What shape 6-seater outdoor dining set is best for your outside space?

We’ve been focussing on one of our best-selling set sizes this month and in this article, we want to explore what shape 6-seater outdoor dining set is best for your outside space…

We recently published a guide to our 6-seater outdoor dining tables and in that, we touched on table shape several times regarding how it can influence the key building blocks of good garden/patio design (such as style, scale, flow, etc).

Of all the decision-making factors, shape is probably the most complex to understand and offer advice on (it is certainly the one we find most difficult to write about).

Often it’s the shape of your patio that will dictate which is best fit or you might have a strong preference for a particular table shape. If you're unsure if a Round, Rectangular or Oval-shaped outdoor table is best for your outside space, then hopefully we can help you in this post.

When thinking about shape, the starting point is always the available space in your garden and we looked at how to assess it and measure it correctly for our table and chair sets in our How to measure your patio for a 6-seater garden table and chairs article.

Once you know how much room you have to play with, choosing the best shape from our 6-seater range depends on a number of factors such as; the style of your home, the shape and layout of your outdoor space, your style, and how you plan to use your patio, etc.

How to choose the perfect 6-seater outdoor dining set

The main design elements we think you need to consider when deciding if an oval, round, or rectangle set from our collection will fit, flow, function, and, of course, look great in your outside space, are the following:

  1. Patio Space
    Measure the area where you plan to put the table and 6 x chairs to determine the available space. Factor in any existing features such as steps, plants, trees, or fixed structures such as a pergola.

  2. Patio Shape
    Consider both the shape of your outdoor space as a whole and the free space where you choose the table shape. Think about which table shape will fit and function best when in situ.

  3. Patio Function 
    Think about how you plan to use the dining set as different shapes are better suited to casual dining or encouraging conversation.

  4. Patio Style 
    Consider the style of your home and outdoor space. Choose a table shape that complements the design and decor of your patio or garden area.

  5. Patio Comfort
    When we talk about comfort we are talking about both the furniture and the wider patio space around it in terms of fit and flow. Ensure that the shape of the dining set allows for comfortable seating and safe movement when in place.

  6. Patio Versatility 
    Consider the versatility of different table shapes for various functions and arrangements. Different table shapes offer different seating configurations or greater flexibility in placement and arrangement.

  7. Patio Personality
    Ultimately, it would be best if you looked to buy a table shape that best aligns with your personal preferences and lifestyle. Consider factors such as how you envision using your garden, your preferred dining style/experience, and any specific design preferences.

How do different shapes of outdoor tables function on a patio?

The shape of your table and how each chair will subsequently be arranged around it can have a significant impact on how your patio functions. It affects everything from seating capacity to traffic flow (how we move around the space).

We tend to find that the different table shapes in our range lend themselves better to certain conditions, so choosing one that ticks off the elements above will help you to create a space that flows and functions better.

It is a little bit of generalisation, as every patio is different, however, as a general rule of thumb, the different shapes tend to function as follows:

1. 6-Seater Round Garden Tables

6-Seater Round Garden Tables

  • Pros: Space-Saving, Social Interaction and Flow

  • Cons: Seating Capacity

Due to the lack of corners, 6-seater round outdoor tables tend to have a slightly smaller footprint (although visually this can appear bigger) compared to a 6-seater rectangular table, even though the number of chairs is the same.

They create a more inclusive and social dining experience as all those seated at the table can easily see and talk to each other. And whilst they work well with most patio shapes, round tables will create a nice balance on curved or odd-shaped patios as the lack of awkward corners can help to create good flow.

However, whilst round 6-seater outdoor dining sets do tend to save space in terms of footprint, they can be a little harder to squeeze in a few extra chairs when compared to our oval or rectangular tables.

Shop our 6-seater Round Outdoor Dining Sets

2. 6-Seater Rectangular Garden Tables

6-Seater Rectangular Garden Tables

  • Pros: Seating Capacity, Formal Dining and Long/Narrow Patios

  • Cons: Awkward Corners and Conversation

6-seater rectangular table sets on the other hand will typically seat more people than a 6-seater round table as it's often easier to squeeze a few extra chairs comfortably along the longer sides.

The rectangular tabletop also tends to create a more formal dining style, with a designated head of the table. However, where they excel is in maximising space on long and narrow patios, as you can position them lengthwise along the narrow dimension.

On the flip side, rectangular dining table sets do throw up awkward corners, which are often unusable. Even though our legs are recessed, nobody likes to sit at a corner, and those who take the opposite end seats might feel a bit distant, so conversation can be less inclusive when compared to a round table.

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3. 6-Seater Oval Garden Tables

6-Seater Oval Garden Tables

  • Pros: Balance of Seating & Space, Soften Straight Lines and Conversation

  • Cons: Awkward Corners

Oval dining-style tables are the perfect middle ground between round and rectangular, offering a nice balance between seating capacity and space efficiency, hence why they’re probably our best-selling 6-seater table shape.

They can seat more people than round tables but have a smaller footprint than a 6-seater rectangular table, and the oval shape can help soften the look of a rectangular/square patio to create a more visually pleasing flow.

Similar to a round table, the oval top helps to promote conversation as everyone can see each other easily.

However, whilst less pronounced than a rectangular table, oval tables can still create somewhat of an awkward corner (as squished in bit) on oddly shaped patios but you can sit people at them more comfortably.

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Final Thoughts
Our final thoughts for your outdoor space…

Ultimately, if you’re still unsure, then the best shape of 6-seater outdoor dining set for your patio depends on your priorities:

  • Round Outdoor Dining Table
    If you prioritise space-saving and conversation then our advice would be to look at our round tables for your garden.

  • Oval Outdoor Dining Table
    If you like to seat a larger group but a 6-seater is the max set size you have space for in your garden or if you want to strike a balance of seating and a visually pleasing flow then an oval table is the way to go.

  • Rectangular Outdoor Dining Table
    If your patio is long and narrow or you want to save space by pushing one side up against a wall then go for a rectangular table.

By considering factors such as patio size, shape, and how you plan to use the space carefully, you can establish the best shape of 6-seater table and chair set from our range to meet your needs and enhance your outdoor living experience.

If you have any photos of your new 6-seater outdoor dining set, we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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