The Lazy Susan guide to buying a 6-seater garden furniture set

Our 6-seater garden furniture tables are one of our best-selling configurations, so this month we’re looking at how to buy the perfect set for your outside space…

Buying a new 6-seater garden furniture set for your patio is always an exciting process. However, it can be easy to make a mistake. We can purchase something that isn’t the right fit for our patios or for how we like to spend time in our gardens. Especially when shopping online!

Here at Lazy Susan, we have a comprehensive collection of 6-seater garden tables, all constructed in our trademark weather-resistant cast aluminium. They are classically styled, designed to live at the heart of our gardens, and we have a range of different sets to choose from.

It is a popular table size here in the UK and, as a category in our shop, it features some of our best-selling table styles such as our oval June table, the stylish round Alice and the stunning Catherine (pictured below in our Slate Grey finish).

6-seater garden furniture sets from Lazy Susan

Last month we took an in-depth look at our 4-seater garden tables and discussed how they’re a perfect size for families or hosting intimate gatherings. Our 6-seater sets on the other hand are the next step up if you’ve got a little more outside space, a bigger family, or if you like to accommodate a larger group of friends at your garden get-togethers.

The tables have enough tabletop space for comfortable dining and hosting a moderate-sized group, but they’ll provide a little more versatility than a 4-seater table. Whether you want more space to place a Lazy Susan or floral centrepiece in the middle, or additional seating to host family BBQs, casual outdoor dining with friends, or just to enjoy a coffee morning on a sunny Sunday morning, a 6-seater table provides a flexible and functional surface that will create a stunning focal point on any patio.

Our outdoor spaces benefit from having a focal point too. It is something that both draws the eye when inside looking out, but also pulls us outside to spend time when the sun is shining. A well-chosen outdoor table is the perfect solution for both of those things. It adds aesthetic appeal but it also adds functionality, making the space a more comfortable place to be.

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family, then a 6-seater is a great size for facilitating social interaction. It provides a designated space that is not so big that you’re all too far apart or so small that you’re bumping knees and elbows. It is the ideal setting for meals, games, or just relaxing with a few drinks on a summer's day.

6-seater garden furniture from Lazy Susan UK

The key element for us when shopping for new is durability. We want a 6-seater set that is fit for purpose. We want it resistant to the elements and for it to be low-maintenance. We want to spend more time enjoying it and less painting or re-sealing. So by opting for a high-quality outdoor material such as cast aluminium, which we feel is best suited to the UK climate, we can ensure it is fit for all-year-round outside use.

Most importantly though, it is essential that whatever garden furniture we buy, we enjoy using. Having an outdoor space where you can sit down and comfortably dine or relax is what will enhance the time we spend in our outside spaces. It provides us with a retreat where we can unwind and connect with nature. Yes, it should look good, but functionality is key.

To help you purchase the right 6-seater set for your outside space, we want to look at the key factors such as the required space, preferred style, material durability, budget, etc. By following the steps in this guide, we’ll ensure that the 6-seater garden furniture set you buy fits your patio in terms of size and how you like to use it, complements the styling of your home and garden, and is fit for purpose in terms of durability.

Assess Your Outdoor Space

We always advise that you start the buying process by taking a little time to measure, plan, research and maybe even design. We’ve all fallen in love with that piece of indoor or outdoor furniture that doesn’t fit, so start by taking accurate measurements to determine how much free space you have available.

When you measure, take into consideration factors such as the shape of your patio, any existing features (such as large plants or built structures, etc), and how you plan to use the space. This is what will help you determine which 6-seater set in our collection will fit best. It is important that when any table and chairs are in situ in the place you plan to put them, the space still functions safely and comfortably.

Assessing your outdoor space before purchasing new garden furniture is important to ensure that the furniture you choose fits well, complements the space aesthetically, and meets your functional needs, and the main questions you need to ask yourself at this stage are:

  1. How much space do you have?
    Outdoor areas come in various sizes and shapes so understand space constraints and look for a 6-seater set that fits and functions when in situ. Determine the dimensions available and ensure that the space is still comfortable without either overcrowding or underwhelming it.

  2. How do you intend to use the space?
    Understanding how you intend to use your outdoor space can also help to influence the size and type of set that’s best for you. Is it for dining, lounging, entertaining, or a combination of all those things? Evaluating your space will help you choose a set that serves your purposes effectively and functions efficiently when in place.

  3. How do you move around the space?
    Also, consider the layout of your outside space and how people move around it. It could be it works as is or you may want to make some changes to what we call “traffic flow”. Look at how you use the space and how you move around it. Make sure there is enough room to move around the table and chairs safely and comfortably and that access is not impacted.

  4. What is the shape and style?
    Shape is often overlooked but you will find a range of different tables in our collection, each has its pros and cons. Consider the shape and style of your patio and the overall look you want to achieve. Rectangular tables for example typically work well in long, narrow spaces, while round tables can create a more intimate setting. We look at this in greater detail in our How to buy the right shape garden table post.

  5. What are the levels of shade and sunlight?
    Look at the position of the sun throughout the day and assess if there will be enough shade or sun (depending on what you prefer) at the times you’re most likely to use it. You might want to consider adding a parasol if it's too sunny for that midday BBQ or a source of patio heat if the sun sets during an evening meal.

In the Lazy Susan 6-seater collection, we have a range of RectangularRound and Oval garden tables all available in our Antique BronzeSlate Grey and White finishes.

Shop Around For 6-seater Outdoor Dining Tables

Shop Around For 6-seater Outdoor Dining Tables

Once you have a good understanding of the size of the space and what shapes and styles might work best, you can start shopping around. For this section we will use our popular 6-seater Catherine set (pictured above) as an example.

1. Start with the size of the table and chairs and then add in space for 6 x chairs

Catherine 6-seater Garden Table Dimensions

On top of the table itself (dimensions of which are shown in the illustration above) we recommend you leave between 55-75 cm around it for the 6 x garden chairs (dimensions for our range shown below).

Garden Chair Dimensions

2. Think about the traffic flow and how you move around the space

Catherine Floorplan Dimensions

On top of the chair space, we also recommend an additional 55-75 cm of space around the table for traffic flow (comfortable dining and safe movement) and this is illustrated in the floor plan image above for our Catherine set.

3. Think about how you access the space

As well as safe/comfortable movement around the table, you also need to consider access points and pathways, so ensure that when the set is placed there are no obstructions to walkways, doors, gates, or any views beyond, etc.

4. Choose a set that fits with how you like to use the space

Is a 6-seater set the right size? How many people will you typically seat? Choose a table that comfortably accommodates your needs.

5. Weigh up the pros and cons of different materials

We’ve just looked at the materials we think are best suited to the UK climate in our What garden furniture can be left outside all year? article.

When choosing, of course, you have to like it in terms of style, but it is also important to think about the climate and how much maintenance you're willing to do to keep it protected.

6. Find the right style of garden furniture

When we talk about style here at Lazy Susan we are referring to how it looks. Is it a classical style like our range you prefer or would something more modern fit better in your garden?

In terms of table shape, we find that a round table promotes conversation and takes up less space, rectangle tables offer more top space or they are great if you want to push one side against a wall, while oval tables offer a good balance of the two.

Consider your patio’s shape and style and choose a table that complements it. Look at our full range and use the filters to narrow down your search.

Our Catherine set is one of our larger oval tables with the top measuring 208 cm x 103 cm. This means it can also be used as an 8-seater if need be. If that’s too big, then our 6-seater June table has a smaller 150 cm x 95 cm oval top. We look at this subject in more detail in our How big is a 6-seater garden table set? article.

How to shop online for a new 6-seater outdoor furniture set

Shopping online for a new 6-seater garden furniture set is a convenient and efficient way to find a wide variety of materials and styles. You can compare prices from different retailers and you’ll find a much wider selection of garden furniture (all year round in our case).

To find exactly what you need, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Set A Budget
    Determine how much you're willing to spend on new garden furniture. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your options and ensure that you find furniture that meets your needs without overspending.

  2. Do Your Research
    Look at the various types of garden furniture materials available, and see which styles you like and will work in your outside space. Consider the key factors we’ve already discussed like durability, maintenance requirements, and weather resistance to help you choose.

  3. Shop Around
    The great thing about shopping online is that you can take your time to compare prices, styles, and features to find the best options for your patio. On the high street garden furniture is seasonal but online it is available all year so you can purchase it now and have it on your patio and set up ready for the start of summer.

  4. Try Before You Buy
    The trade-off when you purchase online is that you can't physically test out the furniture in person before you buy. However, we think the advantages of shopping online outweigh the cons. To help our customers, we offer free Sample Kits and we have a large gallery of Customer Photos to show what our furniture looks like in real gardens.

  5. Read Reviews
    We also encourage our customers to leave Reviews and this will show you what other homeowners have purchased and help you gauge the quality of our customer service and the quality and durability of our furniture before making a final purchase decision.

  6. Be Safe
    It is important when shopping online to make sure you’re shopping with reputable retailers. If a deal seems too good to be true then it often is. Stick to well-known stores or those with good online reviews, secure your connection and look for security signals such as "https" in the web address and the padlock symbol as this indicates a secure connection for your information. Only provide the information necessary to complete your purchase and be aware of the latest scams. The National Cyber Security website has all the info you need to stay safe.

  7. Measure Again
    Once you've chosen your garden furniture, double-check your measurements to ensure that the pieces will fit comfortably on your patio. If you’re unsure, a great tip is to mark up the dimensions on your patio in chalk or cut up some old cardboard boxes to size to help you check that the space will still flow and function when all is in situ. For peace of mind, we also have our Returns policy.

  8. Plan Delivery
    If you're purchasing from us, all orders in the UK will be shipped from our warehouse and via our shipping partner Furdeco. All of our couriers offer a tracking service and we aim to have our 6-seater sets dispatched from our warehouse within 3 working days of your order being placed. Once dispatched the delivery company will contact you with tracking details. Please allow a further 7 working days for delivery. Furdeco will deliver your furniture directly to your garden, patio or outdoor space. You will then be responsible for unpacking and assembly.

  9. Deals And Promotions
    If you purchase a 6-seater set from us, we offer a host of deals and promotions. Once you have chosen the ideal 6-seater table, you will find a wide variety of chairs and discounted accessory deals on items such as parasols and cushions, etc to complete your set. We also run several Competitions and Promotions throughout the year and, for a limited time only, if you sign up for our Newsletter you can save 5% via the pop-up currently active in our shop.

Our 6-seater Garden Furniture Sets for Summer 2024

We have a 6-seater dining set to suit your outdoor space. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can browse our selection below to find the perfect set for your outdoor space. 

Available in a choice of 3 coloured finishes, once you’ve chosen the ideal 6-seater table for you, we have a wide variety of chairs and accessories to complete your look.

Beautifully crafted from our high-grade cast aluminium, our metal furniture is robust yet lightweight and designed to last for many years.

June 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

June 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Our 6-seater June set features a 150 cm x 95 cm oval table set with a beautiful lattice top and a classic double-helix border.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White

Catherine 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Catherine 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Catherine is a 208 cm x 103cm oval garden table set that is handcrafted in our signature high-grade sand cast aluminium.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Alice 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Alice 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Featuring a 120 cm round cast aluminium table, Alice has a beautiful lattice top with an intricate woven border.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White

Frances 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Frances 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Bring a touch of sophistication to your outside space with our 150cm round Frances set and its trademark intricate latticework.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Amy 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Amy 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Amy is a more modern-looking 120cm round metal garden table set with a solid edge pattern and tightly interlaced central latticework.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White

Charlotte 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Charlotte 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Charlotte is a 170cm oval garden dining set that features a classic elliptical oval shape (unlike the oval June and Catherine which have 2 x flat edges) so it is great for narrow spaces.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Emily 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Emily 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Emily is another 150cm elliptical oval garden table set that features stunning close spiral lattice work and diamond interstice with a broad edge border.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Sophie 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Sophie 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Featuring a 190 cm x 115 cm rectangular garden table, our Sophia 6-seater set showcases our classic lattice work design for the perfect patio dining experience.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Amelia 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Amelia 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Amelia is an eye-catching 150cm round 6-seater set that will bring a classic and elegant look to any outdoor dining space.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Joyce 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Joyce 6-seater Garden Furniture Set

Our Joyce table is our smallest and best-value 6-seater set, featuring a 135cm round tabletop with a large floral motif metalwork design.

Available in Antique Bronze, Slate Grey and White.

Our Final Thoughts...
Our Final Thoughts...

By taking a little time to assess your outside space and factor in key elements like any existing decor, landscaping, and the architectural features found inside or on your home, you select a garden furniture set that best harmonises with its surroundings and enhances both the functional visual appeal of your patio area.

Start by measuring the dimensions of the space, including length, and width, and factor in any irregularities or obstacles such as pillars, trees, garden beds, steps, etc. Use these measurements to determine the maximum size of furniture pieces that can comfortably fit and function within that space.

A great garden designer's trick is to determine focal points within your outdoor space, such as a feature tree, a pergola, or a scenic view, for example. You can then look to arrange your 6-seater garden furniture set to best highlight these focal points and create an inviting outdoor dining area on or around them.

Be sure to take note of the sunlight and shade patterns in your garden throughout the day, as this can also help you identify the best position for your furniture set, helping to optimise comfort and minimise exposure to direct sunlight or excessive shade based on your preferences.

We often find that the best outdoor spaces are adaptable, so keep in mind that your outdoor space may serve multiple purposes and you might want it to evolve. By selecting furniture sets from the Lazy Susan collection you will have the flexibility to add additional pieces over time as the collection is designed to coordinate.

Thoroughly assessing your outdoor space before purchasing new garden furniture, will help you to make informed purchasing decisions that maximise functionality, style, durability, and comfort, helping you to create a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor environment.

Once your new garden furniture is in place, be sure to follow our recommendations for care and maintenance to keep it looking great for many summers to come.

Examining how you intend to use your outside space and the different types of 6-seater garden furniture sets available in our collection before you buy will allow you to prioritise functionality, comfort, space optimisation, durability, and style, to ensure that your outdoor area meets the needs of your household and enhances your lifestyle on budget and for the long-term.

If you have any photos of your new 6-seater garden furniture from Lazy Susan, then we’d love to see a few snaps for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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