…

Any good purchasing decision is made when you understand what it is you need, conduct your own research, understand the market and carefully evaluate all the alternatives before you buy.

The old proverb goes “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” but when shopping for a new garden table set we think the opposite is true.

It is important you buy a set that functions in the way you want to spend time in your garden, that fits in the space in terms of size and style and is constructed from an outdoor material that fits with your lifestyle and the climate in your garden.

Here at Lazy Susan, we chose to focus on cast aluminium garden table sets as they are a great-looking all-rounder. Hopefully, your own research will help you reach the same conclusion as us! 

If you have any photos of your Lazy Susan Garden Table & Chairs on your patio, then we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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